Team manager meet event file

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team manager meet event file

To import a meet events file into Team Manager, follow steps below. In Team ​ Note: If the event file is not seen, see Event File Not Found After Importing. Team Manager Results File · Meet Manager Backup File. Long Course Senior Zone Championship August , , Buffalo, NY (hosted by Star. The Team manager will not only allow you to do meet entries, organize the You can even ask the meet director to give you a file that you can import into the Team Manager . (Most likely will show male athletes in male event and vice versa).

Doing so helps you quickly know when the meet is full. This frees them to look for other options. This helps support good team relations. Make sure anything related to entries designated in the Meet Announcement happens Use Entry Processing Record Upload or enter entries into meet management Check for problems. Both with entry file and with overall meet. Confirm receipt of entries to sender, note any problems and send entry report.

Confirm arrangements for payment of meet fees.

Meet Manager:Entries CSV File Format

Troubleshoot and problem-solve as needed Note any other information that came with entries and pass along as needed For example: Let the referee know if a team is sending officials. This makes sending results and other information if needed quick and easy. USA Swimming requires this. Get Reports Approved E-mail reports to Referee and Meet Director, including psych sheet, preliminary meet time line using a 20 second interval or another referee requested interval and any other requested reports and information.

League Rules

Request notification of approval. Set-up session s in the Events area before printing. Share Information Once the Referee and Meet Director have approved distribution, then, you may share reports with others, as needed. The psych sheet sent to person who prints the Meet Programs, teams report to awards manager, estimated timeline to hospitality, etc.

Meet MobileMeetBopetc. Test Equipment If using an automatic, or semi-automatic timing system, set-up meet computer and timing systems. Make sure all equipment is working together.

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  • Basic Swim Meet Admin Checklist

Arrange for Supplies and Equipment Get plenty of paper, including colors in addition to white, and back-up printer ink or toner. Bring needed supplies and equipment to meet. Make sure all equipment is working together, printing and the scoreboard is registering correctly.

Do a test start. Make sure all pads and buttons are working.

Basic Swim Meet Admin Checklist |

Scratches Call for scratches. Announce close of scratches as applicable. Carefully enter scratches as received. Include entry time, double space, set correct number of lanes, SB: Make sure they receive proper training.

Verify times according to governing body rules. These corrections and additions must be sent by e-mail message to the Seeding Chair, unless he or she directs the coach to send a full corrected entry file. No changes, additions, or corrections to the Team Entry will be allowed after this time.

By Noon on Monday, 5 days before the Meet — the Seeding Chair must have received by e-mail any corrections for typographical errors made by the Seeding Chair.

No other changes or corrections will be accepted at this time, and no eligibility protests will be accepted after this time. A check for the full amount of the Entry Fees due by day of meet as voted at the January Meeting or payment arrangements must be made with league coordinator.

Each team may enter an unlimited number of swimmers in individual events.

team manager meet event file

Each swimmer may enter a maximum of three events. The team coach makes a request to the Meet Director, the event is swum only once and the time is close to qualifying for that age group in this Championship, For a time trial, the team coach arranges for sufficient timers. The time trial will be held in the opposite gender session prior to the beginning of the session Boys time Trial in Girls session.

Eastern Zone Swimming - Meets

Any swimmer affected by a relay scratch will be allowed to compete in empty lanes in existing heats for no cost. These swims are non-scoring.

Team Manager vs. Meet Manager

The Meet Directors will have the authority to ban from the rest of the Meet any swimmer who vandalizes any part of the host facility or who disobeys rules and regulations regarding its use. Place judging for the Championship Meet shall be by Modified Ballot unless an automatic timing and judging system is used. All 8 and Under Events will use three buttons instead of touch pads as the primary finish. There will be no penalty for missing an event except disqualification from that event NS will indicate a no show instead of a disqualification.

Missing an event will count as an entered event but there will be no further penalty for the meet. All Events will be run as timed finals. Each team may enter unlimited relay teams in each relay event, but only the highest placing relay team may score.

team manager meet event file

If a relay team places but does not score, it will receive the awards for that place. The team coach shall designate the four swimmers assigned to swim on each relay team by listing their names on the meet Entry file. As many times as needed, a coach may scratch an individual event for any swimmer needed to fill out a relay, provided that one or more of the swimmers scheduled for that relay is scratch from the meet.

team manager meet event file

Scoring shall be for sixteen places as in the regular rules. Relays have a value of four times an individual event. Appropriate awards will be awarded to the top eight finalists in each event. Ribbons will be awarded to ninth through sixteenth places.