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If you use any tabs, pleased donate any amount you choose ($ All guitar and bass tabs on this website are free for instructional purposes only. .. Cant you see tab - Marshall Tucker propagacni.info Joker and the theif tab guitar chords - Wolfmother propagacni.info easy guitar songs. Great for both beginners/intermediary guitar players wanting to learn chord and tab songs. Joker and the Thief – Wolfmother, Tabs · GP Tabs · Official Chords/Tabs. As a complete beginner you might find it overwhelming that there are over + easy guitar songs on this page. TURN ON ANNOTATIONS TO SEE THE TAB. Wolfmother - City Lights (GUITAR COVER) W.

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Chords for Wolfmother - Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young Cover)

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It's not fancy, but it doesn't have to be - it sounds great anyway! Often the key to making something sound good is in simplicity rather than cramming everything with notes, and this solo is a great example of that.

Watch out for the bends - it's actually more of a "blues" bend - that's a bend without any specific pitch, so just bend it up a little bit and then release the note. Practice it a few times to see if you can get it to sound just like the record. It doesn't have any unnecessary notes, and despite its simplicity it still sounds interesting. This is a great first solo to learn, and it's got a few really nice bends which help to build up your technique.

Best of all, it just sounds great! Like with many of these solos, it's all about the feel - make sure your vibrato and bends sound good and play around with the slides a bit to get different sounds. This one is in G major. Parisienne Walkways Intro Gary Moore You might struggle to play all of the lead guitar parts in this song some of the licks are quite fastbut that doesn't mean you can't learn this really cool intro solo.

It's vital that your bends are in tune if you want this one to sound good - try playing the target pitch normally and then bending up to it to see how close you can get it. Rory is hailed as one of the greatest blues and rock guitarists ever - learn this and you'll get a great insight into his style.

It's important with this to focus on the little things. The notes themselves are pretty easy, but the challenge is in the bends and vibrato.

Wolfmother - Live in Sydney 2007

The main solo for this song uses many of the same notes as this intro, but played twelve frets one octave higher. See if you can learn that too, and get the whole song under your fingers! Emulating the sound of Slash requires really good bends and a really smooth tone, so practice getting your bends in tune and turn up the bass on your amp while turning down the treble to get something close to his tone.

There is a longer more complex solo later on in this song, but if you're a beginner then leave that one for when you've improved - some of the licks can be a bit tricky! This intro melody is pretty easy to play, and it sounds brilliant if done well. I'd recommend that every guitar player learns this just so they can hear for themselves how important good vibrato is - if your vibrato on your bends is good, then this will sound absolutely great.

Everybody loves The Beatles! This song is also a great example of good song writing — notice how it all builds up throughout to the dramatic close. The instruments slowly get added in and change in dynamics to create an overall great piece of music. High and Dry Radiohead This is a nice, simple solo that anyone can learn pretty quickly. Be careful that your fretting hand fingers are fretting the strings properly, otherwise they might stop the high E string from sounding properly.

This is a nice example of a simple solo that doesn't sound like its "bolted on" to the song - it really feels like it fits the song and adds to it. Come Together The Beatles This main solo starts at around 2. It's another great one for practising your bends, and it's an ideal way to see how almost a whole solo can be built from one string.

There are actually two guitars in this solo that play together, but you can just play the main one so you can still get a sound similar to the record. Baby Blue Badfinger This is an old song by Badfinger with a solo that works really well to join sections of the song together. Some of the bends on the higher strings can be quite tricky, so remember to stay relaxed and practice them until you can do them perfectly. Voodoo Child Jimi Hendrix This is a really famous intro that is pretty easy to play.

PLEASED TO MEET YOU TAB by Wolfmother @ propagacni.info

The rest of the song can be tricky, but the intro is something that every guitar player should learn, no matter their level! Notice the subtle variations each time the riff is repeated - they are similar, but each time there's something a little bit different to make it sound more interesting.

Have fun — this one is a blast! This is a great song that almost everyone will recognise. This is a nice and short one that fits the song well and compliments the vocal melodies. The main riff from this song is also good to learn because it shows you how something so simple can be so catchy, as well as how you can develop a basic idea into a full song.

Play with a clean tone on your amplifier to get a similar sound to the record. This song has bits of lead guitar all the way through, weaving between the vocal lines and harmonies.

The intro starts off mellow and the song builds up to a full-on, exciting piece, with the multiple guitar tracks weaving in and out of each other constantly creating a thick carpet of sound.

75 Best Guitar Solos You Need to Learn – Categorized by Easy, Intermediate, and Expert

Listen carefully to how the instruments all work together, with the male and female vocals complimenting each other nicely. Live Forever Oasis Oasis are one of the biggest bands of all time, so this solo is your chance to steal some of their unique style and get an insight into their music.

The song is composed well too, with lots of dynamic changes and instruments dropping out and then coming back in again for extra emphasis. This is a really fun song to jam along to because its simplicity means you can really get into it. Just have fun with it! The solo is typical of Brian May — very melodic and following the background chords nicely. There is one lick just after the vocals come back in that might be a little bit difficult for a beginner, but most of the solo is nice and easy.

The hard part is getting the guitar tone right!

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Play around with your settings until you find a tone that fits! Fix You Coldplay Less a full solo and more just another part of the song, this solo blends in very well with the rest of the piece. If you can get past the ridiculous hair styles and costumes Twisted Sister are probably some of the most ridiculous of all time!

It follows the vocal line very closely but adds in some extra sounds with the use of the whammy bar. The guitar solos are in Def Leppard songs are usually good ones to learn because they sound more difficult than they are — making you seem like a better player!

Use lots of distortion and if you have a delay echo effect, use that too. This is probably their most famous song and the solo is so simple any guitarist should be able to play it!

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It uses fingerings that allow the same note to be played in two different octaves at the same time which leads to some nice sounds — a simple concept used well. We Will Rock You Queen Possibly the most famous song ever written aside from maybe Happy Birthday…this is a must-learn for any rock fan. Listen to how the feedback slowly fades in before Brian May opens up with a few chords and then goes into the solo. The fame of this song makes it very impressive to anyone you show it to — people love it when you play songs they know!

Steve Vai is a shredder!