Tslotat ending a relationship

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tslotat ending a relationship

Ricky ends up being the Valedictorian, and at the end of his speech, When he returned he blamed Adrian for their break up, even though he gave her no. Here's what happened to everyone after that Secret Life of the American Teenager cliffhanger ending. She is in a monogamous relationship with Jack. Grace and Ricky end up dating, but Grace breaks up with him soon after when she discovers that he's been.

This article contains spoilers. Mine just happens to be Secret Life of the American Teenager. It lasted until June 3, The premise of the story follows Amy Juergens, a teen who becomes pregnant right before her freshman year.

The rest of the seasons follow Amy, her family, and her friends throughout high school and the on-again-off-again relationships of the characters. The seasons were interesting enough, but after five years, the series finale, was one of the worst I have ever seen.

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The fifth and final season seemed to be pulling teeth with new ideas and tired plot lines. Not only did we see so many couples switch around, all of us were finally happy with the pairings. The show had people pairing off like it was a do-si-do and finally things were settled. I believed, in the last episode, questions would be answered. They married after both of them graduated and were all too happy to have George move across the hall — so convenient.

Happily married herself and traveling the world singing in jazz clubs. She moved across the hall with George. They were great together. Ricky does have a knack for business and he and Leo are in the midst of creating a high end fast food chain.

tslotat ending a relationship

What happened to Amy while she was in New York? Did she end up getting together with Ben, whether as just a simple hookup or as a full-on relationship?

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  • Secret Life creator on the series finale, what happened after

And yeah, I think they did have sex to find that out. And it just became ridiculous. If they had stayed together in high school, she probably would have realized this much sooner and he would have too. He just kind of lost himself in trying to obtain the unobtainable Amy.

tslotat ending a relationship

He wrote his first novel while in college, a best seller based on Amy and he continues to write while pursuing a doctorate in literature. How did Ricky manage to explain to John why his mother suddenly went away? Ricky explained that sometimes the daddy stays with the children while the mommy goes to college or works. What came about with the Grace, Jack, and Madison love triangle?

Did Jack end up marrying Madison? And yes, Jack did end up married to Madison and they also followed the others to New York where Madison found success on Broadway and Jack became a coach at St.

FINALLY: Here's what happened after that 'Secret Life' cliffhanger

Francis — yeah, Leo helped him too. And guess who else came to New York? Kathleen is a fund raiser for a church on the upper east side of Manhattan and Tom is the door man in their building and volunteers as a docent at the Natural History Museum.

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Were Adrian and Omar able to stay together after moving to New York? Adrian and Omar are very happily married and perhaps the most successful financially out of the group. He continues to revolutionize education, and she is finishing law school, and they have two of the cutest kids ever! Brenda Hampton actually asked and answered this question: