Gabriel dumont and louis riel relationship marketing

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gabriel dumont and louis riel relationship marketing

GABRIEL DUMONT'S Gabriel Dumont Speaks and Harry Robin- son's “Captive in an and hanging of Louis Riel and Dumont's efforts to avoid a similar fate. Take Gabriel Dumont's prized billiard table, which was the first one Eventually, Parks Canada acquired it and it is now in storage in Winnipeg. Gabriel Dumont is remembered principally for his role as Louis Riel*'s created a new market for buffalo robes in the s. contracts, and labour relations and establishing miscellaneous regulations for such matters as control of livestock.

For this book, Boyden certainly makes John A. But at the same time, it seems hard to argue that his expansion of Canada was a bad thing.

gabriel dumont and louis riel relationship marketing

Of course, this argument about Native peoples is true in the States as well. Who knows what the U. There can be no doubt that this lawyer, politician and nation-builder was an incredibly gifted man, with a seemingly super-human facility for what we now call multi-tasking. Did he feel remorse about his treatment of pre-Confederation prairie folk Specifically Metis and First Nations communities? Is this too unreasonable an expectation for someone of his era?

Were huge campaign donations from Railroad financiers and massive, prime land concessions in return the only way to get the railroad built? But back to the book: And that John A. He ignored their requests and continued occasions, dismissed what were reasonable demands. Boyden explains how Dumont was a leader of his men and a powerful Buffalo hunter. He was illiterate, but was an excellent tactician.

By contrast, Reil was the first man in his family to go to college. He was initially going to be a priest, but when his father died, he decided against it. After he called for the execution of an invading Canadian soldier, he was forced into exile in the United States. Nevertheless, while in exile, he was elected to the House of Commons three times which he could obviously never serve. The rest of the book deals with this conflict. Dumont, the military strategist, keeps defering to Riel, who wants only peace.

Would they have been able to do so forever? Meanwhile, Riel has become more and more convinced of his divine righteousness.

He hears God speak directly to him on many occasions. This causes him to dismiss the established church and call in to question many religious foundations of Canada. Riel does not pick up weapons, but Dumont is a fearless fighter and he loses many family members in the battles. Louis Reil surrenders to the Army in hopes of saving his people. At the beginning of March, when Riel proposed forming a provisional government, support from the English-speaking settlers and the church vanished. Gabriel Dumont was a signatory along with four other Dumont kin.

This report set off the first overt action of the rebellion. Dumont, accompanied by 60 or 70 men, seized two stores, confiscated the arms and ammunition they contained, and took two prisoners.

gabriel dumont and louis riel relationship marketing

The following day at Batoche, Riel proclaimed the provisional government. In later years Dumont claimed that from the outset of the rebellion he wanted to attack the enemy wherever opportunities offered, starting with Fort Carlton and Prince Albert, but that he was constantly blocked by Riel. There was a noisy confrontation and the police retreated. Later in the morning, under Superintendent Crozier, a much larger party of nearly police and volunteers with a seven-pounder field gun headed back to Duck Lake.

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There was a brief parley but someone began shooting and the fight quickly spread. The government forces were soon in danger of total defeat. All might have been killed or captured had Gabriel Dumont not suffered a slight head wound early on that prevented him from leading his men.

The events of the next few days are controversial. In his account of the rebellion, Dumont claimed that he had urged this course but it had been vetoed by Riel. During the next month there was a leisurely debate between Riel and Dumont over whether to concentrate all resources at Batoche, as Riel wished, or to extend the perimeter to the southern limits of the settlement, which Dumont had come to think was necessary. It is instructive that when Dumont believed it to be essential, as in this case, he ignored Riel.

The loss of many horses deprived them of mobility, and the battle had used up much of their ammunition. Dumont took his men back to Batoche and began preparing defensive positions for the decisive confrontation.

gabriel dumont and louis riel relationship marketing

They held off the government forces for four days but the outcome was never in doubt. Gabriel Dumont remained at large in the vicinity of Batoche for several days. After only two days in custody both were released on orders from Washington. Efforts to raise money for a raid on Regina to rescue Riel came to nothing. Although he was interested, he made no immediate commitment.

Madeleine joined him at Fort Benton in the fall. Although the Canadian government included him in an amnesty later in the year, he had no desire at that time to return. Until the end of the season in September he toured the eastern United States, performing as a trick-shot artist with Annie Oakley and others.

He returned for brief stints with the show in andbut only as an extra. Living near the headquarters of the show on Staten Island, N. He began speaking before groups of them about his experiences in the rebellion.

gabriel dumont and louis riel relationship marketing

These contacts led him to others with French Canadian nationalists in Quebec who had come to consider the crushing of the rebellion as symbolic of the fate of their own aspirations and as a means of furthering their political ambitions. After a trip west to Montana, Dakota, and Red River, he returned in December to Quebec City where he dictated his account of the rebellion. From the time he left the city in the spring of until his death 17 years later, the details of his life are sketchy.

He later claimed to have gone to Paris in this period but it seems extremely unlikely. In he was in Winnipeg to apply for land-scrip and after that returned to his old homestead near Batoche; he subsequently acquired the adjoining quarter-section by pre-emption. In this final stage of his life he let relatives farm his land.

Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont

He built a small cabin on the farm of a favourite nephew, Alexis Dumont, and lived there. From the end of the rebellion to the present, historians writing in French have attached much less importance to Dumont than have those working in English.

Contemporary accounts in French pay little attention to him, perhaps because of his open hostility to the church. But Dumont had no vision of the political future of his people remotely comparable to the dream of Louis Riel, and his military reputation depends largely upon conjecture about what might have happened had Riel not allegedly restrained him.

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Macleod [Gabriel Dumont lived most of his life in a largely non-literate society and was illiterate himself. Very little is known about his early life and his later years. Only the decade of the s is reasonably well documented and even there sizeable gaps remain. GA, M; M, files 4—5.

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