Maya44 and DirectSound Any professional card takes tests with applications using DirectSound, especially games, quite painfully. We revealed no artifacts. Fortunately, the Maya44 copes excellently with modern games. The tracks were played synchronously. As compared with its closest competitors – Midiman M-Audio Audiophile and Hoontech ST Audio DSP24 Value , the Audiotrak Maya44 has twice more analog channels both competitors have, in fact, a stereo-in and a stereo-out, except digital ones and headphones support which is very important for a home musician.

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I wish it were a flaw of just the given sample. First of all the Maya44 was tested in the Elder Scrolls: If you understand how to do that, it takes no time. Conclusion The Audiotrak Maya44 is a high-quality professional sound card.


Assio good in detail The THD level has fallen down 4 times. The panel also provides access to an interesting function supported exceptionally by the E-WDM drivers of any EgoSys devices. When connecting the microphone the noise level added by the preamp is really high. However, quick reswitching wasn’t audiograk necessary, because it was clear that the compositions played on the SB Live! We xsio no artifacts. When it’s switched on the noise level is considerable – around dB.


I put 7 for drivers not stable. The market of such solutions is growing at a great rate as to the range of products and demand. It’s a new subdivision of Ego Systems Inc. On the other hand, it is hardly so necessary at home. However, these results also include distortions from the microphone and headphone preamplifiers. I need a sound card more powerful than that integrates into your PC P4 2.

There were some problems with latency, but they were solved by setting it to samples in the driver panel. The virtual tools with the sound tracks and the sound of the MS DirectMusic GM software audiotrai played flawlessly.

OK Manual almost useless.

Maya44 and DirectSound Any professional card takes tests with applications using DirectSound, especially games, quite painfully. Request a new review.

Fortunately, more and more ordinary users, not only musicians, turn their attention to such products, thus, preferring high-quality sound to low-grade multimedia stuff. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Unfortunately, we couldn’t test the preamp on another sample.

ESI – Product Archive: MAYA44 USB

However, such overload caused some gritting. Here is what the Audiotrak Maya44 comes with: Anyway, I do not recommend that a tool level be high for recording of compositions. All discrete component provided are also of high quality, they are similar to those used in expensive professional devices.


For example, apart from a coaxial output the card has an optical xudiotrak one specially for users of MD players.

Write a comment below. This Korean company is not widely known yet. Surely, the card doesn’t support any 3D positioning functions, but it mixes DirectSound streams without problems. It is not obligatory for a professional card to work correctly in applications it is not meant for.

For over a year – What is so special that you like most and least? The Maya44 worked perfectly with the SB Live! Very stable when sound card is recognized At first I had to disconnect and reconnect to each of my pc demarageBut in recent months I are no longer needs to do:

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