Mujhse kuchh kehti yeh khamoshiyan ending relationship

Mujhse Kuchh KehtiYeh Khamoshiyaan 15th November [Episode 04] *HD* - ♥ Khamoshiyan ♥

mujhse kuchh kehti yeh khamoshiyan ending relationship wrote yesterday (2 January ) about Trilogy Krikos and Thought Train Entertainment's joint venture for Star Plus, Mujhse. The final episode of 'Yeh Khamoshiyan' will air as a Maha Episode on | Mujhse Kuchh Kehti Yeh Why are they ending Khamoshiyan! I was just getting into this show because of Garv and Gauri's relationship. Yeh Khamoshiyaan(Debut) opposite Mohit Sehgal as Gauri Bhosle. One Supporting role Kumkum Salil Patel Star Plus Antagonist Mujhse Kuchh Kehti. [3] Her first marriage was short-lived. . This season ended 17 May and Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed replaced Punar Vivah from 20 May

Meera is married to Jaidev Dhanrajgir Gurmeet Chaudharywho is confined to his bed.

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On his first night at the guest house, Kabir begins seeing strange apparitions. He also becomes attracted towards Meera.

mujhse kuchh kehti yeh khamoshiyan ending relationship

Meera, who is also falling for Kabir, refuses to go with him. Kabir finds out that Meera has not been out of the house for two years. Kabir, now in love with Meera, tries to take her away from the house.

While driving away, an evil force comes before their car and they meet with an accident. Curious, Kabir calls a tantrik after drugging Meera. The tantrik discovers an evil spirit in the house which attacks them.

He claims that the spirit is of Jaidev, who is dead.


Realization dawns upon Kabir, and he recalls Meera speaking on the phone in a man's voice and never seeing Jaidev in person. Kabir sneaks into Jaidev's room, only to find Jaidev sleeping. Furious with Kabir, Meera tells him to leave.

mujhse kuchh kehti yeh khamoshiyan ending relationship

Kabir later returns to confront Meera. She reveals that she was involved in a hit and run case two years back and to evade imprisonment, she ran away to a small town in Kashmir, where she met Jaidev, a rich industrialist.

She fell in love with him and they soon got married. One night Meera saw Jaidev performing a ritual slaughter and praying to the devil. Scared and shocked, Meera tried to run away but she was caught by Jaidev.

In a struggle to stop her, Jaidev fell from the balcony and was paralyzed below the waist. Meera destroys the jars of captured butterflies in the basement and Jaidev gets crestfallen after seeing the butterflies being freed. It is all the more evident with Gauri who is sullen and harbouring this thought 24x7.

mujhse kuchh kehti yeh khamoshiyan ending relationship

Brought-up in London, Gauri feels emptiness within her. She feels the need to connect with her roots. An egoistical man with an attitude he is portrayed to be seen as a tyrant and seen meting out harsh treatment to his people who are at his mercy.

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The story line is different from the usual. It is fast paced. The story is set in London but interspersed with scenes in Kolhapur showcasing the stark contrast between the two places.

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The former in all its modernity and the latter steeped in traditionalism. The talented Shruti Ulfat as usual has given her best performance but not the same can be said of the other actors.

Appasaheb too has done justice to his role. The value of relationships is highlighted in this serial. It is well known that in the case of NRI families settled abroad the children are cut off from their roots altogether unless they keep in constant touch.

She even imagines them to be living in a remote village in Kolhapur where even today people travel on carts and this shows how little she knows about her country. The serial targets family audiences the young and old alike.

mujhse kuchh kehti yeh khamoshiyan ending relationship

Siddharth tries to bring in humour but it is a feeble attempt on his part. He seems a little too boyish a tad reckless and not worldly wise. On the other hand Gauri seems more responsible and mature in her role.

Siddarth Gauri Scene 3Gauri lovingly stares Sid

This particular scene could have been slightly toned down. Dialogues are good with a lot of popular adages and proverbs thrown in making it more impressive and interesting.

mujhse kuchh kehti yeh khamoshiyan ending relationship