Some would install but produce only noise; others would not even install. Well I’m not in the market for an entire PC now. If they will, some games still won’t work. This is due to these games using instruction loop as time counter not a real constant period. That is reason that games can not detect PCI audio. Nothing there mentions DOS at all

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Would I have had better luck and compatibility if I hunted down something like that? The sound drivers corrupted the system somehow.

You didn’t, by the time PCI came cmi738 DirectX for Windows was paving the way for gaming in Windows with near same quality, and better I was stuck with default volumes. Nothing there mentions DOS at all The rest is fine. Also, I had asked this question, but never got a response: Do I have any PCI options? Going back and trying the retail drivers, they did not blue screen but neither did they solve the problem.

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

Maybe TmEE can fill you in on that. A Wikipedia contributor wrote, “WDM doe Windows 98 is not as flexible in that regard, so if you have a conflict on address range xos, you will get no sound. Given my mobo, would it be safe to run a P4 clocked at say, 3.


For one, the sound pitch is too low; for two, the sound is muffled; and for three, the sound output is of very poor quality, almost downsampled down to about 22KHz. I have been unable to locate DOS drivers that work with this mobo.

So am I up the creek then? Contact the manufacturer if you don’t know. Hard drives and disc drives are easy enough though. I try meddling with parametrs, diasbling game and midi port ,but there is no difference. Man that’s friggin retarded.

VOGONS • View topic – cmi pci – dos (no FX)

You’re always going to be running into cmo8738 like a Your CPU being to fast for some games, but dso fast enough for others, or sound that works in one environment, but not the other. Besides, like I said before, older PC parts and rigs are rare and hard to come by in my area.

For the emulated OPL3, it has to be lower yet. My CMI will not play any digitized sounds no matter what motherboard I put it into. Maybe my drivers weren’t adequate.


How ever, sb32, 64 and live have fully back support for dos ISA card. Like all sound cards, the digitized sound is fine, albeit a little bit muffled compared to other sound cards. Right now quality is the least of my concerns. Do I have any PCI options depends on the motherboard. Well I’m not in the market for an entire PC now.

PCI audio notes

There is no material that cmi dos knowingly illegal here. I figure that’s the case.

The popular ones are Northwood and Prescott. One lingering issue is that there is no sign of cmj8738 analog CD audio input in ALSA though the header exists on the motherboard. INS

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