Read the fine print The DLP provides dots per inch of high-definition printing so that lines are sharper, small print is easier to read and images are more saturated than cheaper printers with dpi. Figure 11 Printer release lever being pulled forward 2. It will feed out some label stock during this process; once it stops, you can safely open the printer, unlatch the print head, and roll the label stock back in. What is your technical support issue? This may be caused by an incompatible ribbon, or by incorrect instructions that Toro is trying to follow.

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Choose Cancel Jobs to close the error message without retrying the print job, so that you can check those instructions. Click OK to apply the change and close this window, reopen your label program and your label design, and try printing again. Check the Supply Loading First, check to make sure that the supplies are lined up correctly inside the printer.

We need to move it back into place. Loading Supply in the DuraLabel Toro.

You can also contact our support team for help. Download quick start guides, printer manuals, software, printer drivers, and product catalogs. Check out our video library! You may also encounter this error if you are wwindows to copy a file to the SD card, but the filename has a space in it.


Figure 6 Paper core 2. It’s the jack of all trades. How to Clean DuraLabel Bronco.

DuraLabel PRO 300

I would like to receive emails to keep me safe! Click the button for Supply Update, in the lower-left corner of this window, and Toro will re-detect the label stock.

How to Clean DuraLabel Kodiak. Hold the ESC key for ten seconds, then release it; the system will turn on.

Page 42 Replace the cutting mechanism, inserting the tabs on the sides of the cutter, into the slots as shown below. Replace the cutting mechanism, inserting the tabs on the sides of the cutter, into the slots as shown below. View your labels in sequence on the Word display that appears. Cleaning the DuraLabel Catalyst.

Graphic Products Duralabel Pro now has a special edition for these Windows versions: Make sure the tape is fed through the two guides at the cartridge exit.

Remove any other rolls of label stock from the area of the printer. Apply the ribbon supply spindle to the rear hub, with the ribbon leader dropped down. Enter Printer Name and set it as the default printer, if you choose, by checking the adjoining box in the Specify Printer Name window that opens.


Press Enter to accept the changed information, and then Enter again to accept changes to the Setup Menu. Cleaning the DuraLabel When satisfied with all your settings, click Apply, then OK.

Graphic Products Duralabel Pro Driver Download

Symbols File Viewer 32 bit operating system File name: Check the Ribbon Loading Open the Toro’s lid and raise the print head mechanism, as if you were going to change all the supplies.

Graphic Products Duralabel Pro Dindows you use this site again?: There may even be no printing ribbon loaded. Verify you are using the correct power supply.

Turn the ribbon rewind knob on the cartridge counter-clockwise a full rotation or so.

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