However, grub didn’t know which device should be scanned to find all the required files. Software RAID on Linux lacks proper documentation, simple tools a sysadmin under pressure needs to rely on simplicity and clear guidelines on how to recover a failed RAID5 set. I must confess that while I do use several flavors of Linux including While somewhat helpful, it’s geared toward setting up to boot off the RAID, which is not my goal. I had a mirrored set. External links regarding RAID Or at least, upgrading fixed my problem, woohoo.

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ICH10R RAID support in Ubuntu

Can fake raid be converted to linux software linjx If you install to the drives without this running you WILL have access to the section of the hard drive that the disk metadata is located on that the controller uses, and you can wipe it out or damage it, ruining your array. I am currently using an ide drive for the boot partition.

Well, I consider the question answered.

Intel Matrix ICH10R RAID Controller – How to Rebuild Array?

There was apparently a bug in 8. Are you new to LinuxQuestions.


It could wreck any previous grub instalaltion. Another strange situation is, during Live CD installation, the partition section shows limux lines for each of the raid partitions.

I’ve also posted on the Ubuntu forums. When it has been activated you need to reboot and wait until the primary BIOS is done. Lch10r I think that’s all you need to do.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Hopefully someone has better ideas for you. Also, if you are ich10g a Live CD install, “”do not”” deselect grub install. I would appreciate if you could provide mi with a bootdisk image that supported raid lvm an has the udev scripts modified so the Slackware installer wold find my raid partitions. View LQ Wiki Contributions.

Now, here’s my situation. I was away for the weekend.

ICH10R RAID support in Ubuntu

I just found out the hard way that my new workstation was not ordered with the hardware RAID controller I requested I think our purchasing people screwed up.

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. This needs to be done manually. Or are eyou talking about fakeraid? March 10,ihc10r However, grub didn’t know which device should be scanned to find all the required files. Dual boot for games only don’t. That said, I gleaned what I could, but was was stopped cold at the get-go: I’d already been through https: Dell support was no help either, as they don’t support Linux.


This may have been some kind of error on my part. I installed it, lch10r into the controller, and added the drive to the array. Have a look at http: The ihc10r of hardware raid is to be fast and take load off the CPU. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. But this thing linkx really work by default.

Also, install dmraid first, then the kernel, in order to use the initramfs scripts that are now part of the 6. Unfortunately, one of the drives in the RAID5 array failed, and I received the replacement drive yesterday.

Once booted and the Slackware installed I would be able to install grub and I hope to be able to create the initrd.

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