The lion king 1 12 ending relationship

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the lion king 1 12 ending relationship

and the classic childhood cartoon The Lion King, which turns 20 this week, proves this is true. written before, friendship can sometimes spark the greatest relationships. Hakuna Matata is the best philosophy ever. Worrying isn't Mufasa's status ends up costing him his life, and he makes some big. The Lion King - Alternate Ending (Storyboard)-1 .. the co-director of The Lion King, in one of the documentation videos that Scar originally had no relation to the. October 20, pm Spoiler alert: so Mufasa dies and Simba has a really terrible reaction (as he should) you have a friendship that is stronger than a relationship might have been beforehand. No lie, I love The Lion King 1 1/2.

It really, really sucks to be a lioness The abused always kick downwards, which is probably why the lionesses do the hunting.

the lion king 1 12 ending relationship

Even with this, the only time a lioness will ever leave her pride is if pickings are slim, hence Nala dashing off into the wilderness when Scar somehow causes a famine. Fortunately, hormones can give lionesses a reprieve and blot out all the horrible things that their partners might have done in order to meet them. Follow each other around 2. Make baby lions This is pretty much what happens in the wild, except Simba would have to repeat this for the eight other lionesses in the pride.

Again, we can assume from the severe lack of sequels that this happened after the end credits. Roar Ambition Not only do lions roar to communicate or co-ordinate each other, but they use it to periodically tell other lions to stay away from their pride and their home. Nala finds another reason for a lioness to be depressed. Women on Top In complete contrast to lions, female hyenas rule the roost and are the larger and more aggressive of the two sexes.

Their genitalia is also very similar, which must take the thrill out of cross-dressing. In The Lion King, Shenzi is the leader of the hyena clan as she is the one who instigates any plan, discussion or fight, and from her entrance from the elephant skull, she is always shown in the middle between Banzai and Ed.

The hyenas living in the elephant graveyard also makes sense up to a point. Bone of Contention Hyenas are one of the only animals with a jaw strong enough to crunch bones, and a digestive system badass enough to ingest them. The big African predators all hate each other, so Mufasa chasing hyenas off his land and keeping them at bay in the elephant graveyard is also pretty accurate.

However, while they got some aspects of hyena life right, Disney have folded to conventional stereotypes in others. Image by Michelle Turton Hyenas may look and act like dogs, but this little chap is a closer relative.

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Hyenas are more likely to have civets and mongooses on their Christmas card list than any kind of hound, but given their behaviour, and the classic cat vs. This rather blurry blast from the past from 90s U. By all accounts hyenas are sophisticated hunters, both solitary and in clans, rather than the lazy leeches depicted in the film.

the lion king 1 12 ending relationship

However, he has the facial markings of a mandrill ape, but the physique and tail of a baboon. Ed is completely dumbfounded when Timon proposes to Shenzi, despite it being a very, very Out-of-Character Moment: Pumbaa gives him a fitting What the Hell, Hero?

Older Than They Think: An early draft of the first movie actually had this. Pumbaa followed Nala while Timon bitterly remained behind, declaring himself king of himself. Then everyone is surprised when he later shows up anyway. Happens to the "bouncing ball" grub that appears during the first full playthrough of "Hakuna Matata".

The Lion King 1 1/2

Halfway through the song it disappears, but Timon notices and forces Pumbaa to stop eating it. Pale Females, Dark Males: Timon's mom is a peach-y tan color compared to the male meerkat shades of tawny and flat brown. Far more than the average Disney Shout Outs of the first and second film, this one references everything from the works of Shakespeare a given and Fiddler on the Roof to Abbott and Costello to Pulp Fiction and The Godfatheras well as the music that came from Peter Gunnwhich was played during the attempted sabotage of Simba and Nala's time together, as well as the shootout scene from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly being parodied in the snail-slurping contest.

The Lion King, re-told mainly from the point of view of Timon and Pumbaa, be it coherent or not. It actually starts off before the events of the movie even begin, but later turns into a P. Timon's mom shows Timon the savanna at sunset, explaining how "everything the light touches" hinting at the " Funny, I thought you were going in a whole different direction.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Were Eaten by a Lion. Any attempt to fit this story into the canon of the first film will swiftly run into trouble. Timon had already met Rafiki before going to Pride Rock in this movie, but he still asks Nala "Who's the monkey?

The continuity gets even more confused around the Final Battle. If Timon and Pumbaa had distracted the hyenas from following Simba, the hyenas couldn't have been there to hear Scar say they were the villains. It also turns Scar's fall into a true Disney Villain Death.

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Shamed by a Mob: Timon gets a Death Glare from almost every meerkat in the colony for goofing off during sentry duty. Slapstick Knows No Gender: Shenzi as usual gets the same level comeuppance as the male hyenas. Also, the only Moment Killer of Timon's that works is hitting Nala with a thorn though it's short lived.

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The meerkats are a group of Animal Jews in both personal relationships and in that they employ gratuitous Yiddish. Between Timon and Pumbaa, using a worm.

They were not amused. Timon tries dropping a spider down onto Simba and Nala One more run won't change our lives! Shenzi, when Timon proposes to her as a distraction. Ooh, that breaks so many laws of nature! Timon has been sleeping on Pumbaa's stomach for about 5 nights after they saved Simba. Then Simba, along with Timon both slept on him when Simba had a bad dream. All the Meerkats except Timon.