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meet swampy free game

Dec 26, Swampy the Alligator find water for his shower in this puzzle game Get Where's My Water from Amazon - Price: $ Free Meet Swampy. Where's My Water?: Fix the broken pipes so Swampy can take a shower! - Where's My Water? is one of our selected Skill Games. Play Now, and Have Fun!. Meet Swampy, an alligator who just wants to take a nice bath! Help Swampy get the water he needs in this game from Disney LOL, play now!.

Cranky's Story[ edit ] In January"Cranky's Story", a new subset of levels within the game, was added initially to the iOS version [18] and later to the Android version. The gameplay in "Cranky's Story" is basically the same as the main game, in that players must route a fluid to an inlet goal.

This time, the ducks are now purple and can only be collected by being splashed with poison, while other fluids including clean water will kill it. If water or any of the other fluids enter the inlet, the level is failed the water causes Cranky's food to be covered with more algae, surprising him, while ooze will turn it into a rock and being kicked away, the same is true with mud. If all of the poison is lost, then Cranky will get very angry. The first five levels in the first chapter, "Cranky's First Course", are free to play, while the rest of the chapter and the whole the second chapter, "Hunger Pains", are accessible through a one-time in-app purchase.

An all new Food Groups and the third episode "Bulking Up" were released on April 5, and adds 6 challenges and two bonus stages. It is a revisit of previous levels from the main game except the player has to deal three special kinds of ducks. On October 30, as part of the release of Swampy's Underground adventures, 20 more levels were added to Mystery duck.

On November 15, as part of the levels of the week, the last 40 levels were added to Mystery duck. Allie is Swampy's girlfriend. The gameplay in this mode is the same as the other modes, but this time, it requires players to direct steam to operate Allie's makeshift pipe organ.

Ducks are blue and can only be covered in steam, while other fluids except clean water will kill them. If water or other fluids get in the inlet, the level is failed. So far, only two episodes in this mode, "Warming Up" and "Tuning In" were available in the update.

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As with Cranky's Story and Mystery Duck, a one-time in-app purchase is required to play beyond the first five levels. Bonus Level 9 - Onion Peel This one's a little tricky, but follow these instructions and you'll be set.

First up, twist your iPad so a small amount of water goes into the pipes, turns toxic, and shoots out as moss-munching poison. Use this to strip the top rock bare of green grime. If you have leftover purple poison, make a hole in the rock to the left and wash it off of the screen. Now change the gauge so the pipe pumps water. Throw some water in there and use it to grab the top and middle ducks. Now change back to poison, make some purple goop and use it to eat away at the second layer of grime.

Remove any leftover poison through the hole you made on the left.

meet swampy free game

Finally, use your last bit of water make sure the gauge is set to fresh water to collect the third and final duck. Bonus Level 10 - Never Let You Go Throughout this entire level you'll need to keep your thumb firmly on the bottom-left water pump, to keep the button depressed, the door shut and the toxic purple goop safely stashed away.

Don't let your finger move or its game over. Now make a pathway for the green goop from its little pit, underneath the middle duck and back up to the water pipe. Carefully rotate your device so the goo follows your path and doesn't eat through too much dirt. Now all you need to do is take your fresh water and squirt it out to collect all three ducks.

As long as you don't lift your thumb you'll be golden. As such, twist your device so the steam rises up and goes to the desired location. In this case it's in the three pipes. You don't even need to dig any dirt. Bonus Level 12 - Algae Gates Remember that steam can pass through the algae, but water can't.

So you'll need to drip some toxic juice by opening the trap with your finger into the red and green buttons to lower the ice to just above and below the ducks. Now put the poisonous liquid onto the hot coals, so it turns into steam. This will immediately turn back into water on the ice, and then catch the first duck.

Simply turn the water back into steam again, and guide it into the left and right chambers - through the algae - to get the ducks. You get a lot of time 1 minute and 45 secondsso don't rush. You can also use the gate at the top to only let a little purple liquid out at a time, so you don't flood yourself with water, goo and steam.

Bonus Level 13 - Balloon Maze Break out one balloon at a time, and then carefully tilt the balloons towards the duck. When they hit a duck, pop the balloon to shower it with water. Be careful to avoid the horns in the right-most tunnels, and use the smaller balloon to get in the tighter space. Bonus Level 14 - Tilt with Caution Tilt your device so that some of the poisonous balloons from top fall into the main chamber.

Pop them to spill poisonous goop out, then turn on the right-most pump to fire green goop. The chemical reaction will make an explosion, and provide access points to the ducks. Make thin drainage holes to get rid of the green and purple liquids, then drop some of the water balloons in.

Guide them to the ducks by digging through dirt, then pop the balloon to drench the ducks! Move the water all the way to the top to avoid the vacuum, and move it left to grab the second duck. Now, put all the water into the suction hose.

Where's My Water? Free

Let out a small amount of water at a time using the blue manually operated gate, and direct it towards the rightmost hose. Then, tilt so the stream fires left and hits the duck. Keep letting out water and repeating this process until you have the last quacker. Bonus Level 16 - Air Maze First up, we need to get the levitating globule of water into the top-right pipe. Tilt your iOS device so the water rests on the central blue button, which will make the contraption move right.

Move the water to the very top of the screen to best escape the fans, and tilt it towards the pipe. Let in enough water to collect the duck, and drop at least one drip into the green button to start the next section.

Another batch of water will drop now. Tilt it through the maze and towards the two horizontal fans. The water will slosh back and forward, grabbing the duck. Now, move the water towards the final, vertical set of fans. Pushing against the top fan won't work. Make exaggerated tilts of your device to move the water up and down, and it will eventually move closer and closer to the duck until it's collected.

Bonus Level 17 - Donuts First, dunk the bottom right duck with the off-centre bucket of water. Now turn your device 90 degrees clockwise, and drop the top-most bucket of water on the top duck. Finally turn your device a full degrees and drain the purple poison on the algae surrounding the last duck. Try and remove as much algae on that side as possible. Now open the rightmost "donut" of water so it falls straight down and dunks the duck.

Bonus Level 18 - Two Way Streams Tap all three redirector valves so the pipes will send water towards the ducks. Then, slowly move the puddle of water from pipe to pipe to drench each duck. Bonus Level 19 - Full of Mud Tilt your device to the left and spray a bunch of mud so it clogs up the space at the bottom of the screen. Let it set into dirt, and then dig a pathway between the bottom-most puddle and the duck directly above it.

Soak the duck to collect it. When your device is titled back to normal, send the water on the right to the duck in the top-right-hand corner. Now, carve a pathway in the dirt so the pipe sends mud into the area at the top of the screen. Fill it up tight. When the mud sets into dirt, create a pathway between the middle reservoir of water and the top-left duck. Guide the water there safely to grab the last duck and finish the stage. Watch a video tutorial for this bonus level here.

Bonus Level 20 - Dirt Divert You have to act quickly on this stage. Dig away at some of the dirt, and drop the mud into the bottom tunnel. Keep it steady by tilting your device, and when it sets into dirt, it should cover up the gap. Now, you just need to fashion your new dirt pile into a ramp so the pipe shoots water into the main part of the level.

Now, simply enough, tilt your device so the water hits each and every duck. Secret Levels Planetarium To find this tricky Solar System-inspired stage, click "Play" on the main menu and then tap the "Achievements" button. Drag the screen down with one finger so the framed achievements go towards the bottom of the screen until you see a doodle of the planet Saturn. Tap it with your other finger to play. This is a tough level, so carefully transport the water from one planet to the other by scooping out a big reservoir in the lower planet, and then open the floodgates in the upper planet.

Make sure to save some water for the ducks! Here's a video tutorial to beating this level.

meet swampy free game

Mi Amore To find this secret stage, click 'Play' on the main menu and then tap the 'Achievements' button. Drag the screen up with one finger so the framed achievements go towards the top of the screen until you see a doodle of a heart. Tap it with your other finger. This level is pretty easy. Hold down on both brown taps so two dirt barriers appear.

Fire both water taps to collect two ducks, and then make a big puddle of mud in between your barriers. Let it set, and then dig a hole from the bottom left to the duck. Hold down on the bottom water tap to shoot water at the central duck. Once it's yours, dig an exit tunnel to fire the water at Swampy's pipe. Achievements Once you've beaten every level, found every duck, grabbed every object and completed every bonus stage, all you've got left is the achievements.

These are shown in the game, and also appear on your Game Center leaderboards so you'll want to get the lot if you want to show off. Completed "Meet Swampy" Description: Use our video guides if you're having trouble. Completed "Troubled Waters" Description: Completed "Under Pressure" Description: Not only must you beat all the levels, but you've got to find all of Swampy's rubber ducks as well.