Where did sonny and cher meet

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where did sonny and cher meet

Find Sonny & Cher biography and history on AllMusic - Sonny & Cher proved one In , while working sessions with Phil Spector, he met an year-old a summer replacement try-out show that did so well that Sonny & Cher were given. Meeting the quite older (by 11 years) Sonny Bono in changed the .. Sonny Bono and Cher did a promotional still for the film Good Times () dressed. Breaking up is hard to do: Cher talks Sonny Bono and the demise of this iconic We were able to include some of those comments in the episode, but we were and so I never got any of my needs met that weren't what he felt they should be.

Frustrated, Cher quit Fresno High School at the age of 16 in search of her dream. At that time, she had a brief relationship with actor Warren Beatty. Meeting the quite older by 11 years Sonny Bono in changed the year-old's life forever.

Bono was working for record producer Phil Spector at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood at the time and managed to persuade Spector to hire Cher as a session singer. The couple's relationship eventually shifted from soul mates to lovers and she and Sonny married on October 27, At first Cher sang solo with Sonny behind the scenes writing, arranging and producing her songs.

The records went nowhere. Sonny then decided they needed to perform as a team so they put out two songs in under the recording names of Caesar and Cleo "The Letter" and "Baby Don't Go".

The now year-old Cher and year-old Sonny became huge hits following the release of their first album, "Look at Us" summer,which contained the hit single "I Got You Babe".

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With the song catapulting to 1, they decided to re-release their earlier single "Baby Don't Go", and it also raced up the charts to 8. An assembly line of mild hits dotted the airwaves over the next year or two, culminating in the huge smash hit "The Beat Goes On" 6, The kooky couple became icons of the late '60s "flower power" scene, wearing garish garb and outlandish hairdos and makeup.

However, they found a way to make it trendy and were embraced around the world. TV musical variety and teen pop showcases relished their contrasting styles -- the short, excitable, mustachioed, nasal-toned simpleton and the taller, exotic, unflappable fashion maven.

where did sonny and cher meet

They found a successful formula with their repartee, which became a central factor in their live concert shows, even more than their singing. With all this going on, Sonny still endeavored to promote Cher as a solo success. Sonny even arranged film projects for her but Good Timesan offbeat fantasy starring the couple and directed by future powerhouse William Friedkinand Cher's serious solo effort Chastity both flickered out and died a quick death.

The couple maintained their stage act and all the while Sonny continued to polish it up in a shrewd gamble for TV acceptance. While Sonny on stage played the ineffectual object of Cher's stinging barbs on stage, he was actually the highly motivated mastermind off stage and, amazingly enough, his foresight and chutzpah really paid off.

where did sonny and cher meet

Although the couple had lost favor with the new 70s generation, Sonny encouraged TV talent scouts to catch their live act. The network powers-that-be saw potential in the duo as they made a number of guest TV appearances in specials and on variety and talk shows and in what was essentially "auditioning" for their own TV vehicle.

After graduation in however, he worked as a bagger in a grocery store, and then drove a tug in an aircraft plant, all the while writing songs in his spare time.

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In he recorded his first song, an abysmal flop, and continued working at odd jobs pouring cement and delivering meat. Bono married a waitress named Donna Rankin in February ofwith whom he fathered a child before the marriage fell into shambles and ended in divorce. To his surprise, Crystal was impressed and asked for more songs.

Soon Bono moved on to Specialty Records, and intime he veered into the production arena. When his job at Specialty was eliminated due to cutbacks, he started his own record label, Gold Records.

Silkwood, ; Moonstruck, Slowly he learned his way through the maze of the Southern California record business of the s.

where did sonny and cher meet

Her early life was very unstable. When Cher was still an infant her mother, who is most commonly known as Georgia Holt, placed the baby in the custody of a nunnery for approximately one year.

The couple divorced and remarried twice, and ventured a third romance before the relationship ended permanently. The couple had a daughter together inbut the marriage ended in divorce, as well.

Holt and her two daughters lived in dismal poverty until when Holt married once more, to Gilbert LaPiere. LaPiere, a man of means, adopted the two girls and gave them a comfortable home, but by that time Cher was already rebellious. A star-struck teen-ager, she dropped out of school at age Sonny and Cher, the Duo Cher and Bono met in Bono, some years older than Cher and possessed of certain show business savvy, impressed the naive teenager.

Bono helped her to secure work as a backup singer for the Ronettes and other artists, and eventually conceived of the notion that the two of them should form a duo. The couple originally billed themselves as Caesar and Cleo, but that image failed, as did their first record. Eventually they came up with the Sonny and Cher act, which evoked a cute hippie persona. Their gentle, easy-listening pop sound and drug-free life [17] [18] had become unpopular in an era increasingly consumed with the psychedelic rock of the evolving landscape of American pop culture during the late s.

Bono decided to forge ahead, carving a new career for the duo in Las Vegas resorts, where they sharpened their public persona with Cher as the wise-cracking, glamorous singer, and Bono as the good-natured recipient of her insults. In reality, Bono controlled every aspect of their act, from the musical arrangements to the joke-writing.

While success was slow to come, their luck improved when network TV talent scouts attended a show, noting their potential appeal for a variety series.

Sonny & Cher

TV success and divorce[ edit ] Performing live in InSonny and Cher starred in their first television special, The Nitty Gritty Hour, [20] a mixture of slapstick comedyskitsand live music. The appearance was a critical success, which led to numerous guest spots on other television shows.

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The duo also revived their recording career, releasing the album All I Ever Need Is Youand charting two more top ten hits: Everybody in these sketches wore wide-waisted "fat suits" similar to hoop skirtsso Detective Fat and his clients and his suspects would spend most of the time bumping each other and bouncing across the crowded room.

By the third season of the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, the marriage of Sonny and Cher was falling apart; the duo separated later that year.

Sonny and Cher Meet Witt and Leisola

Bono launched his own show, The Sonny Comedy Revue, in the fall of[27] [28] retaining the "Sonny and Cher" troupe of comedians and writers. Cher also announced plans to star in a new variety series of her own. Critics predicted that Bono would be the big winner with a solo comedy vehicle, and held little hope for Cher's more musical showcase. After only six weeks, however, Bono's show was abruptly canceled.