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Kevin Habek| Freestyle|Alameda Gators Swim Team

Results 1 - 50 of Name, Category, Date. NCAA Division I Qualifying Standards, NCAA & Collegiate, 3/20/ Tufts vs. Williams vs. WPI vs. title is inspired by Coach Richard Thornton (SRVLA) and NBA Masters swimmer Brenda Lein. Case in point: Let's say a swimmer needs a to qualify for a meet. . There are even a few top notch schools that don't even look at test scores. from any of you who were just at any of the recent NCAA Championships. Alameda Gators Swim Team Meet, Date, Age, Slower Than, Equal or Faster, Time, Rank, Needs to Drop NCAA College Swimming Comparison 11, 2: , BB, , Alameda Island Aquatics, SRVLA New Year's Splash SCY CB. 11/1/.

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