Incompatible relationship

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incompatible relationship

Relationships are tough and coming to the realization that you and your partner may be incompatible is even tougher. Brit Brogaard and our friends at. If you're wondering whether or not your man is the one for you, you need to first check out the signs of incompatibility in relationships. But one of the top reasons that relationships do not feel good and are unsustainable is: Incompatibility. We are conditioned to believe that love triumphs over all.

If your love for someone depends on whether they are able to achieve their goals, then you will be in for a rough ride filled with disappointment, which would in turn hinder them from achieving their goals. Also, old habits die hard.

incompatible relationship

Learn to appreciate what they have and who they are right now, not who they could become. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will be stuck in a very unhappy marriage or it might end in divorce. Either that, or you would have to learn to live with it and accept it. It is a good thing to help someone or a friend you care about, but you do not have to make the person your lover or soul mate in order to help them, we could help them just as well as a friend, or refer them to a professional who can help.

However, if the admiration of one of them is so lop-sided that it almost puts them on a pedestal, then it can severely affect the dynamics of the relationship.

A boss and an employee or a student and a teacher can live happily together if they are able to communicate and treat each other as equals in their relationship, where the person who is being admired more can come down from their pedestal and treat their partners as equals in the relationship.

Now, imagine if they no longer had all their material wealth, no longer had all their good looks or dazzling skills such as smooth dance moves, impeccable guitar skills or their mesmerizing voice. With just their character, personality and who they really are deep inside, would you still want to be with them? If your answer is no, then there might be a chance that you are infatuated with your partner for primarily external reasons.

It is perfectly alright to be infatuated with your partner for external reasons, and it is definitely a good thing if your partner is attractive, good looking and skillful. However, if you are only attracted to them because of external reasons alone, then you run the risk of: It could be 2 co-workers on a working trip, 2 strangers taking a 3 month holiday at the same resort or 2 students working on the same project.

In fact, many have, and it is a really romantic way to start a relationship. However, if you rely solely on the good experience you had during that short magical time you had together to fuel your entire relationship, then you run the risk of blinding yourself from realizing whether the both of you are right for each other.

They would date someone who is exactly who their parents told them not to in order to prove their parents wrong. Or he is unwilling to let you finance your business with your joint savings because he is a miser?

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We don't think so. It's a matter of personal taste born from the kind of environments we grew up in and the people we interacted with over the years. That's why it's foolish to debate whether your sense of humor is better than someone else's or not. Both of you will think yours is the better one and the debate will never end!

10 Signs Of Incompatibility In A Relationship

And while we don't mind being friends with people whose sense of humor differs from our own unless we find that particular brand super offensiveit can be a serious deal-breaker in romantic relationships. Because humor helps you connect with your partner. It gives you meat for future conversations and reminiscing sessions.

incompatible relationship

And it adds an element of fun to your interactions, which makes both of you like each other even more. That's why if you and your partner have different senses of humor, it can put a serious wedge between the two of you. How can it not when one of you is the king of sarcasm while the other thinks sarcastic comments are mean, offensive, and cold?

Nevertheless, this basic difference doesn't have to be the beginning of the end for your relationship if you are willing to discuss what of kind of jokes each of you are comfortable with in conversations and are okay with having fun in other ways if you can't agree on anything.

15 Signs Of Incompatibility That Cause Relationships To End Badly

He wakes up at the crack of dawn and can't keep his eyes open beyond 10 o'clock at night. How will the two of you ever find time to have fun together, have late nights out, or go on early-morning hikes? It's a serious problem. When you will be up for some hanky-panky fun, he might be too tired for it.

And when he wants to have some of it, you might be snoring next to him until it's time for him to leave for work. The two of you might as well be living in two different parts of the world, the way your schedules are stacked up!

Nevertheless, this incompatibility of internal clocks does not have to be a real deal breaker if both of you are willing to compromise in turns with the help of some double-shot expresso.

incompatible relationship

Or are okay with going on romantic dates and activities during the afternoon or early evening when both of you are wide awake. Let us break it down for you. If you put a high premium on your career and work in life while your partner prioritizes family above all else, you have a basic incompatibility with respect to your priorities in life, which will eventually tear the two of you apart.

And this criteria includes everything from priorities regarding values to beliefs. For example, can you imagine being with a pathological liar if you are an honest individual with strong ethics?

Or being in a relationship with someone who wants to marry and have children one day if you don't believe in bringing societal and legal constraints into your relationship? That's why it's critical to choose a partner whose priorities match yours if you want your relationship to last a lifetime.

But there's a catch — the way you express your priorities also matters a lot. That means, if you and your partner both prioritize family but one of you expresses it by scheduling family time with parents and cousins every other weekend while the other would rather just talk to them over the phone and meet once every six months, the two of you have a basic incompatibility at the level of expressing your priorities and thus, might not last too long together.