Diganth and aindrita ray relationship trust

‘Fortune’ shines on Diganth!

diganth and aindrita ray relationship trust

The relationship between Chocolate hero Diganth and glam Diva Aindrita Ray may be a subject for discussion among some the abilities of dance choreographer turned director Prabhu is reposing trust on the same director. Manasina Mathu Kannada #Romantic Full Movie | Ajay Rao, Aindrita Ray | New Upload But there are no plans to settle down as yet, says actor Diganth, as he gears to his rumoured girlfriend, actress Aindrita Ray) are just friends.

He started his journey as a lyricist from the song 'Mungaru Maleye' from the mega hit film Mungaru Male. He has won a film fare award and many other awards for penning the super hit song, 'Bombe Aadsonu' from the film Drama. Please follow our page to watch live and breaking news with latest videos added every hour. Please visit our news18kannada.

In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: Gary Gray Based on the Malibu Comic by: Lowell Cunningham Produced by: Bennett Walsh Barry Sonnenfeld Cast: Protect yourself online today! Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Thanks for tuning in.

Diganth-Aindrita marriage next year

James Girardier, Julie Goldberg Produced by: Amanda Morones Art Director: Janisse on Social Media: If you're an animator, artist, gamer, or entertainer, then join us at Channel Frederator Network: Undeterred by it, with greater resolve, actor Diganth Manchale, who is popularly known as Doodh Peda thanks to his milky complexion by his fans, makes a strong comeback with this story that promises to change his fortunes.

It is being shot in Mauritius. For the Chocolate Hero, it turns even sweeter as he is getting married to his best friend and fellow actor Aindrita Ray in Decemberamidst packed movie projects. It happened during the shooting of the Hindi film Ticket to Bollywood.

It kept me away from work for almost a year before I simultaneously took up Katheyondu Shuruvaagide and Fortuner. While Katheyondu was a success, it also earned me a great deal of appreciation, and satisfaction.

I am hoping that Fortuner will also earn the same response from the audience, as they are both unique in their own way. Ajay says I love you to Shruthi and she slaps him on the face. It is because Shruthi is in love with Kumar. Who is that Kumar? It is Ajay himself. In the past Ajay traces a valuable suitcase of Shruthi's father residing abroad and handed it over to the police. At that time out of fear in the police station he had told his name as Kumar to inspector. But Ajay did not know that this would bounce differently.

Claiming that he is Kumar the telephonic chat he continues with Shruthi earns him her love. Ajay hailing from a poor family as Kumar meeting all the requirements of Shruthi meets a bad luck when he goes back to his native village. What happens to him? Whether Ajay who is Kumar materialize the dreams of his parents?

diganth and aindrita ray relationship trust

You have to watch it in the last 20 minutes of the climax. S S Krishna Nikhil studies in a medical college, which is owned by media mogul Sampath and his friend.

Krishna claims to be orphan likes his classmate Priya whose brother is an idealistic senior medical student. Krishna who kills people wearing a mask starts provoking Priya's brother to become a leader. What is his motive behind it? Why he is killing people with the name Jaguar? Later, he finds out that she is in love with his best friend, Krishna.

Will Ajay give up his love for friendship? The film stars V. Ravichandran along with Rambha, Doddanna and Srinivasa Murthy in prominent roles. Vijayalakshmi Singh, Jai Jagadish Music: V Ravichandran Subscribe us: Music by - V. While Diganth-Radha and Kitty-Pavani get the green signal for marriage, Sowmya is hesitant to accept Ganesh as her life partner.

The director shows how Ganesh wins her heart in a unique way. Independent is a Kannada film directed by D. Rajendra Babu and Produced by M. Puneet Rajkumar played the male lead while Hansika Motwani played the female lead. The film was released on 15 February He is totally flat to the beauty of Preethi Hansika.

Be happy no BP is the Mantra of Shivu. After initial hate-love meetings Shivu decides to ascertain the feel in the mind of Preethi. He hands over a cover and says she will definitely open it to know the contents. Preethi says it is impossible. The next day Preethi hands over the letter to Shivu and says she has won. No you have lost says Shivu. It is because she could not read the lovely contents in the letter he says.

By slip of the tongue Preethi says no there was nothing in the letter.

Diganth Manchale And Aindrita Ray Not Together Anymore?

That is true because Shivu had inserted only blank sheet in the cover. The final test in love Shivu wins and Preethi this time is absolutely in love with Shivu for his intelligence. But Shivu wants a job before his marriage. At this time ACP knows that his daughter in love with petty thief Shivu and give him the post of police informer.

At this time ACP says he will clear the way for his marriage with Preethi. Now Shivu a police informer goes in to the den of dons. He wants to catch Saleem the terrorist who has been responsible of blasting of three important buildings.

The mission of Shivu is complete but the ACP deceives him. Hanuma Mohan gives him support. He fights against thugs involved in arrack making. Their attempts to eliminate him end in failure. Meanwhile, Priya Priyankawho arrives from abroad, picks up a fight with Malla. But the intelligent Malla is unperturbed by her tantrums. At last, she falls for him and marries him ignoring her brothers' hatred for him. Later, Priya's brothers confront Malla when he is taking her to hospital for delivery.

She delivers a baby boy while he is fighting with her brothers. Her elder brother grabs the baby and asks her to chose between her husband and baby. Malla sacrifices himself for the sake of his son saying that his son would follow his footsteps and would complete his task. But, the villains make his son Shiva Ravichandran a partner in all their crime.

They hide the fact that he is Malla's son. The film thereon goes on expected lines. Music composed by L.

diganth and aindrita ray relationship trust

The movie was dubbed in telugu as Anubhavam. Click here to watch: Ananthana Avanthara Kannada Movie - https: Browse no further, Subscribe to Indian Films for a wonderful movie experience!

Lunar's Walkmate TVC Digant & Aindrita Rai

Like us on Facebook for more updates - https: Alemari Kannada Movie Staring: Yogesh, Radhika Pandit Banner: Ashwini Media Networks Music: The film features Ramkumar, Shruthi and Mohan in the lead roles. Later, in the same year, she made a cameo appearance in Mast Majaa Madi Inshe appeared in Vaayuputra, an action movie, alongside the debutant Chiranjeevi Sarja. Although his compositions in his earlier films were also successful, he shot to fame with Mungaru Male, one of the biggest hits in Kannada industry.

He started his music career with composing music for the movie America! Click below for Snehana Preethina Kannada movie: Watch the best of Kannada Cinema uploads right here! He questions powerful people killing tigers.

He decides to take law into his own hands. She comes to know about Bhavya Amulya who was killed by her own family for eloping with Maasthi.

Rani reveals her love for him. But he rejects saying that he still has Bhavya in his heart leaving Rani heartbroken. He kills the villains. The film shifts to present where Rani who has now become old and written Maasthi's story in a book. Click here to subscribe: Excuse Me Star Cast: R P Patnayak Director: N M Suresh Release Year: Brahma Vishnu Shiva V Nagendra Prasad Singers: The reason- heroine Lakshmi Raiapparently she likes the slum guy Bhadra for his simplicity and kind nature and falls in love with him but then Bhadra gets competition from the more suave and stylish Vijay who wants to win the heart of the heroine.

However, what Vijay is not aware is she happens to be the sister of the powerful don in Mumbai Rai and gets in touch with him to ensure that Bhadra is killed.