Crystal bearers ending a relationship

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crystal bearers ending a relationship

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles can be played in single-player mode for one player, or . relationships influence various events in the game as well. .. Connect the other end of the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable to. The year is coming to a close, but Square Enix has one potential hit left up its sleeve in the form of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal. I was wondering what happens in the crystal chronicles after you beat Raem? I beat him After the credits, it just said THE END. And it kept on.

He says he makes up lies to fill the emptiness. As he turns to leave, the Tipa Caravanners see a vision of Hurdy and the Black Knight and hear them as they lose against Raem. Raem taunts them both, telling them they're not strong enough. As the vision ends, he recites a new couplet. Three rocks await the winter's kiss, one by one they receive their bliss. Gurdy is in no real danger as this was planned out by him and the bandits to gain gil.

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They are given the choice of paying up, giving them nothing, or giving them a Striped Apple. They accept the apple, and Gurdy is disappointed to know his life is only worth a Striped Apple.

He shares the full verse of the poem: He talks of how memories are an important thing that should be preserved, and wishes travelers can one day go from place to place without the hindrance of miasma. It is rumored, he has traveled with the feared Black Knight. In the end, the collaboration resulted in the discovery of 24 different items in the area.

Lucky folks might also come across Tea Leaves or Deadly Poison, which are rarely found elsewhere. If you are extremely fortunate or skilled, you just may get your hands on Tin Cans, Stuffed Specimens, and Ornamental Plants as well.

Railroad Giant of Harvest Prairie A massive pile of iron has been found lying next to the railroad tracks in Harvest Prairie. This metal pile appears roughly humanoid in shape, and contains gears, exhaust pipes, and other mechanical parts. Locals have nicknamed the pile "The Railroad Giant. Return of the Evil Spirit? Monsters encounters are on the increase on Victory Monument Hill. Reports include sightings of crimson-colored skeleton beasts known as bloodbones, who form a colony collectively knwon as Legion.

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Other monsters in the area include shadow beasts and bombs. There is a legend in this area that a long time ago, an evil spirit was banished beneath the Victory Monument. Locals are fearing that the recent incrase in monster sightings are a sign of this evil spirit's reawakening.

Flying Cones Strange conical flying object have been reported at Cherry Checkpoint. According to hunters, these object resemble flan custard desserts wrapped in metal, so they have temporarily given them the name "armor flan. Hunters are investigating whether there is any connection between the armor flans, the howls, and pretty pink flan princesses. In rgard to Train Models and Action Figures, luck alone will not net you any--there are other factors involved.

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Rivelgauge Under Siege High atop a holy mountain, Rivelgauge Monastery has long stood as the last refuge of mankind. But now, its sacred grounds are under siege by dark forces. A large group of monsters have been sighted in the Commoner's Graveyard behind the monastery, led by monsters known as "tallows. Fortunately, the inside of the monastery is still safe. Goblins Gather in the Highlands Scattered reports indicate that goblins have started to congregate in the Lett Highlands. In addition to warriors and hunters, rarer goblin types such as healers and samurai have also been sighted.

This ominous phenomenon could potentially be a catastrophic sign of things to come. Despite the fact that it appears they are just playing around with the bombs, something is definitely amiss here.

Out-Of-Place Items around the World - Commoner's Graveyard Items - Explorers and hunters have noticed that many items can be found in areas where tonberries have been sighted.

For example, here in the Commoner's Graveyard, 20 different items have been confirmed. This includes incredibly rare items uch as Cosmetics and Death Masks, which have made the hunting and exploring circles jump with joy. Now, 10 new items have been confirmed in the area, including rarities such as Trading Cards, Board Games, and Replica Guns. Some fortunte souls have even come across items such as Commemorative Stamps and Traffic Tickets. Legendary Monster Researcher North of Bridge Town lies a vast desert island, where the Lilty Kingdom has built a prison to house its most dangerous criminals.

Obviously, this is not the most hospitable of environments, and for security reasons, not many visitors are allowed in. One day, a young scientist, whos primary research was monsters, asked the Lilty government for permission to go to the Prison Sands to conduct research on the monsters there.

However, the Lilty bureaucrats had no interest in the subject, and thus his request was denied. The scientist re-applied countless times, but was turned away again and again.

Finally, he decided to take desperate measures. The scientist entered the Royal Library and began to vandalize the precious national treasures on display. Before the security guards could stop him, he had inflicted an estimated three billion gil's worth of damage on national property. After a short trial, he was sentenced to years of imprisonment. When he heard the sentence, he apparently shouted with joy. The scientist had gotten his wish--he was on his way to the Prison Sands!

Between shifts of forced labor, the scientist studied sand sharks, cactuars, and other monsters that lived in the desert sands. At the same time, as a form of penance, he accurately identified many archeological artifacts discovered in the desert and offered his findings to the government for free.

Unfortunately for him, the government was so greatful for his findings that they decided to shorten his sentence and released him after only three years. The scientist was devastated. Just as his research was bearing fruit, he was going to be forced to leave the desert. It was once again time for desperate measures. He decided that the night before his release, he would lead a mass prison break.

Of inmates, 87 managed to escape that night. Of course, the scientist himself was not one of them. For his role in planning the prison break, the scientist was given a life sentence. Now he has all the time he needs to study the monsters in the desert! Sand sharks that swim in the sand dig into these ruins and bring artifacts such as Designer Darts, Buried Treasure, and Artwork back to the surface.

Explorers have also found Tasty Tidbits and Ornamental Plants here, but these are obviously much more common items. Ghost Biker at the Circuit? Over at the Chocobo Circuit, all the chocobo riders are talking about the recent sightings of a rampaging ghost biker. According to witnesses, the ghost bike races around the circuit at an incredible speed. According to one witness, "One second, you hear the exhaust pipes behind you, and the next second, it has already passed though you, leaving you choking on its dust.

With its regal visage and glittering crown, this so-called "lich" is being called the "King of the Undead" by local monster hunters. The lich is usualy accompanied by an entourage of bloodbones, and its crown radiantes some kind of magical aura that protects it from all attacks.

Since then, 11 new item types have been discovered, many of them rare items exclusive to this area. Collectors are asking monster hunters for their support in finding these items, but they themselves join the search of course, with luck accessories equipped. UPDATE - As reported above, the ghost biker has also been sighted in the Snowfields, so it is no surprise that new items have been discovered there that are similar to those found near the Chocobo Circuit.

Since many of these items are extremely rare, collectors have set up semi-permanent camps in these areas. These objects appear to be mechanical, and they resemble the Lilty Army's stat-of-the-art Crystal Armor suits, but these pitch-blank flyers are usually accompanied by small flying discs.

The recent crash of the Aerial Prison has reignited rumors about top-secret military experiments taking place there, and some have theorized that the unidentified black flyers are prototypes for some kind of new technology. However, military officials have vehemently denied these rumors. Some monster researchers have come up with a more interesting theory about these objects.

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They suggest that these objects are doomsday weapons developed by goblins. Though it may sound far-fetched to the average ear, monster hunters and item collectors are excited at the prospect of new developments in goblin culture, and they have began their own investigations into the matter.

New Cactuar Variant Found Buried beneath the headlines about the Aerial Prison crash and the mysterious black flying objects is the recent discovery of a new cactuar variant in the Prison Sands.

The new variant appears visibly identical to normal cactuars, but their rate of growth is almost double that of their more common cousins. However, this discovery has generated little interestoutside of certain scientific circles. UPDATE - Ever since the black flying objects were sighted, more goblin warrior, goblin samurai, and claytaur encounters have been reported in the area.

Consequently, the number of items discovered there have also inreased, with 20 different types now confirmed. Items found near claytaur encounters are especially sought after, but discovery rates have been sporadic at best.

Hunters are trying to figure out just how much luck is involved in these finds. The Forever Fruit in particular was initially thought to be exclusive to the Valley of Death. There are rumors going around that unscrupulous collectors are paying prison guards to use prisoners to find these valuable items for them. Inside The Aerial Prison The Aerial Prison once floated high above--in plain view, yet unreachable, ts secrets safe inside its walls. But after the mysterious facility came crashing down, we formed a team to find out what lies within.

We expected to come across a gruesome scene after an accident at a densely populated facility like a prison, but we were surprised to find that there were no bodies there at all. Perhaps this so-called "prison" was not a prison at all. Determined to uncover the truth, we plunged fearlessly into the dark interior. The entire structure creaked and groaned, threatening to collapse at any moment. We entered what appeared to be a large storage facility, but as we ventured deeper and deeper, it grew darker and darker, until we were finally enveloped in total darkness.

It was then that one of the team members saw a glimmer of light shining through a crack in the door. With our hearts racing, we peered inside the door, and what we saw was a group of goblins dancing around a bonfire, enraptured in some kind of bizarre ritual!

The goblin healers were chanting eerie incantations and gesturing toward the fire, like shamans before a sacred altar. The chanting grew louder and louder, and we wondered what was going to happen next. Suddenly, the healers stopped their chanting and slammed their staffs into the ground. At the same time, the fire vanished into the ground, and a great chasm opened in its place. Then, a veritable kaleidoscope of colors burst from below, and a deep, haunting chorus of ethereal voices echoed through the chamber.

Out-Of-Place Items around the World - Aerial Prison Interior Items - The Aerial Prison has yet to be fully explored by item hunters and the like, but after the crash, it was said that a portal of sorts to another world was opened there.

  • Hurdy & Gurdy

If this is indeed the case, it is a virtual guarantee that there are extremely rare and valuable items to be found here. However, we strongly urge our readers to stay away from this dangerous place.

crystal bearers ending a relationship

If you do insist on going there, you will need to be in top condition, have the best equipment possible at your disposal, and be blessed with amazing luck. Apologies for the rough state in which we must publish this issue, but our quest for the truth has forced us to rush it out in its current state.

Apparently, The Royal Security Forces were searching forme to "inquire" about my infiltration of the Aerial Prison as reported in the last issue.

As I fled from the capital, I stumbled upon the entrance to what appeared to be a purposefully hidden area underneath the Victory Monument. As far as I can remember, the entrance was somewhere around the Valley of Death. After venturing inside and walking through the naturally-formed caverns, I encountered a group of goblins. Though the pen is migtier than the sword, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

In short, I ran as fast as I could! The next thing I knew, I found myself in what appeared to be the ruins of an ancient civilization. The caravanners fight the Meteor Parasite, but before they can kill it are transported to an unknown realm. There they meet Mio and her evil counterpart Raem, metaphysical beings born following the Great Crystal's destruction. Raem attacks the caravanners, merging with Mio to increase his power, before being finally destroyed. Mio and Raem separate and fade away, then the caravanners are sent back to Mount Vellenge to destroy the wounded Meteor Parasite.

The world is freed from the Miasma—allowing the four tribes to begin rebuilding civilisation—and the caravanners return home. Infollowing the financial failure of the feature film Final Fantasy: After considering their still-poor financial situation and wishing to keep their staff from leaving, Square decided to begin developing titles for Nintendo consoles once again. Sony, whose rivalry with Nintendo had softened with the appearance of Microsoft's Xbox on the console market, agreed to the partnership on the condition that it would not impact development of titles for the PlayStation 2.

Leveling based on experience points was also removed to create an level field for players. It was initially planned to include a human sidekick character, but upon considering its impact on multiplayer, they changed it to the current Moogle system.

Despite this shift, recurring elements from the Final Fantasy were included. The player character designs were intended to be highly distinctive, allowing players to differentiate each other during play sessions. When creating the graphics, the team created graphical effects they considered possible only on the GameCube, and constantly checked background designs throughout development.

Due to the multitude of elements new to Final Fantasy being incorporated into Crystal Chronicles, the development team faced multiple difficulties.

crystal bearers ending a relationship