I called the local branch by me and can’t get any information from them, its always “we’ll get back to you. I already seen those and took a look at them. Building Success with Routines and Rituals. All times are GMT Getting Pumped for !

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Building Success with Routines and Rituals.

Power Quality Carrrier Forum: Just because it’s ALC? If you could contact someone for me that would be great. Oil Burners Pro’s Forum: I guess this guy is the local manager of the controls department but he didn’t seem very knowledgeable about controls.?.

CCN Driver for AX

The Thrill of Exceeding Expectations. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

All times are GMT Thankx Jamie I’ve gotten the same run around concerning the driver. I already seen those and took a look at them. Any Help would be greatly appreciated! Carrrier are just a pass through translation point mapping with only 60 points for each translator.


CCN Driver for AX May, 2011 © VYKON 2011.

I have not used either of them, just eyeballing the LON one. I was wondering if anyone has successfully integrated to the Carrier Comfort Network either through RS or Ethernet.

You would have to put one of these on each ccn device. Need help let me know. Training and Education Pro’s Forum: I could get you in contact with cwrrier that could sell you the driver and if you need some help setting it up I carrrier help you with that.

I just need to find out if I can purchase the driver for R2. Results 1 to 8 of 8 Thread: General Discussion Pro’s Forum: Do you have to use AX?

CCN Driver for AX May, © VYKON ppt download

The cost would be way to much. Subscribe to this feed.

Originally Posted by jczekai. Building Science Discussions Pro’s Forum: HVAC-Talk is proudly provided by: It doesn’t surprise me that the local office has to get back to you because they never know anything.


I think they get bucks for one of them. I know Carrier did once sell a R2 version of the driver, but since Automated Logic bought them, I can’t seem to find a any inforamtion on purchasing it at all.

Related Forums The place where Electrical professionals meet. The R2 Jace is still available. There is a CCN service for the R2 platform. Getting Pumped for !

If you can use R2 that would be the best bet. I worked there a year ago and I was still selling it then.

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