We happy few ending a relationship

We Happy Few Guide: How to Get the Game's Secret Ending

we happy few ending a relationship

We Happy Few has an enormous amount of ambition, a game that . In the end though, We Happy Few fails because its stealth fails and its. We Happy Few launches on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and it offers I usually don 't finish games I start because the ending often feels . though, suggests that she's trying to atone for entering relationships with abusive men. Arthur Ernest Hastings is one of three playable characters in We Happy Few. It is revealed that Percy and Arthur had a close relationship as brothers, even.

Because I wanted to recreate another real oddity of this game. This is how it feels to play, too.

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You begin in an office of an Orwellian company, clearly in some other post-war timeline, where your job is to redact anything from the press that might be negative about the government, or indeed be negative at all. I carried on wondering that for hours, so completely unclear was it about what was going on.

Did Germany win the war? What caused this societal split? Who and why and where and what? I started again, just in case.

we happy few ending a relationship

It turns out, the more you play, the more back story gets filled in, but not in a clever way — just a jumbled confusion, albeit one that suggests an intriguing direction. The writing is often really good, and the acting matches, along with some splendid character design. But the sum of it all is much less than that of its parts, as it tries to cram in dystopian theme after theme in a mad muddle.

we happy few ending a relationship

In the end though, We Happy Few fails because its stealth fails and its combat fails. Throughout the game, the player can collect melee weapons, items, food and drink, and wealth. Items are used to craft various tools to help progress in the world or medication, like lockpicks or healing salves. Food is used to maintain nourishment or thirst; staying nourished improves certain character attributes, while being hungry or thirsty can negatively impact these attributes.

we happy few ending a relationship

The player also must make sure the character gets rest to also maintain these attributes. The player is able to gain access to safe houses for recovery as well as to fast travel between other unlocked safe houses. Wealth can be used or gained through various vendors in exchange for items. A core element of We Happy Few is Joy, an addictive hallucinogenic drug used by most of the citizens of Wellington Wells.

If the player opts to have their character use Joy, they will see the town in a colorful, joyful environment, and will be able to walk through the town without attracting undue attention from its citizens, but this does impair some of the character's abilities.

As their Joy depletes, the town will revert to its dismal, war-torn state, and while the character will have full control of their abilities, they will be seen as a "downer", an enemy of Wellington Wells, and either must fight off the "Wellies" police force through melee, or use stealth to sneak around the town; furthermore, the player-character will suffer withdrawal effects from coming off Joy, impacting their health and thirst.

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Optionally, the game allows the player to enable permadeathrequiring them to restart the game should the player-character die. The player also must consider the type of residents in each district within Wellington Wells and make sure they also do not stand out due to clothing or other appearance aspects.

Residents of a wealthy district may become suspicious of the player-character if they are dressed in rags, even if they have taken their Joy. The sandbox mode is an infinite play mode that allows the player to customize some facets of the game's world before starting a game to make it closer to a survival game, such as making hunger and thirst lead to character death if they are not remedied or changing the availability of certain items in the environment.

Additionally, through a season pass, the game will include three shorter narratives the player can play through.

we happy few ending a relationship

The Battle of Britain was eventually lost to Germany, allowing the Nazis to occupy the entire country. Most of the volunteer forces of the Home Guard became complicit in helping the Germans, with only a few attempting to resist. However, the repercussions of the Very Bad Thing left the citizens with immense anguish and guilt over their actions, leading to the invention of a new hallucinogenic drug called "Joy", which suppresses all unhappy memories and leaves its user in a chemically induced euphoria that also brightens how they perceive their environment.

However, its many negative side-effects include addiction, short-term memory loss, loss of appetite, nightmarish hallucinations, and being susceptible to manipulation. By the s, Wellington Wells' isolation led to resounding advances in technology, including Tesla -styled weapons, portable power cells, and automated security systems.

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Its inhabitants—referred to as "Wellies"—wear white "Happy Face" masks as a sign of their continued jollity. Joy is freely dispensed in pill form and is also laced into the city's water supply. To encourage the drug's consumption, the media is tightly controlled and centers on "Uncle" Jack Worthing, a friendly MC whose voice and image widely broadcasts government propaganda over the city's televisions and radios. Unfortunately, some Wellies developed an immunity to Joy—partly as a result of ingesting bad batches of the drug—and subsequently became depressed or insane from remembering the Very Bad Thing; these people were then driven out of Wellington Wells and came to be known as "Wastrels".

Others who voluntarily refuse their Joy are known as "Downers" and seen as a threat; if caught, Downers are either force-fed Joy, are taken to a Joy Doctor to get a potentially lethal liquid injection of Joy, or are outright killed on the spot. As a result, Wellington Wells has become a dystopian police state on the verge of collapse. Story[ edit ] The game features three different playable characters, each with their own story arcs that intersect throughout the game: Arthur Hastings works as a "redactor", censoring and approving old news articles from Wellington Wells' Department of Archives, Printing, and Recycling.

While working, he comes across a news clipping of him and his older brother Percy after World War II. At this point Arthur can either take his Joy which restarts the game or refuse it, wanting to remember Percy. If the latter choice is taken, Arthur is called out as a "Downer" by his boss, Victoria Byng, and he is chased out of his office; he ends up in the Garden District, populated by "Wastrels" unable or unwilling to take their Joy.

Arthur resolves to escape Wellington Wells and find Percy.


With the assistance of various characters, including Sally and Ollie, Arthur works his way through the districts uncovering certain truths along the way. It is eventually revealed that the "Very Bad Thing" was that the population of Wellington Wells turned over all children 13 years and younger to the Germans in exchange for their freedom. He also learns that Wellington Wells is slowly falling apart; the city's infrastructure is failing, a plague outbreak has occurred, and Joy is becoming less effective, with scientist Anton Verloc researching a new version of Joy to permanently lobotomize the populace and keep them in a never-ending state of euphoria.

Eventually, Arthur reaches a railway bridge leading out of Wellington Wells. Here, Arthur finally recalls that when he was to be taken by the Germans, he swapped his identity with Percy's, allowing the Germans to take the latter instead.

In the epilogue, after Sally and Ollie's chapters have been completed, the player can choose one of two endings: The creator of a new brand of Joy, Sally Boyle works as an experimental chemist in her own laboratory after being kicked out of Haworth Labs by its director, Anton Verloc.

Sally is threatened by the police into supplying them with her Joy and is forced to scrounge the city for new ingredients to create a fresh batch.

we happy few ending a relationship

She is secretly also a mother to the first baby ever born in Wellington Wells in fifteen years: Gwen, who was fathered by Verloc. When Gwen becomes sick with measlesSally asks Arthur, the protagonist of the first act and her childhood friend, to find a bottle of cod liver oil. Arthur not knowing it is for Gwen agrees in return for a Letter of Transit from General Robert Byng, Sally's biggest patron and on-and-off lover.

Sally eventually remembers how her mother poisoned her family when she and her siblings were to be taken to Germany, leaving Sally as the sole survivor.

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