Definition of a love relationship

The True Meaning of Love in a Relationship |

definition of a love relationship

Love doesn't mean that you have to stay, and stay and stay. You can leave the relationship and love the person anyway. What I have learnt from relationship, if you want to have a serious relationship, you shouldn't hide these things from your partner, your past, your boundaries. Anyone who's fallen in love with more than one person knows that the definition of love can oftentimes vary from relationship to relationship.

definition of a love relationship

The very thought of the other person makes us feel as if we have a guardian angel with us at all times. Their wins are sources of happiness for us, not jealousy When our partner succeeds at something after a long effort, we beam with joy as if we were the winner, too.

Sexual intimacy deepens With love, sex becomes sacred. Different from the early days, our lovemaking now is deep and holya true joining of bodies and minds. We feel safe The presence of love in the relationship allows us to feel protected and safe as if the other person is a safe harbor for us to come home to.

With them, we feel a sense of security and stability. We feel seen and heard Our partner sees us for who we are and still loves us.

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We can show all our sides, positive and negative, and receive their love unconditionally. They know who we are at our core. Love allows us to bare our souls and feel grace in return. Love allows us to fight without fear Secure in our love relationship, we know we can argue and that it will not break us apart.

Love is not needing, but wanting. One of the things we try to teach kids is that there is a clear difference between a want and a need.

The True Meaning of Love in a Relationship

Needing someone is a feeling based in fear. You fear that you can't live without them, so you need them. And remember, fear is the opposite of love.

Wanting someone in your life gives them the freedom to leave, but still shows them you love them. Love is an action, not just a feeling. Humans tend to be addicted to intense emotion -- especially when it feels good.

So, when we're in love, we want to feel that way forever. That higher than "Cloud 9" feeling goes away after a while. That doesn't mean you don't love the other person anymore, it just means that it's not new anymore. So that's where the action needs to kick in. Show the person you love them.

Don't just assume they know. The word "unconditional" means that there are no expectations or limitations set. To love unconditionally is a difficult thing, and most humans aren't good at that.

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But true love really does love without trying to change the other person. Love means putting other people's needs equal to -- or before -- your own. While people may be inherently selfish for survival purposes, this does not serve us well in relationships.

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If you don't put other people's needs at least equal to your own, they will grow resentful. Real love truly, genuinely cares about other people's happiness and will go to great lengths to make people feel valued. Love is the highest vibration emotion that there is.

Science has proven that emotions like love and fear have very different vibrations. They can actually measure them. Love vibrates very fast, whereas fear-based emotions think jealousy, possessiveness, hatred, greed, etc. When you love completely and unconditionally, there is no fear involved.

definition of a love relationship

The vibrations of love make you feel good at all times. It doesn't look the other way. It wants to be present and be together.

When people are in love, sometimes they think that they don't have to "do any more work. It feels good, and doesn't see giving attention to another person as a chore.

definition of a love relationship

This is because "if a person is comfortable with themselves, they are better able to express their true self to the world, which makes it easier to get to know them It has been described as a "combination of basic psychological arousal combined with a feeling of pleasure". The nervous system gets aroused, causing one to get adrenaline in the form of "rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and sensations of excitement that are often similar to sensations associated with danger".

Other physical symptoms include "blood pressure go[ing] up a little, the skin One can feel a sense of obsession over the other person, longing for "the day [when they return] to that person".

definition of a love relationship

One can also uncontrollably smile whenever thinking about the other person. While some people hold that it is something that you "can't learn and can't teach