Female led relationship level 3

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female led relationship level 3

When Jerry finally brought the idea of a female led relationship up to Leanne, her response that will tap into pleasing your wife on levels she's never experienced before, making .. Option 3) Pay anonymously and without your wife knowing. Training your man to adapt to your female led relationship relationships you are not going to be doing much of any training, but in level , it will be expected . The key part of an FLR is the R. It is a relationship. It has a public face Effortless Female Superiority in a Loving Marriage. See all our books at.

In this level, kinkier behavior becomes more normal. The man will want the woman in his life to be much more demanding and much more controlling. In most cases, the man will also expect to be punished if he disappoints the woman. This is really the stage when the rules are set. The man will often push the woman to try to move things further. She may be receptive. Level three is very, very rarely anything other than completely voluntary. The man and woman may have experimented with female domination by testing the waters in levels one and two but in order to progress to level three, both parties need to be completely willing and interested in continuing their exploration.

In this level, the domination becomes more pronounced and begins to move beyond typical kink. The woman takes much greater control of the man, telling him where he can go and when he can go there, who he can talk to, what he can wear, what he can eat, what he can say and when he can speak.

She will take control of his money and decide where they are going as a couple.

Female Led Relationships: The Truth Behind the Controversy

This goes beyond experimentation and becomes a much more formal arrangement. Level four is obviously the most intense level in the world of female led relationships. The woman is in complete and total control.

female led relationship level 3

Often, women at this level enjoy BDSM and may seek out men as pets or slaves. Men will seek out women at this level because they want to be completely controlled. There are a lot of reasons a man may seek out a female led relationship. Some powerful men who are successful in their work lives and control a lot of people — politicians, heads of law firms etc — want someone to take the reins at the end of a long work day. They are used to having people do whatever they tell them to do and the idea of having someone else take control can be appealing.

The 2 Basic Types of Female Led Relationships

Other men just prefer to let a woman take charge. Sometimes men, just as much as women, have a hard time making decisions. Getting involved in a female led relationship takes the decision making burden off of the man.

There are also men out there that enjoy bending to the every whim of the woman in their life. These men might look for women who demand gifts and demand constant attention from their man. They may treat the man more as a slave than as a romantic partner. Can a Female Led Relationship be public? A question I am often asked about FLRs is: It is an interesting question because it begins with the premise that the nature of relationships, in general, is public. If you see a couple walking down the street or in a store how can you tell who is "in charge".

Which is the dominant partner? Generally, it is pretty much impossible to tell. In fact, even if you asked many couples, they would not really know how to answer because most couples never consciously make a decision as to which partner will lead. Even with friends, the nuts and bolts of a marriage are seldom well understood outside that marriage.

female led relationship level 3

There is an element of privacy which almost every couple enjoys. However, there are also assumptions made which may be mildly annoying and which a dominant wife and her adoring husband may wish to contradict. There may also be a bit of fun to be had, and some usefully humbling experience for an obedient husband, when a wife decides to assert her authority in public.

A Dominant Wife: Can a Female Led Relationship be public?

Whether it is in a shopping mall or at dinner with friends or at a public event, a well trained husband will accept the fact his wife may make a public display of her dominance and his submission. In our little town, elliot's position is, I gather, well understood.

At least the women know.

female led relationship level 3

Oddly, I suspect very few of our male neighbours have any idea. Men don't really pick up the signals and, if they do, they will tend to see elliot's obvious submissiveness in terms of my being "bossy".

female led relationship level 3

Which, of course, I am but that really isn't the point. However, elliot's obedience is often remarked on as I go about my shopping. I have actually had sales clerks, from quite young girls to older, mature women, comment as elliot stands holding my bag and the clothes I want to try on. Maybe time in his cornermaybe a good spanking or maybe something a little more pointed.

female led relationship level 3

There was a spare dressing room and the shop was empty. You won't be shocked with a little nudity, will you? You can do your corner time right here. Without a word he took my panties and headed to the far corner.

He placed my panties in position in the corner and pressed his nose against the gusset.