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In that time, they've both become very strong SAO players, and are fighting on the front They then meet again, and sort of like each other. Kirito just watch as his dear Asuna is sleeping, well it's not actually He blames himself of what just happen, if only he didn't meet Asuna this tragedy won't happen. . It was then Asuna embrace him from the back and then . If you read this with SAO A tender feeling in the background it will make you. Asuna waited for the nurse to arrive again, too afraid of returning to the The boy's reason to visit the hospital at so late at night was to meet She also attended Kazuto's funeral, a traditional affair with many attendees also from SAO. Once a year, on Kazuto's birthday, Asuna visited the grave and told.

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If you won't find a husband, then I will! You-you liked Sugou, and now you're trying the same thing all over again! She turned her phone off so that she could be miserable in peace, and fell asleep. When she woke up, her wedding ring was gone. She panicked, searched her entire room, and then the path down to the kitchen, and interrupted dinner. But when she asked her mother, she merely said, matter-of-factly, "you were too fixated.

I removed it for your own good. And, in a fit of rage, whipped the tea out of her mother's hands, threw it in her face, and ran out the door crying. She took out her bicycle and rode to the graveyard, where she spent the next hour sobbing at Kazuto's gravestone.

Suguha found her and walked her and her bicycle to the Kirigaya residence. Kirigaya made her a bed in Kazuto's old room now a storeroom with some of his old stuff collecting dust on the wallsand she spent the night there. Her father came by the next morning, to apologize to Asuna and return her ring on behalf of her mother, but the damage was done.

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Her relationship with her mother was fragile at best for the rest of her life, but at least another boy never harassed her again with "inside information", and her mother no longer brought up her weekly visits to the grave. As time went on, she visited less and less. By the time that college arrived, she visited only on his birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's, partly to leave food that she knew some animals would eat instead, and partly to tell him all the events since her last visit.

She would spend hours talking to the silent grave. The graveyard workers had been surprised that such a pretty young lady spent Christmas in the snow, eating a slice of cake in front of a snow-covered marble slab, but they learned to accept it. Her family and friends had, and even her therapists had given up talking her out of it. She went to America for college, and reentered the virtual MMORPGs for the first time in years with her new friend Shino Asada, who left for America due to its lack of stigma for using guns.

She graduated and returned to Japan to be near Kazuto's grave again. She revived contact with some old friends from SAO, and kept up with Shino and her new job in Texas, and began to work at a telecom company.

She dated some, but she never got far before she felt too guilty, or felt that the other person just didn't compare to Kazuto, so she broke it off.

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And that was assuming they didn't find out that she had been in SAO- when they did, they usually broke it off themselves. Once a year, on Kazuto's birthday, Asuna visited the grave and told him everything that had happened. She would stay there, for hours on end, from a young adult, to a middle-aged woman, to an elderly woman sitting in front of the grave of her beloved. Earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, and depressions had swept through her long life. She had never married or was it remarried?

Yui would go with her to visit her father, and then she would go about her life, yet another person in a long line of new, artificial life. Asuna was now the president of a major corporation's subsidiary, and a frequent target of slander for her support of the death penalty, abolishing arranged marriages, and loosening anti-gun laws and stigma.

Her father, mother, and brother were dead, and her nephew and niece-in-law already had a teenaged son. Yui fell in love and moved out of the Yuuki household, talking about egg donations and artificial wombs so that she could have a child of her own. It was on Kazuto's 94th birthday that Asuna visited his grave for the last time.

She knew her time was running short, that soon she would be bedridden. She had already told her doctors that she wanted to move on. With consent from Suguha, she had switched out Kazuto's gravestone with one for her and him and bought the plot next to his, what had once been a path now her future burial ground.

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She kneeled in front of his grave for the last time and told the story of her last year on Earth. Yui, she's… she's going to get married soon.

It's hard to believe, but there are people who'd love a computer program now. She's going to have a child, some… new technology. And she looks like she did in Aincrad, our little girl all grown up, although I don't know if she'll ever grow older…" She chuckled, but Kazuto's grave said nothing.

She was used to that. She's dead now…" The grave still said nothing. I love you, and if- if there is a heaven, I'll see you soon…" As she rose to leave, she felt something- someone- pull her into a hug and a kiss and tell her, "I'll see you soon, Asuna. I love you too. Her development in the Mother's Rosario arc.

She becomes a much more mature and self-assured person at the end. She acts this way to most younger characters, particularly towards Lisbeth and Silica online and in real life, though Suguha and Sinon aren't excluded. She definitely acts as this towards Yuuki, who calls her "sis. When she blamed herself for Kirito almost being murdered by the Laughing Coffin masquerading as her bodyguard, and frequently afterwards because of her kind and sensitive personality.

When the th floors of Aincrad were opened in ALO, Asuna, her friends and fifty other players rushed right to the floor boss, where they watched in awe as Asuna single-handedly took out the boss, kicked it to the side, and rushed onward to the 22nd floor. The reason was to purchase the small wooden house in the middle of the forest, the same house herself and Kirito briefly lived in, back in SAO. Custom Uniform of Sexy: A rare case where it was customized by the other members of her guild.

They guilt-tripped her into wearing it due to how much it cost. In the Fairy Dance arc, she is locked in a cage within Alfheim Online by the Big Badwho happens to be the Game Master so she couldn't merely log off and rescuing her is the catalyst for the arc. Damsel out of Distress: During Fairy Dance, she was no idle damsel. Despite knowing that she was in the hands of a man with full power over the world, complete access to her real body, and willing to use his power at the drop of a hat, she pretended to be subdued long enough to make him drop his guard, memorized the passcode to get out of her cage, and fought with everything she had to either log out or at least gain a weapon that could be used to fight back.

It's true that she relied on Kirito, but both had relied on the other several times in the past, and since she was carefully monitored after her escape attempt, she was given literally no chance to do anything else. She promises to protect Kirito after saving him from Kuradeel's murder attempt. When she was Sugou's captive in ALO, he asked for her love. She said he'd have to make due with her "disgust and hatred.

In the early days of SAO, Asuna was very cold and distant, taking being trapped in a death game very hard. She approached the game with a very disciplined manner and was concerned only with leveling up and clearing floors.

Over time being with Kirito helps her to mellow out into a Nice Girl. Demoted to Satellite Love Interest: It is inverted later on, since she gets major focus in the Calibur arc and becomes The Protagonist in Mother's Rosario. In Alicization, where Kazuto is plugged into Rath's secret server for Underground, the narration is split between his adventure there and Asuna's search for him.

In the Aincrad arc, to the point where her and Kirito's relationship supersede the arc's main plot for a time. Even more so in Progressive where she and Kirito both share the spotlight and she sometimes takes over the POV. Even more significantly in the Mother's Rosario arc where she actually takes over the role of main character while Kirito takes a backseat. In the Alicization arc she ends up being the tritagonistwith the story once again being told from two perspectives: Died in Your Arms Tonight: Near the end of the Aincrad arc, she dies in Kirito's arms after taking a fatal blow for him in the final battle.

She gets better once Heathcliff is defeated but remains trapped in virtual reality due to Sugou's manipulations, triggering the Fairy Dance arc.

Her speed, both attack and movement. However, if you do it even slightly incorrectly which gets more and more likely the more you are trying to speed up the strikeyou cancel the attack and get frozen for a split second. By the time Asuna first meets Kirito, she as a rookie has faster attacks that even he does.

Similar rules though usually without a possible freeze penalty apply to movement, and Asuna has one of the highest movement speeds of any SAO player. Her cooking skill in SAO is maxed out. It's very difficult to max out any skill and cooking is non-combat, which makes it even more difficult.

Even someone like Kirito, who spends all his waking hours fighting, only has a couple fighting skills maxed out.

This means she can eat like a princess every day, with common ingredients, while other players have the bland fare sold by NPCs.

Does Not Like Shoes: In the light novels, while escaping from Sugou's jail in her barefooted Titania avatar, Asuna ponders it is a good thing for extra health and recalls how she used to slip off her shoes to sneak up on monsters in SAO. She also remembers how she tried to do it on Kirito during a "surprise attack game", only for her to get caught and tickled to death for the inconvenience. Aside from this mention, however, this trait is never shown on screen or page. Don't You Dare Pity Me!

In Volume 7, she's not exactly happy about being pitied by her cousins, knowing that it's in large part because they no longer consider her a rival to them in academics. To Asuna, Yui-chan is her sweet little angel and the greatest gift she could have ever asked for.

Ever since Kirito developed a Mobile app that allows her to maintain contact with Asuna in real life, mother and daughter have become practically inseparable online and offline. In SAO, she says she has received many confessions and proposals from guys.

She also has two stalkers. Asuna appears, practically out of nowhere, running slightly faster than the system's speed capand knocks the player-killer who had paralyzed and was slowly killing Kirito into the far wall. Aside from the opening and ending credits, Asuna had a blink-and-miss-it cameo in Episode 1, where she is seen in the crowd listening to Kayaba's tutorial.

A rapier in one hand without a shield in the other is fast enough to kick a whole lot of ass, and she's no slouch with her feet, either. At one point, she briefly overcomes the system speed cap to save Kirito.

Take a shot every time she asks another healer in her party " Can I leave the healing to you? Nearly everyone can see that Kirito and Asuna are an item long before they realize their feelings for themselves. Happens when Asuna breaks free of admin paralysis and takes a blade meant for Kirito.

Unlike most players who have the death animation instantly playing, Asuna first starts to fade having time to tell Kirito she was sorry before finally going out with a smile.

She's a celebrity in SAO for being the prestigious vice-commander of the strongest guild, the second strongest player in the game with the moniker "Lightning Flash" due to her speed, as well as being a rare female player. In fact during the Aincrad arc she was even more famous than Kirito, with virtually everybody in SAO having heard about her.

Sugou strips and molests her right in front of Kirito during Fairy Dance's climax, making it one of the few instances where her nigh-nudity is not played for titillation. When Kirito asks to spend the night just for comfortshe strips down to her bra and panties before he can explain. She has a bath scene in one episode of Season 2, during the Calibur arc. Has another bath scene in Ordinal Scale.

The home release version includes side shots of her private parts. Lisbeth accidentally made a weapon that instantly destroys armorwhich includes all forms of clothing, both Asuna and Lisbeth fall over and brush against said weapon, ending up naked on top of each other. Feminine Women Can Cook: Both in the game, and real life, she's a fantastic cook who is also feminine. Asuna is the first of the many girls in Kirito's virtual life, and the only one to win his affections.

While Sachi was possibly Kirito's first love, he actually met Asuna first. Happens in the Memory Defrag event "Asuna's Great Adventure", where she gets hit by a monster's debuff that turns her avatar into a child.

She gets the child treatment from all her friends, which greatly annoys her. It also makes her ''think'' like a childwhere she hates everyone treating her like a kid and tries to act tough, while being overconfident in her abilities and not thinking rationally.

Friend to All Children: She has unconditional kindness towards young children, as shown by her interactions with the charges of the orphanage, Silica, Yuuki and of course, her daughter Yui.

She's one of the rare female players trapped in SAO, but she was never actually a gamer prior to this and was just trying out virtual reality for fun. But being in SAO gave her a new love of gaming and once she's back in the real world she's all too keen to continue gaming with her friends. Unlike many of the players trapped in SAO, Asuna never had any prior gaming experience.

Yet despite by a newbie, she somehow has impossibly fast speed and reflexes, eventually becoming the second strongest player of SAO alongside Kirito. Asuna must simply has a natural talent for VR games. Asuna has repeatedly been shown to be terrified of ghosts: Kirito telling her a ghost story visibly unsettles her, and when she sees Yui, she mistakes the little girl for a ghost and starts freaking.

In Hollow Realization during a sleepover event, she utterly freaks out as Lisbeth is telling a ghost story. She practically has a heart attack when she thinks a real ghost actually Leafa who logged back in after accidentally logging out from falling asleep pops up in the room, and later refuses to let Kirito fall asleep until she does. Her outfit as Titania is pretty revealing. After discussing the information they knew, they were informed that Argo 's self-published guide had information regarding the boss from the beta period.

They planned to attack the boss the next day, and Asuna and Kirito decided to party up as they were the only ones without a party already. During the planning, their party was decided to be a support group for attacking the smaller mobs in the room.

Though Asuna disagreed with this, Kirito explained that it made sense, as they were only two people. After the meeting, Asuna and Kirito were to have a conversation regarding something he had said during the meeting, but Asuna did not want to have it in public. While considering other possibilities, Kirito mentioned that he had a floor in a farmer's house, with a view and a bath, the latter of which caught Asuna's attention.

She requested the location of other such rooms, but Kirito revealed he had rented the entire space and he could not cancel the transaction. As all the other rooms in the village were likely taken and trying to find another in the previous village after sunset was dangerous and would render her tardy for the boss meeting, Asuna quietly asked him to let her use his bath. When they reached the farmhouse, Asuna was shown to Kirito's lodgings on the second floor and offered the bathroom, though she was told that the NerveGear could not adequately recreate a liquid environment.

Asuna simply and sincerely stated the hot bathwater would be enough for her and entered the bathroom, but was somewhat dismayed at the door's lack of a lock. Reassuring herself that the swordsman was not the type to intrude and he could not harm her within the Area even if he did, Asuna breathlessly examined the exquisite details of the bath, which would be more appropriately located in a medieval European manor.

Removing all of her equipment, Asuna quickly reached the bathtub and held her head under the shower from the bath sprout for a moment before allowing herself to fall back and splash into the water.

Feeling completely relaxed with no regrets, she began wondering when she had developed such a strong appetite and urge to bathe, and how the details of the virtual world, flawed as they were, appealed to her more than that of the real world. However, Argo, who had met with Kirito to discuss the offer on his Anneal Bladedecided to enter the bathroom to change her clothes.

Noticing the sudden intrusion, Asuna screamed and delivered a blow that knocked him unconscious. The next day on December 4, the two joined the raid group and headed for the boss room. After reaching the room, the players went into the formation planned in the meeting, and everything seemed to go well until the boss's health dropped below a quarter.

At this point, the boss pulled out its secondary weapon which, unexpectedly, was a katana, and not what was originally predicted. This resulted in the boss using Sword Skills that everyone was unfamiliar with and the death of Diavel.

In his last words, he called for Kirito to defeat the boss in his absence. Kirito alone climbed the stairs to the 2nd Floor and, after reaching the top, Asuna came up behind him to speak with him briefly. She asked him how he knew her name, and he proceeded to explain that, when in a party, a hit point bar is displayed in the top left corner of the player's vision and under it are the health bars of the player's party members, along with their names.