Rin and sesshomaru relationship quiz

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rin and sesshomaru relationship quiz

You have to be a true Inuyasha fan to get these difficult quotes! Inuyasha. Sango. Kagome. Myoga. 3. Who said "She likes him? What could she . Personality tests - Inuyasha; Love and relationship quizzes - InuYasha lover. This is a quiz designed to test your knowledge about love in Inu Yasha. Can you InuYasha has a love and hate relationship with which character? a. Kagome. b. Kikyo. c. His mom. d. Sesshomaru. Who does Sango love? a. Miroku. b. anime character! This is actually pretty easy if ur a reall Sesshomaru fan!! Quiz. Sesshomaru wants Rin 2 be happy, but is really affraid 2 show that. He feels.

Sesshomaru Takanashi, a talented and reserved student of fifteen years. He was the valedictorian of his class as well as the top student of his junior high. Indeed, he is a highly competent student, receiving excellent grades in other classes. The question was therefore puzzling to her… Why had he failed this test? Come to think of it, he had left most of the structured and short answer questions without a response. Majority of the students had tried to write something and thus, she had awarded at least a mark.

He, on the other hand wrote nothing at all but chose to answer the fill in the blanks and multiple choice. He was rather tall for a student of fifteen years, or maybe she was just too short… man, she definitely needed to put on a couple centimetres and move from 5 ft. His shiny silver hair was styled similarly to one of those shoujo manga characters she had read recently this week.

It was cut to suit his face, not over bearing in length nor too short. He wore oval rimmed glasses as well, his cinnamon almost golden pupils well hidden behind the lens.

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If there was one thing Rin hated about glasses was the fact that one is unable to see the pupils clearly, unable to discern the emotions hidden within them… His school uniform was pressed and it suited his stature perfectly. An opened underneath white T-shirt covered with a dark blue buttoned up jacket and pants and to top it off, a neatly tied black tie and shoes. She immediately obeys him and they follows him. Rin notices in the sky that the moon is just about to disappear and quickly sees a shooting star.

One of Naraku's puppets appears and tells him that if he does not wish to see Rin harmed. Sesshomaru simply ignores him, and passes through Naraku's barrier in pursuit of the villain. Rin is kept in a nearby house, but she and Kohaku gets outside at Naraku's command. Kohaku resist his orders long enough for Sesshomaru and Inuyasha to intervene.

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Sesshomaru, loath to follow Naraku's plan, let the boy go. Kohaku is then taken by Kagura, while Rin rejoins Sesshomaru. She leaves and Jaken is forced to oversee her actions. Rin recognizes them and the wolves accompanying them as the ones who had attacked her earlier in the series. The air around him is filled with sparks as the barrier tries to purify him, and even though he acts as if he's unaffected by it, inwardly he admits he can't get much closer to the mountain.

He isn't overly bothered by this, due to the fact that Kohaku's scent comes to a dead-end anyway. He turns and heads back to Rin and Jaken. He does so and sees a cheerful Rin coming back. Surprised by his deduction, she pauses. Lured by the Black Light On the slopes of Mt. Hakurei, Sesshomaru confronts Jakotsu at the edge of a hazy gorge. Jakotsu makes the mistake of declaring that fact as he commences his attack on Sesshomaru, who powerfully retaliates.

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Concerned that Rin will be caught in the battle, Sesshomaru orders Jaken to remove Rin from danger. Jaken takes the child, and they start to cross a suspended bridge to the other side of the chasm. The escape is short lived: Suikotsu approaches the pair ominously from the other side. While Sesshomaru gracefully dodges and attacks Jakotsu, Jaken struggles with Suikotsu.

The feisty goblin manages to ward off Suikotsu with his ninja stuck, but at a price: As Jaken and Rin flee back to Sesshomaru, Suikotsu strikes again and the bridge collapses plummeting the three into the vapor below. He wastes no time jumping into the abyss to rescue Rin. Back at the bottom of the gorge, Sesshomaru discovers a river. The scent trail reveals that Rin was carried away, but he finds Jaken. Sesshomaru sets off in search of Rin with Jaken following on his heels.

It turns out that Rin was carried away, but not by the river - Suikotsu has her. Rin uses the carnage as an opportunity to escape but is snared by the lurking Jakotsu.

rin and sesshomaru relationship quiz

Sesshomaru travels towards the village, too, having picked up the sent of the Shichinin-tai -- where they are, Rin is sure to be. The Exposed Face of Truth While the group settles in to recuperate, back in the mountain village the paralyzed Suikotsu menaces the cowering orphans.

Jakotsu observes the scene and as Rin attempts to flee, he captures her and she struggles in his clutches. A single Saimyousho buzzes in, communicating to Jakotsu that Sesshomaru is on his way.

rin and sesshomaru relationship quiz

Jakotsu orders Suikotsu to forget the children and they leave: They plan to lure him into Mt. The clash between Sesshomaru and Jakotsu escalates. Jakotsu taunts Sesshomaru, threatening to kill the captive Rin if he makes a wrong move.

Sesshomaru smirks in reply. Angered by his reaction, Jakotsu swings his sword. Sesshomaru launches his defense flinging Toukijin aside, and charging Jakotsu headlong. Although wounded, the Shichinin-tai are still determined to make good of their threat to kill Rin. Suikotsu is about to cleave the cringing Rin when an arrow streaks through the air, striking him in the throat. Jaken explains it may take several decades to amass the funds and resources, possibly even a full years; to demons, that's nothing, but to humans, it's beyond their normal life spans.

Jaken tells her "By the time, the Lord's empire is established, you'll be long-gone. She awakens from the flute's spell and asks the children what is going on. She tells them that bandits are scarier as they kill for no reason what-so-ever while demons kill humans to eat themexplaining that her family was were killed by bandits. Sesshomaru powering up to fight for Rin. Ongokuki senses someone is outside his cave and sees children in the shadows; he plays his flute to make them come to him, but finds them staying still.

He walks up to them to see that they're only dummies dressed in clothing to trick him - "You fell for it. Ungai calls to the children, telling them they're safe now; once they're out, he inquires if any remain in the cave. A children tells him that there's one girl still inside; he enters to find Rin again. He tells her it's safe, but she refuses to go with. Ungai picks her up and walks away with her, despite her protests of not wanting to return to a human village.

A child tells Ungai Rin said humans are scarier than demons, shocking him. He stays and does nothing as the monks try to reason with Rin to come with them. Rin is happy to see him, but Ungai is convinced she is under a spell. Ungai trying to stop Rin from going to Sesshomaru. They try again, freezing him in place; Ungai plunges his staff into the ground and release a blast from its gem, landing a direct. The explosion flings the monks backward, destroying some of their prayer beads and the gem in Ungai's staff.

As she does, Ungai stares at the destruction in shock and wonders as to why she'd go off with a demon. During all of this, Inuyasha and his companions are watching from a nearby tree line. Rin running towards Sesshomaru.

As Jaken remembers he left him back at the campsite, he goes to get A-Un. He blows off her question by telling her not to "say such silly things. He retorts that he is going to find Naraku. Jaken asks if he can come along if it isn't too much trouble.

Rin tells Jaken that he doesn't need to ask. All three take off. Part 1 Kagura soon realizes the infant is not in the temple, and after receiving a serious wound she retreats. Sesshomaru pulls all three from the river. As they watch, Kagura regenerates and awakens.

rin and sesshomaru relationship quiz

Sesshomaru wonders if she intends to use him, only for Kagura to respond only he is intelligent and strong enough to slay Naraku; Jaken is shocked by her flattery towards Sesshomaru. This prompts Jaken to defend his master, saying his heart is perfect. Totosai explains that the blade must now be handed back to him, as it's now to reforge Tenseiga into an offensive weapon.

rin and sesshomaru relationship quiz

Tenseiga pulses as they talk. Both spiral towards the ground, crashing into it. This shocks Jaken, who has never met his master's mother before. Kohaku and Rin are likewise shocked by this news.