Two of pentacles reversed relationship marketing

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two of pentacles reversed relationship marketing

Two of Pentacles minor arcana tarot card meaning & reversed card meaning in the context of love, relationships, money, career, health & spirituality all free!. Two of Pentacles Meaning. The Two of Pentacles can indicate the stock market as well as any type of gambling. The waves and figure In the Two of Pentacles we meet the young ambitious man who seized the Pentacle . and loss card and can point to investments and playing the stock market.

If he was to look out to sea he could see for himself that although his ships sail upon rough seas they are quite able to manage the Ups and Downs of the huge waves. He is being kept on his toes and with the many demands in his life. It is giving him valuable tools for the future. Like the ups and downs he will experience in life he realises that money is no different.

There will be times when it flows smoothly and times when it appears to dry up altogether. However, not everyone is good at achieving this. All work and no play made Jack a dull boy.

two of pentacles reversed relationship marketing

If he allows no time for relaxation or fun, he is liable to become tired and tense and he may find his mood fluctuates like the waves behind him, up one day and down the next. There will be tension and stress in relation to decisions around finances as it is bound to involve a large sum of money. You may be examining the costs of getting married.

two of pentacles reversed relationship marketing

If you do decide to spend, will it leave you too financially vulnerable? Whatever you are purchasing may have extra costs attached so get your figures straight. This card deals with the ups and downs of keeping in control of your finances and your life. You are bound to be stressed and fear that there will not be enough to go around. You may need to make some cut-backs and tighten your belt where finances are concerned to get through this rough patch.

It may be necessary to take on some extra work or more overtime to clear the backlog of bills and debts. You just have to keep on top of things and let nothing slide. You may have a tendency to worry excessively about money and things may not be as bad as you think so try to calm down. You are bound to feel exhausted and over-worked. Your moods may be affected by it all.

two of pentacles reversed relationship marketing

The Two of Pentacles can also suggest the sideways movement of money, as in transferring money from one account to another.

This card is often referred to as the profit and loss card and can point to investments and playing the stock market. You may be deciding between two prospective partners based on their financial status. Are you saving to get married or to buy a house? Is it costing more than you thought?

two of pentacles reversed relationship marketing

Can it be afforded? Is it putting a terrible financial strain on you as a couple? Sometimes the Two of Pentacles can suggest juggling two relationships but this is more strongly linked to its reversed aspect. You would need to look to surrounding cards to determine if there is any need for concern.

In a career reading the Two of Pentacles traditionally suggested working as a writer or in the publishing business. With the infinity symbol, the circulation of writing is suggested so you might be advertising, promoting your business or circulating your manuscript to publishing houses. The Two of Pentacles will find you examining your finances to see whether you can afford to or not. You may be putting money aside to go back to college and re-train.

On the other hand you may be juggling two careers. In work you may feel overloaded with paperwork and deadlines at the moment. Emails fly in and out and the phone never stops ringing. You may feel you have to work harder than everyone else in order to succeed, pay the bills or get recognition.

You may have to choose between two jobs or careers. There is a chance that you have found yourself in a financial mess of some sort and you cannot meet your commitments. You may have had too many balls in the air and they are all beginning to drop one after another.

Have you been spreading yourself too thin either financially or personally? The Two of Pentacles often highlights the mistake of overspending. Credit card bills and loan repayments are threatening to break your back and the bank. How did you allow this to happen?

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There is more money going out than coming in and the situation is not going to change for some time to come. You may have been in the money not too long ago but perhaps things have changed.

You might have lost your job or have had to take a salary cut. You may have had unforeseen expenses such as having to replace a car or major repair work done on a house. Remember, a low tide always follows a high one and what goes around, comes around.

There may be considerable financial loss. You will have to go back to the Ace and start from scratch.

2 of pentacles reversed

You will have learned a hard lesson from this. He has roped them into a figure-8, perhaps to stabilize the juggling act because everything in the picture looks like it's about to fall over. The sea behind him has large waves with boats being tossed and turned by the turbulent sea.

Even the man looks as if he is about to lose his balance. His strange large red hat adds to his unbalance. The Two of Pentacles is about balance and how to achieve it.

How do you achieve balance with two pentacles? Are you balancing two jobs? The figure 8, which represents infinity, never stops flowing.

Two of Pentacles

It has a fixed point that propels the pentacles to go round and round. It is an indicator that nothing stays the same forever and that all things change with the motion of time. The Two of Pentacles is a stage card. There are several stages cards in the Rider Waite tarot deck. They are the ones with the clear gray line that divides the front of the card with the background.

A stage card reminds us that nothing is really what it seems. It all may just be an act, put on for show. This card reminds us the "Life is but a dream" This puts an earth card like a pentacle in a difficult situation. They want to manifest and to stabilize, but they keep getting stuck in the astral, hence going back and forth. Two of Pentacles Interpretation and Divination The most simple interpretation for the Two of Pentacles is the juggling of two projects. You work on one project and when a section is completed you go to your other project.

These two projects are constantly moving up and down. They seem to flow infinitely. With all two's there is a duality that needs to be examined. It can even indicate that with all dualities, you will need to balance them to achieve harmony. The Two of Pentacles can also indicate someone who is indecisive.

The Two of Pentacles can indicate the stock market as well as any type of gambling. The waves and figure-8 remind us that during a bull market your stocks are up, but the bear market will always follow and your stocks will go down.

The Two of Pentacles can also indicate car trouble.

two of pentacles reversed relationship marketing

Swerving back and forth could damage your car. Keep both hands on the wheel and be alert to everything around you. Watch out for protruding curves.