Relationship between bangladesh and russia

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relationship between bangladesh and russia

Bangladesh, Russia agree to keep improving relations. A MoU on general cooperation between Bangladesh government and Eurasian. Bangladeshi and Russian foreign ministers vowed to maintain the “upward on general cooperation between Bangladesh government and. Bangladesh to Purchase 7 Combat-Transport Helicopters from Russia. By Franz- Stefan Gady. August 24, Moscow will provide a $1 billion loan to Dhaka.

Bilateral Relations - Embassy of the Russian Federation in the People's Republic of Bangladesh

The ministers exchanged views on key issues of bilateral and global agenda. The visit marked the 45th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Russia and Bangladesh. The year saw further development of inter-parliamentary relations between Russia and Bangladesh. Inter-party ties between our countries are developing as well. During the visit, it was agreed to enhance inter-party contacts for the cause of strengthening friendship between Russia and Bangladesh.

Moscow and Dhaka are reliable, time-tested partners in promoting principles of multipolar global architecture and fair international economic and financial system. Holding close or similar positions on numerous international and regional issues, Russia and Bangladesh cooperate in the United Nations and other international platforms. The aim of the Commission is to develop broad-based cooperation between Russia and Bangladesh in various spheres.

Bangladesh–Russia relations

It will facilitate the diversification of bilateral trade, economic, scientific and technical ties between the business communities of the two countries and assist to remove barriers to mutual trade. In the bilateral trade volume exceeded 1. Russia exports metal-roll, raw materials for textile industry, machinery equipment, fertilizers, crops, including high quality milling wheat.

It is important to note that our bilateral trade is generally balanced — the export from Russia is almost equal to the import from Bangladesh. Bangladesh faces an energy deficit and is keen to develop energy cooperation with Russia.

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Hence, energy sector is a focal point of bilateral cooperation between our two countries. Russia and Bangladesh have been cooperating in the energy sector since the s.

Russia looks to be a player in Bangladesh’s rising economy

Inauguration of the 1st phase of Rooppur NPP project. Apart from building the NPP, the Russian side is implementing a wide-range training program to train qualified personnel for the nuclear industry of Bangladesh. Altogether, ten gas wells were drilled. Tests showed that maximum total production of the wells amounted to 5.

One of the contracts has been fulfilled already. The Russian company is set to open its representation office in Bangladesh soon.

relationship between bangladesh and russia

On October 1,the repair work at the project site began. As of now, a number of facilities have already been finished. Another major sector of our economic cooperation is related to IT and cyber-security. Kaspersky Lab, a world reputed Russian cyber security solution providing company is extremely popular in Bangladesh and commands an exclusively vast market share in the Bangladesh IT industry.

Russia assures Bangladesh of support to resolve Rohingya crisis | Dhaka Tribune

It has become a household name although back in it was a cyber security software pioneer here. Today Kaspersky Lab provides IT security services across homes, small businesses and enterprises and has a large clientel base. The GS Group acts as a supplier and integrator of its in-house hardware and software solutions in accordance with the modern standards of digital television.

RealVU brings mass accessibility to high-quality digital television service in a country that has million plus population. Petersburg International Economic Forum twice. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Of particular importance in terms of promoting bilateral business ties between our countries was the visit of H. It goes back to the s when Bangladesh was making its first steps as an independent state. Since that time, over five thousand students from Bangladesh have graduated from Russian institutions of higher education.

Now they work almost in all spheres, including governmental bodies and private business. Sincethe Russian Education and Science Ministry has been providing scholarships for Bangladeshi students.

Inthe Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation allocated 53 full-paid scholarships, 20 of them - for nuclear science. Russia and Bangladesh are working to sign a new intergovernmental agreement on mutual recognition and equivalence of educational documents and scientific degrees. The brightest page in the recent history of our cultural cooperation, without any doubt, is related to the Days of Russian culture in Bangladesh and the Days of Bangladeshi culture in Russia.

relationship between bangladesh and russia

While China cooperated with Pakistan militarily and economically and the United States was diplomatically active in support of the West Pakistani junta, Russia helped Bangladesh clinch the victory in the War of Liberation by preventing the arrival of the US Navy in the Bay of Bengal.

In the wake of our independence, the Russian Navy played a special role in freeing the Chittagong Port of mines, and thus, reviving its economic activities.

In retrospect, the relations could have expanded and cooperation deepened, had the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman been not killed on August 15, The relations began to sour after the incident. It is expected that the under-construction Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant will start generating one MW of electricity before Recently, the sovereignty of Bangladesh has been recognised in the vast area of Bay of Bengal, paving the way for harnessing an immense potential of vast marine resource.

Russia has hundreds of years of experience in marine resource management. It can offer its experience and expertise to help Bangladesh. As the government has emphasised on rail connectivity throughout the country, it will help foster the economic development.

Russia is also skilled in developing and managing railways and has the expertise to offer in this regard, too. In the gas sector, cooperation has already started. It is an area that offers immense possibilities. For Bangladesh, the market of Russia and the Eastern Europe has a huge potential. Bangladeshi exporters are yet to touch this vast area. Bangladesh's garment market, for example, can make a few billion dollar by exporting their quality products.

Russia and Eastern Europe produce wheat, cotton, sugar, fertiliser, chemical and mineral items, which Bangladesh can import.