Classic Macs need a classic printer to accompany them. But through and into , people stopped ordering parts. When were vintage computer printers first manufactured? Or check Apple’s Web site for the manual or for descriptions of these lights. Do not argue with people.

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– Apple Macintosh StyleWriter Printer – Buy it now!

The ImageWriter II is compatible with every Macintosh with a serial printer port, going back to the original Macintosh. StyleWriter inkjet printer the original. I understand that cost of repair competes with “new” printers. This printer is in very good working condition.

Computer printers have aple almost as long as computers themselves. Printers with specifically identified conditions are warrented to those conditions. Color Stylewriter “portable” inkjet printer.

I hooked this up to an old Windows XP PC through the parallel connector and sent a print job to it and it printed one page and then showed the light with the paper symbol.


Delivery Options see all. About this product Product Information Designed for delivering crystal clear lines, this white Apple printer is responsive and effective. Laserwriter fuser I have a few removed fusers which may or may not be good; I cannot test them.

Shipping weight 19 lbs. For complete laser printers, check the specific description.

apple style writer II

Laserwriter Pro PostScript 2 laser printer. We will warrent inkjet printers for good print and good paper feed.

Color StyleWriter inkjet printer. Apple hardware before Apple offered LocalTalk and EtherTalk networking upgrades in the form of external print server devices. Some Web sites may have that info.

Vectronic’s Apple StyleWriter Printer

The LS controller is not customer-removable. With most computers in what you see on the screen and what you get from the printer look very different. Check our Personal Laserwriter printer parts Web page for specifics. These are mostly used, some previously tested if unused I’ll say so. Often I will put a drop of water at the end of the ink “tank” or at the printhead.


Its distinguishing feature among Color StyleWriter printers is its use of separate ink cartridges for each of three colors cyan, magenta, yellow plus black. Imagewriter IILQ with extra-wide carriage. Custom Bundle see all.

The StyleWriter was the first of Apple’s line of inkjet serial printers, targeted mainly towards consumers. They may require a little coaxing to get started. Installation Disks x 4. MacWrite produced exactly this, while Microsoft Word did not it bent the rules a bit.

This links to a text page list of my currently available Imagewriter and Imagewriter II printers. Ask if interested but due to age I’m reluctant to offer them.

Show More Show Less. Nice Imagewriter 2 dot matrix type printer.

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