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Graham would later attribute the change in the tribe's relationship with the party to .. There is a speech dialogue, if speaking with the Legate at the end of the game, However, House will also note that Lanius is a poor leader compared to . I'm at the end of the game (for the 5th time) and am trying to play as the good guy more or less, and do what's best for the Mojave. I've killed. Caesar's Legion characters, Fallout: New Vegas human characters, Honest Hearts human characters, Legate Lanius. Legate Lanius, also known as the Monster of the East, is Caesar's second Legate, living in the Legate's Camp in

Women in the Legion are seen as sub-human and restricted to domestic roles, with the exception of the female-only priestly caste, according to the FNV official guide. If your character is female, several Legion members discuss how useless women are and question what use you could be of Caesar, and the Legion slave Siri will tell you that this is the first time that she met a woman who isn't a slave after she got captured by the Legion.

Director Josh Sawyer stated it was intended that Caesar justify these behaviors as women being the only ones capable of breeding, so he relegates them to doing that to create more soldiers, but in the final product the Legion comes off as plain sexist.

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No explanation is given for this, considering the Legion's policy towards thorough cultural genocide. Enslaving everyone either as a breeder or slave soldier. Also, despite some rumors floating around the Mojave mostly between NCR citizensthey are very homophobic, punishing homosexuality with death, if what Jimmy says is true.

Rather ironic when you consider the society Caesar's Legion is emulating. The real kicker is their attitude towards rape. Siri, who's been around the empire, makes it clear that the rape of female slaves is extremely common. They even boast about it in the audio logs left in Camp Charlie, the default dialogue of Legion soldiers has them lusting after slave girls, and even Canyon Runner is very open about selling Sammy Weathers for sex.

Since it is a faction based off Ancient Rome, this is a given. They're armed with Ballistic Fists in this case. He starts by uniting some tribes Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Rape is both legal and encouraged in Legion territory. More soldiers are always necessary, and the woman's consent is a non-issue. Siri says it's common for adult women, and not even children and old women are safe.

Canyon Runner openly sells Sammy Weathers for "breeding," the New Vegas Game guide mentions Caesar and his Legates assign women to particular officers, and JE Sawyer confirmed all enslaved women in Legion territory are used for sex.

Rape, Pillage, and Burn: Their standard operating procedure after taking control of an area. When you confront Legate Lanius and have a maxed-out barter skill, you can point out that this is not a sustainable method for the Legion to operate under. Red and Black and Evil All Over: Among the Legion, Caesar is worshipped as the son of Mars himself, with human sacrifice performed in his name.

Caesar sees his Legion as this. Caesar believes that mankind's dependence on technology is what caused the Great War. He also thinks that it makes people weak and lazy over time. Therefore, technology such as medicine beyond that of tribal remedies and war machines that allow for fighting without risking men for example, robots are banned.

Energy Weapons are fair game, because they're just guns. Caesar keeping an Auto-Doc and possibly Arcade for his tumor and using a howitzer for the final battle, however, is just fine Sometimes hard to tell from the real Roman Empire. They even pronounce Latin as correctly as they can according to current academic thought. Caesar himself lampshades this by pointing out how, regarding the inaccuracies, the Legion at that point is more akin to the barbarians of Gaul, which makes the need for forging a New Rome out of New Vegas all the more crucial for him.

The Legion has no problem with using child soldiers against their enemies. Just like the NCR, the Legion have a magic an extensive network of spies and will know about it if you work against their interest. They despise the use of chems, drugs, medicine, and alcohol, and vehemently punish Raiders for thievery.

Also they rarely, if ever, use profanity. Hilariously, Caesar himself is the exception; he'll drop F-Bombs if he loses his temper. All Legionaries are fanatically loyal to Caesar, though it's noted that they follow him rather than his ideals.

However, this has its limits. Silus, the Centurion in Camp McCarran, is able to see Caesar's megalomania and illness; he resents that a healthy soldier like himself has to die in defeat while Caesar lives. Similarly, Ulysses has long forsaken the Legion, though he still sees them as his brothers-in-arms, and some of his dialog suggests that he has always secretly resented Vulpes for destroying his tribe. If they win at Hoover Dam, they immediately turn on the Khans and the Fiends. Averted strongly with the Courier.


Both Caesar and Lanius will dub the Courier a hero of the Legion, granting them copious gold and the status of a permanent Amicus, friend of the Legion. Utopia Justifies the Means: Caesar and the developers outright admit that the Legion at present really is a roving band of murdering, raping sadists. His justification comes in the form that so was ancient Rome, but it eventually found a city to settle in this analogy, Vegas and the cities of the West Coast and grew into a marvel of civilization.

Whether he is right to persist or wrong is up to the players to decide. House, this is what the Legion will become if Caesar dies. When Sallow surrounded the next of the Blackfoot tribe's foes, they refused to surrender. Sallow brought an emissary of the tribe back to witness the fate of the first tribe. The tribe surrendered, rather than suffer the same fate. The concept of total war was an entirely new and terrifying type of conflict that the tribes had never encountered before.

Such brutality would form the core of the Legion's tactics and philosophy. Surprisingly, Joshua Graham decided to join Sallow as his right-hand man, in time becoming known as the Malpais Legate. While Calhoun was sent back to the Followers to inform them of what he was doing, the other six members of the expedition were murdered on the self-proclaimed Emperor's orders. The newly-christened Caesar formed his Legion out of the tribes that had either been conquered or had chosen to capitulate to avoid total destruction.

Healing Powder"s I think. I fired a mini-nuke at him and made a direct hit at his feet. It only removed about half his health but the blast shot him about fifty feet into the air, which meant that he died on impact when he fell back down threatening to do horrible things to me all the way down -- quite funny, actually. You probably only get these powders if you manage to kill him fast enough so that he has no chance to use them up Wunengzi Can you obtain the Healing Powder from the Legate Lanius as though he were a vendor from whom you purchase it -- or is it something he only has and keeps.

I punched him in the face with a Ballistic Fist, and I got all five healing powders lol. Graham was Caesar's friend for a long time, even before the Legion came to be. Lanius says that Graham deserved the fire that Caesar blessed him with, which could explain why he constantly wears his helmet and armor. I found Lanius' given background was weak: Interestingly, there seems to be several spoken versions of Lanius origins, and he himself appears to be surrounded by myths.

Lucius mentions that Lanius was already a Legionnaire by the age of 12, which doesn't fit well with Caesar's story about him. Also, Lanius is said to be a brutal savage, and hate the Legion, only leading it because of his respect for Caesar.

In-game, however, he is much smarter and noble than a savage could be, and seemingly has no grudge against the Legion itself. But this is all theory. Graham is the Burned Man, not the Legate.

The Legate is simply a disastrously intelligent psychopath.