Jack oneill samantha carter relationship quiz

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jack oneill samantha carter relationship quiz

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The marriage ended in divorce. Sam appeared disturbed by the idea Since Sam has become Rodney's boss on Atlantis, he "formally" announced that he was seeing someone and hoped their relationship could remain platonic SGA 4. Jay Felger, SGC research geek, dreams of winning Carter's heart, although he is painfully awkward around her 6. Felger is also presumably still breathing. Agent Malcolm Barrett seemed to have some sparkage with Sam, and showed an interest in her social life 6.

Sam has always rebuffed his advances. He specifically asked about her single status during a hunt for Ba'al, but she cryptically responded she was "not exactly" single 9. Whether this indicated another love interest or was just Sam's way to shut Barrett down is unconfirmed.

She complied as a delaying tactic and believing Ba'al would be unable to escape. Later, she realized Barrett must have been brainwashed by the Trust because of his actions during the incident.

Barrett later recovered Presumably Malcolm Barrett is still alive and well.

jack oneill samantha carter relationship quiz

Replicator Fifth went to great, if demented, lengths to show his love for Carter while torturing her 8. Sam used his feelings for her to convince him to set her free. Fifth was betrayed and destroyed by the human-form replicator of Carter that he had created in her image 8. Pete Shanahan, police detective, wooed Sam on a more long-term level, and they became engaged 8. However as their wedding approached, Sam grew more and more uneasy with the idea of domestic life in contrast with her world-saving job.

Her feelings for O'Neill apparently added to her anxiety, and in the end she broke up with Pete before the wedding 8. Early on she was eager to prove herself to him, which she succeeded in doing. There were times when she looked to him for comfort 1.

She inflicts her technobabble upon him, while enduring his teasing or lack of interest 7. As Sam put it to Mr. Bregman in the documentary he was producing, "Uh, we don't get much time outside of work. When we do, um, our personal interests are a little different. While under the influence of the histaminolytic virus acquired in the Land of Light, Sam threw herself at Jack in the locker room and attacked him when he resisted her amorous advances 1.

When a Carter from an alternate universe came through the quantum mirror seeking assistance, she discovered the Jack and Sam in that universe were married and Jack had been killed. This at least gave our Carter pause to think about the nature of their relationship 3.

When Jack went missing, Sam spent every waking moment driving herself relentlessly to find a way to bring him home again 3. While on a mission to destroy Apophis' new ship, Sam was caught behind a force field. Jack refused to leave her behind, even when she encouraged him to go so he wouldn't be blown up with the ship 4. He later admitted that he could not acknowledge his feelings for her even to himself, when accused of being a Zatarc—a Goa'uld "sleeper" programmed to assassinate.

He said would rather die himself than lose her, and that he cared for her a lot more than he's supposed to. We did not see her side of the Zatarc interrogation, but we presume that she said something similar about him in order to clear herself on the machine 4.

After having her personality replaced with a falsified memory stamp, she believed she was a former miner named Therra. Jack as Jona said he remembered "feeling feelings," possibly for her, but was vague about the admission. She was openly fond of him, and spent much of her free time with him, even leaning her head on his shoulder during a rest period.

Once their memories began to return, Carter once again called him 'Sir', putting an end to any changes that might have lingered from the mind stamps 4. When the colonel was missing, trapped with Maybourne on a deserted moon, she became uncharacteristically impatient and abrupt with the scientists trying to find him.

When hope of finding him started to wane, she wept openly on Teal'c's shoulder over the loss 6. In those earlier years she seemed to hold their military mission in higher regard than any personal gain she might get out of a closer relationship with O'Neill.

While on P4X under the influence of the hypnotic Light, Jack made clear to her the importance of maintaining chain of command regardless of how long they might be marooned off-world, though she was ready to drop it and was openly argumentative toward him 4.

jack oneill samantha carter relationship quiz

However in their seventh year on SG-1, Carter came to some realizations about the nature of her feelings for O'Neill while she was injured and alone aboard the Prometheus 7.

In her conversation with her subconscious vision of O'Neill, Carter admitted that she cared for O'Neill and questioned whether they would ever have a chance together, even if she quit the Air Force. However it was clear she wasn't sure how he felt about her, and finally she had an epiphany: This realization freed her to pursue other relationships, which she did with Pete Shanahan.

O'Neill was very supportive of her involvement with Pete, noting the budding romance must be special if it were 'humworthy' 7.

jack oneill samantha carter relationship quiz

When things got even more serious and Sam was considering whether to say yes to Pete's marriage proposal, she asked O'Neill for advice on having a family, and he was once again supportive of her 8. However, while she continued dating Pete, it was clear she had not fully resolved her feelings for O'Neill.

When O'Neill was struck by a staff weapon blast, she left her position to go to him while the battle was raging. While grieving for Janet, she admitted to O'Neill that she was glad he was alive, and her concern seemed to be more than that of a friend and subordinate 7.

After O'Neill took the Ancients' download, knowing that his mind would be taken over and that he might die, Carter twice tried to share her feelings with him.

Samantha Carter: Family And Relationships

The first time, they were interrupted by Daniel and Teal'c's arrival and O'Neill's home, and the second time, O'Neill cut her off with brusque "I know" 7. She told him she was having second thoughts about the wedding and that there was a reason she was telling him about it. However they were interrupted by O'Neill's girlfriend, Kerry Johnson, and Carter was never able to say what she had come to say.

In any case, perhaps prompted by Jacob's dying words telling her to find a way to be happy, Carter broke up with Pete 8. Later, O'Neill was promoted to Major General and transferred to Washington, and she was transferred to Area 51 on her next promotion. Whether or not either acted on any romantic feelings is unclear, but technically as head of Homeworld Security, General O'Neill was still in Carter's direct chain of command.

Once when injured, she mentioned "fishing" was a password to personal computer files--a hobby more associated with Jack O'Neill When Sam later was transferred to Atlantis, she brought pictures of all of her old teammates, including more than one of O'Neill, as well as pictures of her father and Cassandra; these pictures decorated her office and personal quarters SGA 4. She adores him, and she's allowed herself the knowledge that she cannot keep pining away for this man that she can never have.

It doesn't mean that she has any less feelings for O'Neill or that she's not attracted to him. She still has deep feelings of love for him, Tapping continued to capture the relationship dynamic rather succinctly and articulated it understandably in Stargate: There was a flirtatious side of Sam that she was always afraid to show, and an awkward sexuality to her With O'Neill, I think Sam saw the possibility of everything.

There was a sexuality to it [their relationship] and a maturity. It was also quite intimate and, perhaps, because it was so forbidden, it was almost safe for Sam to think about because she knew she couldn't act on it. So it could be the ultimate fantasy. And thus fandom connected with that as much as Tapping. This potential was indeed a reality in viewer's eyes. Enjoy the moments and the memories as we search back across Carter And O'Neill: The sexual tension between Carter and O'Neill begins.

The Broca Divide [Season 1] [Episode 4]: Well, not exactly of the romantic variety.

jack oneill samantha carter relationship quiz

Later, the awkward moment. Solitudes [Season 1] [Episode 17]: Carter and O'Neill are unexpectedly brought together through no fault of their own and grow closer as a result. Well, a frozen tundra, ice caves, and a few broken bones leaving one immobile has a way of bringing doing that.

There is a lot of emotion in this one. An alternate SG-1 reality is helmed by a General O'Neill and Carter, as a civilian, hence the lack of any need for military protocol. This story written by David Kemper of Farscape acclaim allows for the tender and hypothetically loving embrace. Out Of Mind [Season 2] [Episode 22]: This very sticky situation even permits for a bit of O'Neill carnal, male instinct to creep in despite heavy odds stacked against him.

Point Of View [Season 3] [Episode 6]: O'Neill discovers Carter is married to him at least in another place and time. The alternate reality checks are a constant on Stargate SG-1 and the creators cleverly utilize the infinite possibilities of science fiction to examine their potential for love.

It's so hard to say goodbye A Hundred Days [Season 3] [Episode 17]: Of course it's kind of hard not to enjoy the other woman when you're lost and a long way from home with little chance of finding a way back.

The other woman here, Laira, was played by none other than Michele Greene [a la L. This infamous episode left open the question, did O'Neill [RDA] father a child off world with the other woman? The answer appears to be YES in the closing shot of the episode. Needless to say, it's an ever so slight, but powerful reaction by Carter when O'Neill is bidding farewell to Laira.

In season 5, he dies and ascends to a higher plane of existence with the Ancients. If that was not enough, he dies one final time in "Reckoning" before reaching a mid-point between mortality and Ascension. He retakes human form in season 8. A race of sentient, megalomaniac, parasites, they posed as the gods of lesser species and use them as hosts.

Any species who oppose them is completely wiped out. Hathor is a notable example who named herself as mother to all the Gods. Thousands of years ago, he battled with Ra and was defeated.

Stargate SG-1 characters Quiz Stats - By Jai

As punishment, Ra stripped him of his host and trapped him in a canopic jar. When Doctor Sarah Gardner opened the Osiris jar, he took her as host, showing that the gender of the host seems to be a matter of expedience as much as preference. An expert on the Stargate and wormhole theory, she is the one responsible for deciphering the Stargate address system. Fiercely intelligent and loyal to the SG-1 team, she dedicates her life to the Stargate Program and proves herself an all round Big Damn Hero.

This new-found invulnerability leads to some irrational actions from the team, including a famous scene where Sam Carter trick shots three balls in a game of pool.