That is because this netbook of mine is a Atom N netbook while yours is dual core with more horse power than mine. In my case this happened after upgrade from All kernels were downloaded from http: I just installed the latest kernel 4. And also, nothing is shown on the screen during grub booting, no menu, graphics screen, or whatever, but maybe that is to be expected, I do not know. Go to Terminal Get input:

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Eduard eddy-spageddy wrote on Try to overwrite your xorg. Hi all, First time I’ve done an install where 3D acceleration fails on this laptop. Updating the system did not help having kernel 4.

Launchpad couldn’t import bug from freedesktop. For some reason, the dpkg-reconfigure provides a myriad of prompts that did not come with the initial aptitude installation.


OK, I installed those versions. After that only blueish pixels appear at the upper edge of the screen. Xorg Fonts Sub-pixel ordering with some uncertainty is red, green, blue from left to right.


So most likely 4. Waaaaay out West Texas Distribution: Let’s hope that someone in this Linux world can make the Intel Mobile Graphics card work again in a de-bugged 4. The current 495gse Bit Desktop iso brought kernel 4.

[SOLVED] Intel GM/GMS No 3D acceleration

Calc is working fine. You should see messages about the camera being detected: I try all 4. It should be noted that the screen distortion appears in runlevel 3 as well. That is because this netbook of mine is a Atom N netbook while yours is lnux core with more horse power than mine.

Email me about changes to this bug report. Additional modules not yet in Debian kernels Introduction to building out-of-kernel modules The instructions below require you to install and compile module source packages using module-assistant. However, the login screen is black with a mouse pointer. This leaves me discouraged about running Linux on those flash drives. I had problems with LIbreofiice too, but only with “Writer”, which refuses to open.


View LQ Wiki Contributions. Thank you for the hints! Janel jjanel wrote on In the xserver-xorg-video-intel package v2. Downgrading to kernel 4. It defaults to using the most current one.

Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. Also, lxrandr is unable to save and then next time properly load settings. There is no v4. Hello, I just installed the latest kernel 4. I was successfull with usplash, no vga option needed.

However, if you have an older install, ensure eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.

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