Hi i was wondering in musicbee on how i can sync my ipod touch in musicbee without having itunes installed. It’s fair to say that you do start off with a music player that looks basic, and even has fairly basic functionality, but there are endless add-ons available that can be used to completely tailor it to your needs. Ghost tracks by boroda Metadata, album artwork, and additional artist information are all downloaded and imported automatically. May 27, , Just sad that someone has to insult you before you answer the question correctly.

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It’s available for all operating systems, and is an excellent choice for streaming music. I use 3utools to import that folder and sync it to the iPhone. You’ll need a separate player, but it’s very helpful.

August 17,7: The only reason I even tried it was a list of iTunes alternatives had this as number 1. I’m guessing Music Bee is not for me. Whether you’re using iTunes to listen to music on your computer, or you’re simply using it to keep your music collections synchronized with your Apple device, there are plenty of free alternatives to choose from.

Synchronizes tracks, playlists, playcounts, ratings and ID3 tag information from MusicBee to iDevices. If there was an iPhone transfer sync app that could import a playlist file and grab the music files from their original location to save the copying I have looked for answers and it seems to never be discussed, as every question concerning an ipod or such device is referring to another matter.


Anyways, thanks to everyone for your help. MusicBee is more than just a music player; it gives you the changes to better organize and manage your music collection. There is also a pleasing collection of add-ons to download from the MusicBee website musibee further extend the capabilities of the program — such as with extra audio tweaking options, network device support, and a host of visualizations.

While the program might look like a blast from the past, it’s actually highly customizable and immensely powerful. Powered by SMF 2.


If you’re looking for a tool to copy music between your Apple device and PC, Iod is a great choice. When I select a group of songs and move it into my ipod, it goes into the exact directory selected and does not appear in the ipod’s music list.

Organizing your music library with iTunes can be a nightmare, but with MusicBee it’s effortless. Not the touch specifically, but ipods in general.

It’s fair to say that you do start off with a music player that looks basic, and even has fairly basic functionality, but there are endless add-ons available that can be used to completely tailor it to your needs.

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iPod & iPhone Driver – Plugins | MusicBee

In fact, it keeps everything very minimal. Track copy is automatically deleted if track is no longer contained in device media library. The latest MusicBee v3. Send to recycle bin the current song and play next song by boroda Unless mentioned by the Author, all add-ons and screenshots are licensed under cc by-sa 3.


Extract content of archive to plugins subfolder of MusicBee installation folder e. License Do muslcbee you want with plugin binary and source code at your own risk.

Please use a browser with javascript or enable it. Setup device auto synchronization settings.

MusicBee and iPhone/iPod/iPad

The sleek interface focuses on making it easy to copy music between your computer and iPhone mussicbee iPod. There are two versions: We need javascript to function properly otherwise some things won’t work.

And I would argue that musocbee you go through the trouble of posting, you could search the forum first to see if your issue musjcbee already been discussed. Steven, could you add the FAQ page not just the wiki home page to mb ‘help’ menu? I don’t know what I did to earn the ire of everyone on this board, but if I could just have the answer to this I would never trouble any of you again.

Useful if you need to sync an Apple Device that MusicBee does not support.

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