Unfortunately, the problem remained, even after letting it soak overnight. This is simply a jumper wire from one point to another. Once the cover is off you can access the inside of the unit including the rails that move the upper unit forward and back. Control Strip patch list. That seems to leave just the right amount of dry lubricant to the rail surface to provide easy gliding. Offers for similar machines. Measure lighting with i1 Profiler.

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GRETAGMACBETH SPECTROSCAN WHITE Densitometer Spectrolino – $ | PicClick

I immediately identified the problem. See Details on eBay Watch Contact. Whatever the case, I was now acutely focused on this circuit as the root gretagmcabeth my problem. Cookies make it easier grdtagmacbeth offer our services.

My initial attempt to fix the broken trace was to bridge the gap with solder, but when doing so, the trace lifted off of the board and prevented me from fixing it with this technique. Secondly, when initiating a Measuring Chart task, the SpectroLino moves to home base over the calibration tile before it fails and produces an error.

These stainless steel rails which the Lino glides around on need to be very clean except for a very light coating of lubricant. Machineseeker app for iPhone and Android.

Spectrolino measures not only color proofs it also measures Monitors Emission. Prior to shipment I need to know the following information: In my case, this occurred and appeared normal. If the item is subject to Greagmacbeth regulation, I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item. One is in the center of the back, and the other two are equidistant about 4 inches from each end. Additionally, there was some corrosion at the via holes, which are used to connect traces from one side of the circuit board to the other.


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Reason Please select Machine is no longer for sale Advertisement is posted in the wrong category Advertisement posted twice Advertisement contains general advertising sell all XY machines Advertisement contains tel.

This may result in a very large number of offers!

In fact, they are no longer around because they were purchased and taken over by X-Rite many years ago, who also no longer supports the SpectroScan. This small board is nothing more than a way to mount and connect the SpectroLino. Test Forms and Audits.

Let me gretagmacbteh the issue in more detail. To ensure consistent reults, Spectrolino uses an annular lens optical system. I knew it was a long shot, but I reached out to tech support at X-Rite and inquired about getting the necessary documents. All brand names are the property of their respective owners.

The charge for freight will be determined by the destination upon the ending of the auction.


Harmonizer — Master Instrument. It was time to take spectroscann unit apart and see if I could locate the problem. Therefore, I removed the mini-DIN connector and cleaned up the board further to see if I could find the reason why the connection was broken. It gave me a starting point as to what the actual problem was and where to look.

What I thought odd, however, was that I had previously measured As an electronic recycling company, we warranty hardware only, we do not provide any support or service or warranty for any equipment with software issues. Within MeasureTool, the first step is to spectroscaj the Device and Port.

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It worked, and I was able to spctroscan reset the SpectroLino, connect with MeasureTool, and take a spot reading. Phoenix, ArizonaShips to: Access to yours Personal Data. GretagMacbeth, however, no longer gretgmacbeth support. This is no longer the case as a new driver is now available for Windows 7, so I can install ProfileMaker on just about any computer. There will be a packing fee on larger and heavier items it will be determined by the size and the care that has to go into packing an item.

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