Long eaton swimming club open meet 2016 ncaa

Swimming Club: Long Eaton Swimming Club

long eaton swimming club open meet 2016 ncaa

was our first Open Meet at Harvey Hadden, with some very hard . (40), Radford (37), City of Derby (31), Bramcote (26), Long Eaton (25), And from the mother of a swimmer who represented Ellesmere College Titans. Long Eaton School Trent College Wilsthorpe School West Park Leisure Centre To Castle East Midland Inclusive Disability Meet Braunstone. Marble The BYC Swim Team is a long standing tradition at our Club. British Long Course and Short Course Last 12 Months Event Rankings. English/Welsh Club Officers List · English/Welsh Member Options Please note the Age At field is only available when you select an Age Group other than Open. .. If you believe times are wrong or missing from a meet then please contact the MEET.

Long Eaton Swimming Club

Keep up the improvements in all aspects and lets have a great weekend of racing once again. Look out for relay teams and please if you have ticked off make sure you turn up otherwise you are letting your team mates down.

long eaton swimming club open meet 2016 ncaa

Posted by Blog What swimmers should be entering The gala programme is at the side of this blog. It is updated on a regular basis and gives all levels of swimmers opportunity to compete. Please print it off and plan your events early so as not to be disappointed when trying to enter galas. Waiting for "faster" times at galas is not advised as we could miss the cut off date for entries.

Below is a general guideline as to what swimmers should be looking to enter at which galas.

long eaton swimming club open meet 2016 ncaa

Other skills acquired include reading the pace clock, turns and core body strength building. Relay events are 4 x 25m for A group and 4x50m for B,C and D.

long eaton swimming club open meet 2016 ncaa

We are currently in Division 2 Age groups for: It allows for further development of their skills and training capacity. The training emphasis of Club Squad will be on continued fitness development and advanced swimming technique.

Long Eaton Swimming Club January Open Meet - Swim England East Midland

In addition to group instruction, the coaches endeavour to give specific, individual feedback using stroke analysis and other methods to help swimmers improve.

They may also be asked to swim in the PTL League. They are offered 3 training sessions per week and are required to meet these entry times in order to remain within the competitive environment of the club.

long eaton swimming club open meet 2016 ncaa

There is NO consideration time for entry into the club squad. All swimmers should enter the water at the diving pit end of the pool, lowering themselves carefully into the water, and leave by the sides at the scoreboard end, crossing other lanes only when it is safe to do so and without inconveniencing other swimmers.

long eaton swimming club open meet 2016 ncaa

There will be similar sessions, in this case Boys first, during the lunchtime interval. The diving pit is available for continuous warm up or warm down except when the main pool is available. Coaches are responsible for the supervision of their own swimmers.

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Swimmers are not to take food on poolside and additional chairs if used are to be kept out of the way of the officials to allow for easy passage. Shoes must be worn in all other areas of the leisure centre apart from the pool hall.