Born again and catholic relationship counseling

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born again and catholic relationship counseling

Get an answer for 'Can a relationship between a catholic and christian work if neither party is Go to pre-marriage counseling with a non-partisan counselor. I am a Borne Again Christian and I used to be Catholic. talk about, consider, and even receive counseling on before marriage if you are interested in that route. We've been close friends for years, but I'm Baptist and he's Catholic. We both have While some Christian denominations have few differences in their beliefs, Baptists and Catholics are way different. Need some advice?.

Be you all not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: And what concord has Christ with Belial? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? Look guys religeon came to seperate us.

Jesus died that our relationship with god could be re established. Take a good look at his character and as the word says "pray for one another" that we all have the character of Jesus, willing to die to self that others may have life through their relationship with God.

Oh and leave religeon alone. All Christians know that Jesus is the Savior of the World. You say your saved, but I would go back to Acts chapt. I am not Roman Catholic. But I agree with you! All Christians are taught love. Its not about what we are taught, its what we practice Many people know to do right but refuse to do it.

When we are led by the Holy Spirit to practice what we are taught in truthfulness, can we truly say we are Christians followers of Christ. We are taught LOVE - we don't gossip and curse others like others do us.

born again and catholic relationship counseling

Stay put, sweet Lady and sleep with a clear conscience. It is shocking isn't it? It's like Hitler all over again!

born again and catholic relationship counseling

If we let these people get their way, we might end up like those slaughtered by Hitler again. So you are right.

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A very strange world we live in isn't it? After reading so many blogs I conclude the following: There are Christians namely Catholics, There are Hypocrites namely most of the rest. I need to understand something: Are Catholics not Christians? If we Christians behave like this, how are we to attact pagans and non-christians? Remember even christ dined with sinners like us and encouraged us to do same.

As born again christians we should rather encourage rather than discriminate. It is not healthy.

Can a Catholic Marry a Non-Catholic?

Thanks for your concern about my salvation It is the Christians responsibility to speak against Biblical error wherever it occurs. How do you know about my relationship with the Almighty Creator.

To assume is like wanting to know or else a confirmed thought in your imaginative mind. If my knees bend its because my God knows why. My display of piety is reserved for My lord. Pyrites are not gold dont be fooled.

born again and catholic relationship counseling

Then you must read the Bible for yourself. It is through the Bible that God will speak personally to you.

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The Catholic Church is not what many of you claim it is. We follow the teachings of Christ faithfully and if some of you don't agree it does not make us wrong.

Two main groups write here: One even wrote there's no salvation outside the RCC! You are a Great Soilder for the Catholic Church. Explaining any further will be waste of bandwidth. Take your blinkers off your eyes. How very sad that the very same verse that you quote over and over again as your mantra What do you think would happen if you sincerely sought Jesus, putting all your beliefs aside for just a time, got down on your knees and asked Jesus to reveal HIS truth to you Are you capable of doing that, just laying all your beliefs and ours too, aside for a time to seek Jesus and Jesus alone?

For HIM to come in a personal way to you without outside influence?

I dare you to do it. Or are you scared of what you might find if you do try it? A marriage between a Catholic and another Christian is also considered a sacrament. In fact, the church regards all marriages between baptized Christians as sacramental, as long as there are no impediments.

The union between a Catholic and a non-baptized spouse is not considered sacramental. This provision of the Code of Canon Law is a change from the version, which required an absolute promise to have the children raised Catholic. But suppose the non-Catholic party insists that the children will not be raised Catholic?

born again and catholic relationship counseling

The diocese can still grant permission for the marriage, as long as the Catholic party promises to do all he or she can to fulfill that promise, Hater writes. The marriage may be legal, he notes, but is it a wise choice? Those are questions that may also need to be explored in marriage preparation. If they wish to marry elsewhere, they must get permission from the local bishop.

Ecumenical and Interfaith Marriages

Conference of Catholic Bishops. A minister may offer a few words, but he or she may not officiate or preside at a joint ceremony. It is generally recommended that ecumenical or interfaith weddings not include Communion. Therefore, most ecumenical or interfaith weddings take place outside of Mass: If an ecumenical couple wants to celebrate their wedding within Massthey must get permission from the bishop, Hater says.

Stricter branches of Judaism, such as Orthodox and Conservative, forbid or strongly discourage Jews from marrying non-Jews and prohibit their rabbis from participating in interreligious marriage ceremonies. The Reform branch of Judaism strongly discourages interfaith marriages, but there is no legal prohibition against it as there is in the stricter branches.

Often, a Catholic-Jewish wedding is held at a neutral site — with permission from the bishop — so that neither family will feel uncomfortable. In such cases, a rabbi is likely to officiate.

born again and catholic relationship counseling