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meet new rich friendship

Rich people choose their friends differently than the rest of us relationships with individuals they aspired to be: other rich and successful people. In order for you to know who to associate with, however, you must first know. - The world's best and largest online dating site for millionaires, admirers and friends, successful women, wealthy single men, wealthy. There are plenty of ways to meet new people who are totally going for it with people who insist money is hard to make, that rich people suck.

In a world where everyone is trying to take from others, the best way to stand out is to be a giver. It shows a sensitivity to the receiver's situation, and allows them to drop their guard. This dropping of the guard must be recognized and appreciated, though: A good rule of thumb is that if you have an idea of what you want from someone in your head when you meet them, you're doing things wrong.

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Be looking for things you can do for others. Nine months ago I got an email from a guy named Carlos Marti. He offered to translate Life Nomadic into Spanish. I read the email with great interest, but didn't reply immediately.

A week later he emailed again saying that he had already translated the first chapter. He also made it clear in his emails that the benefit he was hoping to receive was to use the work to build his reputation as a translator. That was a good way to express that he wasn't going to turn around after finishing it and say, "Hey, I translated your book for you. When I travel and post where I'm going, I get a lot of offers to meet up.

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Most are easy to decline because the person says nothing about themselves, so I'm basically offered the chance to hang out with a complete stranger. One such offer a couple weeks ago was from Carlos, who would also be in Valencia as we passed through. My friends and I all met up with him, all liked him, and have now invited him join us on our next cruise.

Offering to translate my book was a great way to open a dialogue, and now we both have a new friend. I've met with a lot of readers through various avenues: The attitudes which people take could be roughly divided into three categories: People in the first category act as if being less famous makes them entirely worthless.

They tend to say nothing about themselves and ask the same questions everyone else asks.

meet new rich friendship

It's flattering to meet people like this, because anyone who puts their work out publicly is happy to see concrete evidence that it's appreciated by others, but these people tend to blend together.

The people who act cooler than they are, unfortunately, tend to be from the pickup scene. They brag a lot, mostly talking about their conquests, and never ask any questions.

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They act as if they've never read your work. The dissonance comes from the fact that they've just waited twenty minutes after a speech to come talk with you.

The last category are the people who you actually become friends with. They show respect for your work by mentioning specific ways it's influenced them, but they don't dwell on it. They share their own stories and work that are related to the conversation, whereas people from the first group would avoid it altogether, and the people from the second group steamroll through stories that only serve to glorify them. People from this third group acknowledge the value you have, but also recognize that they have value, too.

When I first moved to San Francisco, I had the good fortune of meeting a lot of people more famous than myself. If I knew of the meeting in advance, I would read the last few articles of their blog. Bloggers often write about what's on their mind, so it's a good bet that subjects from recent blog posts will come up in conversation. Reading them allowed me to show that I respected their work. On the other hand, I'd always make sure to convey what I was about. If they were interested in any of the things I'm good at, I wouldn't shy away from talking about them.

Remember that the goal of meeting someone famous is to have a meaningful relationship of some sort with them. You can only do that if there's a foundation of mutual respect.

Have Visible Work The first thing I do when someone emails me is to check for a link to their web page in their email signature.

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Having a visible body of work is a good way to allow people to find out what you're about at their own pace. Instead of writing an email with everything I think the recipient might be interested in, he can just click the link in my email, skim for a title of a post that interests him, and read it on his own time.

This also makes introductions a lot easier for the introducer: Check out his blog. There was one blogger I really respected. They receive multiple requests every day for interviews, speaking engagements, new business opportunities, charity functions, you name it, not to mention the obligations they have with their careers, families, and personal lives. Understandably, there are simply not enough hours in the day for them to say yes to everything.

Next, toss your ego out the window. Know that you can lead a horse to water, but the biggest hurdle is making sure the horse knows that the water is in front of its face. You must get your request noticed by the decision maker. If you have any connection at all, use it. The assistant, who works closely with him every day, made sure he saw my request.

Make yourself as human as possible — the less human you appear, the easier it is for someone to reject you. If you can figure out a way to run into your target in a not stalkerish way, try to do so — for example at a party or event. I usually introduce myself, give a one or two sentence pitch, and then ask whom I should contact with more details. I then happened to see Koons at an art event in NYC. I went right up to him, told him about my book and that I had already contacted his office to no avail — so I needed to know exactly who to reach out to.

We briefly discussed his participation in my upcoming book and he told me to contact you with the details. Check out this article for a detailed account of how I asked Buffett.

meet new rich friendship

Always use the name of the person you are corresponding with since it makes for a more personal connection. She tried to contact his office on my behalf to make the introduction but was ignored.

When I checked in with her to come up with a Plan B, she told me Yunus happened to be in town giving a speech at a hotel. I lurked in the lobby until he was done, made my pitch while following him out to get a taxi, and snapped his photo in case he eventually agreed to participate in Getting There after all, he lives in Bangladesh. I then pursued him for over a year and a half to get a phone interview — all the while bouncing among about five different assistants at two different offices.

If the front door is locked, try the back door; if the back door is locked, try the side door; if the side door is locked, try crawling in a window. Someone might answer this time! I am talking about ways in — avenues — like a publicist, an agent, an employee, someone who once did business with the person, a friend of a friend of a friend….

I rarely dealt with just one employee and one door.

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When someone ignored me repeatedly or rejected me, I switched to someone else and acted like nothing had ever happened — I never mentioned I was previously ignored or rejected. A lot of times your target never even saw your request — an employee rejected it instead.

Never be anything but friendly and pleasant to deal with. That kind of behavior will only get you ignored even more — or axed for good. It may also earn you a bad reputation. If you do get what you consider to be a final rejection, lose graciously and thank the person for considering your request. Send a new email or send your prior email like it has never been sent before.

meet new rich friendship

This allows your contact to save face if they do choose to respond — and lets that person respond without having to make any excuses for why they previously ignored you.

Keep your correspondence simple and clear. Get to your point quickly. Remember how busy everyone is; no one has time to sift through paragraphs to figure out what your email is about.