Percy jackson fanfiction mortals meet demi gods

Meet the demigods | FanFiction

percy jackson fanfiction mortals meet demi gods

Focus: Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Since: Founder: In this story, mortals, OC demigods, and gods meet our favorite demigods!. What happens when mortals, demigods, and even gods meet some special demigods? Will mainly focus on demigods such as, ex. Percy Jackson, Annabeth . In this story, mortals, OC demigods, and gods meet our favorite demigods! What will be their reactions? I know that this theme can be really.

Tales of Meeting Percabeth by Author Incognito reviews Just a bunch of one-shots on what would happen when other characters meet Percabeth. Collection of One-shots, unless I say otherwise.

Rated T because I said so. This will be a collection of pretty much any one-shots I feel like writing about Percabeth! There will be many cliche storylines, that is not an accident.

The rating may change depending on the story, but will mostly be T. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

percy jackson fanfiction mortals meet demi gods

Therefore, if you enjoy a quick laugh and a boatload of cliches, please enjoy. If you are looking for my less horrific writing, you're in the wrong place.

Let's just all pretend, when reading this, that you're laughing with me, not at me!

Mortals, meet demigods | FanFiction

V of seeing the awesome Percabeth! Used to be known as: Un-completed will complete soon Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: I love these stories! I recommend reading it! Through Mortals Eyes by FandomGirl19 reviews A bunch of one shots about mortals when they meet the demigods! T - English - Humor - Chapters: The second time, Hailey Caldwell, a girl who won't leave Percy alone, catches Percabeth on a date. What happens when Annabeth shadows at Goode?

Willow Evans meets Annabeth in an Read these, and other Percabeth drabbles only in this story! Day'Dreamer reviews People OC's, mortals and friends watching Percy and Annabeth's relationshipas well as watching the gang's interactions with each other. Possible jealousy, K and up for my minor paranoia. So here it is! Flames go to Hestia!

Jackson reviews A collection of one-shots about average mortals meeting and being impressed by Percabeth. Spotting them in the front next to the stage, he rushed forward and slid into the seats next to them.

Mortals Meet Demigods, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

It's so boring having Mrs. You're so lucky to have my dad. I wish you were with us. Your step-dad is so much fun. Too bad he's gone. We had this really boring sub that-" She was cut off as a voice boomed through the loud speakers. We have a very, important, life-changing discovery. Students and teachers alike shouted questions, comments, and insults to and about the Greek Gods. Lightening flashed as a storm rolled in over New York City.

I have also been informed that there are also monsters out there, along with the gods' children. The thing that keeps normal humans from seeing it has been lifted. Now we must still-" A crash that sounded too close filled the auditorium and made everyone jump.

That 'crash' turned out to be a wall falling down.

percy jackson fanfiction mortals meet demi gods

There were now monsters flooding through the opening. It was Kelli the empousa, with five or six other empousi. Everyone screamed and panicked while Percy uncapped Riptide.

I need to listen to her stupid villain monologue. Of course, you would just try to kill me. Hopefully, they would be here early.

If not, Percy would be the cheerleader's lunch. A surprised gasp went up in the auditorium that Percy was a demigod. Percy turned around, facing the crowd," Seriously?! Didn't the sword give it away?

percy jackson fanfiction mortals meet demi gods

Or did you think that this crazy vampire donkey lady with flaming hair was randomly trying to kill me for a play? Everybody, including Kelli, stopped. Hazel was close behind. It was hard to stall when you take forever. Ready to kick monster butt? You can't be around normal humans. You can't do that to Team Leo! He lit himself on fire.

Gems were popping up all over.