Supernatural season 11 episode ending relationship

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supernatural season 11 episode ending relationship

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Supernatural episode "Alpha and SUPERNATURAL Season 11 Finale Recap: Is the Darkness Gone? . Exploring a vastly different sibling relationship has been interesting. Actor Jensen Ackles teases the relationship between Dean and The After killing Death in the season 10 finale, Dean will meet Billie the reaper (played Supernatural season 11's fifth episode is titled, Thin Lizzie, which will. 11 Reasons Why Renewing Supernatural For Season 11 Was A Bad Idea! One of the most important themes of Supernatural has been the relationship between part staying on the road and having a different location every episode. everywhere the brothers go now begins and end at The Bunker, and.

Why the ‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Finale Got It Right

Azazel's agreement to bring back Dean was partially due to the belief that Dean was not a threat. This act would come to haunt Azazel when, in their final confrontation at Wyoming, Azazel intended to kill Dean using the Colt, only for John's spirit to distract him long enough for Dean to retrieve the Colt and shoot him in the chest, killing the demon and avenging his mother.

At the behest of CastielDean was later sent to the past where he encountered Azazel again. Unaware that Azazel had taken possession of his grandfather Samuel, Dean revealed that he had time traveled from the future, that he was Samuel's grandson and that he intended to kill Azazel. When Azazel finally revealed himself, Dean swore that he was the one that was going to kill the demon, though like his present counterpart, Azazel simply brushed him off.

It is unknown if Azazel of the present remembered Dean, or if he ever met a time traveled Dean. What's clear is that Azazel's disregard for Dean led to his demise. Dean would not see Azazel again until two years after his travel, when djinn poison made him hallucinate seeing the demon one last time. Edit Dean tortures Alastair. Dean met Alastair after he was dragged off to Hell by a hellhound.

The demon had been assigned to torture Dean and convince him to torture other souls in order to break the first seal binding Lucifer to his prison, the very thing Alastair had done to John a year earlier. Neither of the facts was Dean aware of, and he suffered torture at Alastair's hands for thirty long years, while resisting the offer each and every day to torture souls himself.

After thirty years, Dean gave in and tortured souls, with Alastair teaching him how to perfect the art during the ten years Dean was with him.

supernatural season 11 episode ending relationship

After that, the angel Castiel rescued Dean from Hell, bringing Dean with him the horrid memories of his suffering and the suffering he caused to others. According to Dean, he enjoyed torturing souls and it left him feeling a great deal of shame towards himself. While trying to protect Anna Milton, Dean unknowingly encountered Alastair again, this time in a vessel. Alastair reminded Dean of their time together in Hell, prompting the hunter to recall his name and look at him in disgust.

It was this encounter that drove Dean to eventually reveal to Sam that he did in fact remember Hell. Dean later rescued Castiel from Alastair's clutches when the latter tried to expel the angel from his vessel. In response, Alastair suffocated Dean and Sam. Dean encountered Alastair again briefly at a cemetery, and would come face to face again in an effort to prevent Alastair from breaking another seal by killing two reapers.

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Sam and Dean managed to rescue one reaper while the angels captured Alastair. Much to Dean's horror, he was asked by the angels to torture information out of Alastair, despite Dean's insistence that he did not believe he would come back out the same. Alastair resisted the torture and went on to inform Dean of the purpose of his suffering in Hell, and what had happened to John during his own time being tortured.

This broke Dean, who after ending up in hospital due to wounds inflicted by Alastair, refused to have anything more to do with Heaven. The guilt of what he had caused by breaking the first seal drove him to tears. By then, Alastair had been killed by Sam, thus freeing Dean from anymore chances of running into his torturer. Edit Dean kills Abaddon with the First Blade. Upon their first meeting, Dean and Abaddon developed a hatred for each other, with Dean attempting to kill Abaddon with the demon-killing knife to no effect.

After defeating Abaddon with his grandfather's help, Dean is shown to enjoy the idea that Abaddon will be forever trapped due to their inability to kill her. His hatred may have intensified since she killed his grandfather. After Abaddon escapes, she tries to get Dean to give her the location of Crowley and tells him that she finds Dean a worthy vessel. Dean remains defiant in the face of her threats and afterwards, grows somewhat obsessed with the idea of killing her, particularly as it will give him access to the First Blade and allow him to "feed" the Mark of Cain.

After holding the First Blade for the first time, Dean begins to obsessively search for Abaddon to feel the Blade's power again. During their final battleDean snarls as he kills Abaddon with the First Blade and then viciously attacks and mutilates her body after she's dead before being snapped out of it by Sam. By doing this, Dean avenged his grandfather as well as getting the satisfaction of ending her threat.

Edit Cain and Dean fight to the death. Dean learned he was a descendant of Cain from Michael. However, he first meets Cain while hunting for the First Blade and was shocked to hear he was alive. He is further shocked to hear Cain's reputation as a demon but is disgruntled by the demon 's unwillingness to help at first. Dean is also put off by him sacrificing his own brother Abel. However, he was sympathetic towards Cain's loss but is undeterred in his attempts to get the First Blade from Cain to kill Abaddon.

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On Cain's end, he is intrigued by Dean, having heard stories of him and admires his skill and determination. Eventually, Cain agrees to give Dean the Mark of Cain and asks in return that Dean kills him someday after killing Abaddon.

After learning that Cain has returned to his old ways, Dean becomes determined to kill Cain despite the fact that doing so could result in him falling completely under the Mark's influence. When Dean and Cain come face to face, Dean notes that Cain had asked Dean to kill him in the future, but Cain is dismissive of this and tells Dean he believes he is doing Dean a favor by killing him.

Cain states he cares for Dean but stated a prediction of what he thinks is to come for Dean rattles him and after defeating Cain. Though Dean could have immediately ended it, he asks his ancestor if he can stop so he doesn't have to kill him.

When Cain refuses to stop, Dean kills him but is left conflicted by Cain's predictions about him killing CrowleyCastiel and Sam due to the Mark if left unchecked. Due to Dean's conflict with Toniwho is a co-worker of Arthur, a few weeks backDean is suspicious of Arthur's motives and does not open up to him, though Arthur does attempt to intrigue him with his own weaponry. Although he is indeed fascinated, Dean's distrust drives him to ask Castiel to confirm whether Arthur is lying or not.

Dean and Sam decide to borrow one of Arthur's gadgets in order to deal with Lucifer. Shortly after, Dean and Sam are captured and taken prisoner for six weeks by the Secret Service. They manage to escape with Billie 's help, and Dean meets Arthur again when the latter shows up with Castiel and Mary, who had come to take the brothers home.

Dean remains distrustful of Arthur despite his help. The two meet again in The Raidwhen Arthur arrives at the Bunker and offers a drink, despite Dean's unwillingness to let him in.

Arthur offers to take Dean on a hunt, and Dean agrees on the account that he is bored. However, while they are trying to hunt down a vampire nest, Dean witnesses Arthur's enjoyment in the act of torture, when Arthur beats on a single, defenseless vampire whom Dean is forced to kill, since he knows Arthur will hunt her down and hurt her some more if he lets her go.

Arthur believes that both he and Dean are killers with a shared passion for shedding blood. Dean doesn't think so, and his disgust in Arthur only grows massively after this encounter.

Arthur's purpose for meeting Dean however, is to try and recruit him. The lack of success is blamed on Mick Davies.

supernatural season 11 episode ending relationship

After Mick is killed for failing again to recruit Sam and Dean and any American hunter to the Brits' cause, Arthur takes over as a medium between the Winchesters and the organization.

At first, he pretends to be Mick and installs wiretapes inside the bunker, as Sam and Dean are now targets. He searches Dean's room and steals a photo of Dean and Mary. When Arthur lies about Mick going back to London and announcing himself as the man they must contact now, Dean is visibly not pleased by the news.

In fact, Dean's dislike in Arthur drives him to insult Arthur's motorbikean insult Arthur hears through the wiretapes. Arthur held at gun point by Dean. Dean shows no sign of calling Arthur until he becomes worried about Mary's absence. When Dean finds out from a letter from Eileen Leahy that there might be wiretapes in the bunker, Dean and Sam search for it and use it to lure the Brits into a trap. The brothers capture Lady Toni Bevell at the location.

Much to Dean's disgust, Toni reveals that Arthur had "the best sex of his life" with Mary. When the trio return to the bunker, Arthur arrives and begins a shooting match, which ends in Arthur's defeat, until a brainwashed Mary rescues Arthur.

Seeing Toni as expendable, Arthur leaves her to die with the Winchester brothers while he sets the bunker to gradually drain of oxygen, effectively killing the trio while he traps them insde.

supernatural season 11 episode ending relationship

Arthur leaves with Mary, a sight that devastates Dean. After speaking with his mother directly through her mind, Dean awakens to find Toni dead and Ketch standing above him. The two get into a brutal fight. Ketch taunts Dean while he beats on the injured hunter. Dean retaliates, and admits to knowing Ketch was a psycho but never thought him stupid. Ketch denies being stupid, but before he shoot Dean, Mary awakens from her trance and shoots Ketch in the shoulder, saving Dean.

Ketch confesses that he knew both of them were killers, something which Dean agrees upon before Mary shoots Ketch dead. After Arthur's resurrectionDean is the most suspicious and untrustworthy of "Alexander's" story based upon what he knew of Arthur. Dean continually questions Arthur's story and the validity of it and refuses to trust him at all. Dean's past experiences with Arthur ultimately let him see through his lies and expose "Alexander" as Arthur after all.

Even when Arthur saves his and Sam's life and appears to try to make amends, Dean refuses to hear Arthur out and makes an immediate failed attempt to kill him once more.

During the search for Lucifer, Dean encounters Arthur again and shrugs his offer to team up before Castiel incapacitates him and he is loaded up in the trunk. Dean wanted to question him and kill him after he gets answers. When Lucifer nearly killed Team Free WillArthur escaped the trunk and came to their aid and the archangel retreated from the area. The Winchesters questioned Arthur on his help, as he explains he has to draw the line somewhere and again offers to help them.

To prove his sincerity, he reveals he is working for Asmodeus and can act as a double agent for the Winchesters since he knew of Lucifer and the invading Michael's threat. He even tells them to murder him once they resolve both problems and everything is safe and sound. Castiel and Daphne One of the many tropes of Supernatural that it often falls into is letting the characters have "normal" lives so that they can see what they're missing out on by being who they are, whether they are hunters or angels.

Sam and Dean already had their experience, so naturally it was time for Castiel's attempt. In season 7, Castiel wakes up in a forest of no memory who he is. Believing that it's a sign from god, a woman finds him and takes him into her home and bed.

They eventually grow to love each other and get married. Eventually, Castiel does remember who he is, and of course, breaks her heart in the process. Not only did they get the interesting character of Jack, but two old characters got to return to help the Winchesters build a portal to the alternate world where their mother ended up after the season 12 finale.

What was even better, though, was in the episode where everyone in the bunker is trying to make plans to meet up with Mary in the alternate world and Gabriel and Rowena are left alone together. It all starts out with innocent flirting, but then Sam and Dean catch them, quite literally, in the act.

It's such an odd pairing that it's almost perfect and it is part of what made season 13 so great. Charlie and Dorothy Supernatural has a bad history of mistreating many of its female characters. One of those characters is Charlie Bradbury.

She was a refreshing addition to the Supernatural cast and someone that fans really wanted to see stick around. Except that Supernatural's writers didn't see it that way, so they had her fall in love with Dorothy from Oz yes, that Dorothy. Then the writers had her run off with Dorothy seemingly forever only to come back and perish very quickly. This made Charlie's entire storyline feel almost pointless, as this is a series that seems to not know what to do with the strong women of its cast.

Jesse and Cesar In season 11, Supernatural introduced its fans to two hunters, Jesse and Cesar Cuevas, a happily-married gay couple. Although they only appeared in one episode to date, it was a huge change to a show that had previously been mostly straight. The married couple shared the knowledge of Bisaan with the Winchesters and ultimately, helped the brothers defeat it. They found all the bodies of those slain by the beast, including that of Jesse's brother, and gave them a proper hunter's funeral.

In the end, Jesse and Cesar retired from hunting and returned home. Dean and Jo As the daughter of hunters, Jo has seen some things, so it's no wonder that she ends up getting to know the Winchesters, particularly Dean. She was really young, so when the two started making romantic overtures at each other, it just felt really weird.

It never went beyond flirting, but why was that even necessary in the first place? They worked well together as hunters, so it's odd that the writers thought that Dean couldn't be friends with a woman hunter without having to flirt with her. And, of course, she lost her life trying to save Sam and Dean.

The result was an episode that was often funny, sometimes scar,y and a lot more amazing than fans had ever imagined. Daphne responded to that flirting in kind. Sam and Madison One romance that makes less sense with each passing season of Supernatural is that of Sam and Madison. Madison was a werewolf, although Sam and Dean didn't know about her true nature until later. In the end, they realized that they couldn't cure her, so she begged Sam to end her.

That doesn't make sense, because eventually, Garth became a werewolf and fans learned that werewolves didn't have to attack humans.