When and where did brian may meet anita dobson

Brian May interview Daily Mirror 16 May 02

when and where did brian may meet anita dobson

Anita Dobson - aka Angie Watts from EastEnders - has admitted that her 16 year marriage to Queen's Brian May has its “ups and downs like every marriage does”. how did they meet when did they meet say your say queenfans but alone its his life i just wonna know because brian may is the best man and. Actress and singer Anita Dobson is known for her appearance on The pair first met in , where Anita inspired Brian to write the hit “I.

His face, framed by the notorious wild mane of hair is pale, the features look drawn. The legendary guitarist of rock band Queen has had little sleep for weeks. We Will Rock You, the spectacular West End musical which features 31 Queen hits set to a new story by Ben Elton opened last night, and since January, Brian has devoted every waking moment to it.

Freddie Mercury talks about Brian May !

As co-producer with Robert De Niro he is at the theatre day and night, dedicated and completely obsessed. But working so hard he is absolutely exhilarated.

I don't even have time to go to the toilet, for heaven's sake.

EastEnders star Anita Dobson on marriage to Brian May: 'It's hard work'

And yet I feel great. Very focused and very fortunate. At 54, ludicrously he still looks as he always has done. But the way he feels is in stark contrast to how he was for most of the last decade. Freddie Mercury's tragic death from Aids in sparked off a depression that culminated in a breakdown four years ago and thoughts of suicide.

But back then I could never have imagined it," he tells me somewhat hesitantly. Always polite and highly intelligent he is, at heart, a very private man. I was totally and utterly depressed, I mean real, proper depression. When you literally can't get out of bed, you just want to pull the covers over.

I found I couldn't see colour. There was no colour in the world, literally.

Anita Dobson finds Gwilym Lee 'totally irresistible' as husband Brian May's young double

Even music didn't get to me in the worst moments. Depression would clamp down like a fog. They've had the strength to achieve things. I don't even know how to get breakfast inside me. How can people be so in control of their lives? All in the same year. And much later, when I came to the complete crisis, I'd lost my Mum too.

when and where did brian may meet anita dobson

The tour saw the brief introduction of a 'support act' known as T. Conway Brian May in a wig and colourful suit playing the part of a teddy boy crooner would play a number of s rock and roll standards prior to May's 'arrival'. The Conway character was retired at the end of the tour.

May was a celebrity guest at the Genesis reunion concert at Twickenham Stadium in In he contributed to a feature about Collins for FHMpraising him as "a great guy and an amazing drummer". Scenes in Our Village. Williams and it is sold with a focussing stereoscope. May became an enthusiast of stereoscope photographs as a child, and first encountered the work of Williams during the late s.

InMay announced a search to identify the actual location of the Scenes in Our Village images. In May reported that he had identified the location as the village of Hinton Waldrist in Oxfordshire. In AprilMay founded the "Save Me" project to work against any proposed repeal of the British fox-hunting ban, and also to promote animal rights in Britain.

It was produced by Dean Falcone, who also wrote the film's score. At the end ofMay and Taylor announced that they would reunite and return to touring inwith Paul Rodgers founder and former lead singer of Free and Bad Company.

EastEnders star Anita Dobson on marriage to Brian May: 'It's hard work' | Closer

The retired John Deacon would not be participating. Following the album the band again embarked on a tour through Europe and parts of the US, opening on Kharkiv's freedom square in front ofUkrainian fans.

Rodgers does not rule out the possibility of working together again. Last weekend he flew out to Canada, where year-old Anita is appearing in a stage show, to try to persuade her to give him another chance. Meanwhile Julie is attempting to rebuild her shattered life.

Last week she left her job as Brian's personal assistant - a post she has held for more than 15 years - with a "generous" pay-off from the guilt-stricken star. Last night a mutual friend said: The whole thing is a mess with broken hearts everywhere. The star announced in January that he and Anita were separating. Not everyone was convinced, though.

The overriding reaction in TV and music circles was: It all looked cut and dried - except that where Brian and Anita are concerned, nothing ever is. Friends revealed how the rocker, who has forged a solo career after the death of Queen front man Freddie Mercury eight years ago, began to pine for Anita. Anita didn't think so. After finding out about the relationship, she was convinced it was still going on.

Julie continued to work for Brian at his luxury mansion in Windlesham, where she regularly stayed late at night. Even yesterday, friends confirmed that Brian and Julie still have "strong feelings" for each other. They told how jealous Anita spilled the beans to Julie's husband.

when and where did brian may meet anita dobson

Anita rarely goes there herself. She tends to stay at their house in London.