Sasha and mafuyu meet again in heaven

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sasha and mafuyu meet again in heaven

The story chronicles the school lives of Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Russian-born Alexander "Sasha" Nikolaevich Hell back to health upon And the concept isn't really weird or bad per say, it's just funny how someone was just in the meeting for this, pitch the idea, and they Heaven's Blessing:snowflake. Dustin said hugging the silver haired girl who hugged him back. But Fumika's words met deaf ears as Tomo hugged the girl, smooshing her huge fun bags on Fumika's flat chest. Love Dustin, Tomo, Sasha, Mafuyu, Kibbles and Teresa. . The food was simply amazing and my god I was in heaven. Please try again later. Published on May 10, My personal tribute to the King! Miss you but we will meet one day in heaven!.

Just quit it with the eyes. You certainly are buff. Meanwhile at the Dorm Miyuri was at the doorstep of Mafuyu and Tomo's dorm, and needless to say she was not pleased. Went to hot springs, not home. Won't be for awhile. I'll make it up to you though, I promise.

Even Evil Has Loved Ones

And Dustin-kun, you better make of up to me when you get back mister! Mafuyu and Tomo aren't here? They went by themselves to do this and that.

And what's worse they're probably also aging fun with Dustin-kun! And I'm not there to enjoy that stud's massive rod.

I want to go too. And by god was my mouth watering like a waterfall. You are my clone so you're bound to have some of my traits. I then looked at Sasha's tray and noticed it was different.

What even is all that? Spoiled Sargasso, fungus vinegar, and manila clams with soya. Plus a side with stewed pork liver and sliced liver. Plus some roasted duck liver. Along with cold spinach levels, dried radish, and also Tofu miso.

sasha and mafuyu meet again in heaven

And coco with soy beams for a beverage. That looks like a lot for one person. Isn't all that stuff rich in Iron? What's so bad about it? Her words made everyone blush like crazy.

Especially when were eating! A human body only contains approximately a hundred milligrams of copper. You added one additional zero. And I thought me an Ben suck at chemistry! What the hell bro! At least she's trying to impress Katja. Eventually every one dug in. At the campus church We see Yuri and Shinichiro were having a drink while conversing like old friends. And Sparky accompanied the two while he was cooking borscht.

But the battle with Vilgax and Psyphon was dangerous. Especially for the three boys. The food was simply amazing and my god I was in heaven. You seem to like Japanese food despite being from America. I looked at her and I had a smile of my own. Its just that I can't get over how cute you are. You surely are a cutie pie. I of course chuckled at the site. Then Tomo suddenly jumped behind Mafuyu's back.

I chuckled at this while blushing a bit. I was blushing even more now. Don't tell me you let Too drink beer? All she did was smell it and she was suddenly tipsy. And I then feinted from what I have seen. Mafuyu noticed and broke off.

Back at the campus church Sparky, Shinichiro and Yuri were chatting while getting a bit plastered. And his anime would be up right there with the Goldens five stars if it wasn't for one tiny thing, they make the characters too sexualized. And one of these examples of this is the main character, Alexander, you still with me on this, having to get this powers by sucking on the breast of a girl to get her milk or "soma". That's not a cool name for that, that's what a an infants Japanese baby's first world would be.

Now I know some of you out there are basically saying "but it's an ecchi,it's suppose to have sexual concepts in it" ok I understand that but just hear me out. With all things created with an art or something, like games, books, movies, shows, all those type of things they all have a limit.

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A limit to how far it is till it becomes weird and becomes wrong. And ecchis, they really creep up on that line.

Anime already being the weird grousome and wacky shit that we love, its limits are somewhat extends. But I don't care where the line would be it would always be at that edge just barley hanging on by the show's female character's panties Don't me wrong on this, this is not there with the likes of boku no pico, and kodomo no jikan. Joshua spread out the snacks in front of them, just in time for the commercial break to end.

Just getting a little bored, that's all. Within moments, she had hair-bands, hair-ties, a brush, comb, some hair gel, hair spray, hair-clips… practically every kind of hair-accessory ever created lying on the bed!

Joshua saw where this was going.

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I draw the line here! There is absolutely no way I'm letting you-" Joshua sat on a chair by the bed, as Tomo brushed his hair. As realized before, she didn't accept any declines.

You're going to look great! However, it made his hair sticky and hard to comb… so his hair looked dark-green and fluffy. She gasped a bit. Let me try something else! She wet down the brush and combed the color out of his hair. She then grabbed a curling iron and a different color of spray.

His hair ended up looking curled, messy, and dark brown. She pondered a bit, before brushing it down and tying it back. With every stroke, he felt hypnotized, running his fingers through it. He took the white ribbon off her head, letting her hair just hang down. He brushed it for a good ten minutes quietly, before he felt Tomo giggle. Never rush a hairstylist! He picked up the ribbon, braiding her hair. I think that looks nice, don't you?

I didn't know you could braid hair!

sasha and mafuyu meet again in heaven

Joshua sat down beside her. For the next hour, they watched as Rose helped Jack axe through his shackles, both of them running through a flooding ship before reaching the upper deck, hanging onto the railings as the ship capsized and sank, Jack getting Rose to float on a door. As the film neared an end, tears formed in Tomo's eyes, as Rose had to let go of Jack's hand after he froze to death in the icy water, his body sinking down into the abyss. She began to sob, and Joshua put an arm around her in comfort, handing her a box of tissues.

Once the film ended, the young girl managed to dry her eyes. What would be the point of falling in love if you ended up losing the person you loved? I mean, if I met the girl of my dreams, I wouldn't want to die and leave her behind or vice-versa! Pity always makes me feel worse," Tomo stayed quiet. Joshua noticed her wincing, and shook his head.

It's another one of my favorite love-stories…! Please, God, let them show an action-film after this! After yet another movie that made Tomo cry at the end, Joshua suggested they get some sleep as it was nearing midnight; he claimed he was alright camping out on the floor.

Once again, Gregory decided to take over and tease him. It took me a moment to realize it was you… but now I see how obvious it is. Sorry, master- you may look appealing, but your performance is a turn-off. Speak like that to me again, and I'll see to it your abuse is intensified…" 'she' grinned maliciously. We could both be in trouble just for doing all this! Her worst fear was coming to life. Gregory was tormenting Joshua, she now realized. Who knew what he would do to Sasha and Mafuyu?

She bowed her head. Then the Adepts can't use me for their plans, and Lord Gregory will be lost again. To come to your rescue, only to learn you gave up?! Think of how heartbroken they'd be! Damn it all, Tomo- think of how they'd feel! Think of how Astarte would feel- you're her best friend!

She would be crying if she heard you right now! Think of all your friends and family- they would lose hope if they lost you! Consider… "Consider MY feelings…! Even if I didn't have any other choice, I couldn't do it!

Outside of my siblings… you're the only one who gives a fuck about me. You don't treat me like I'm an idiot, or some pushover, you actually treat me like a friend.

You may not see me as a threat… but you still consider me strong… "And I consider you strong too," he wrapped his arms around her. I don't care what Gregory or the rest of the Adepts put me through… as long as you manage to overcome whatever you go through.

Keep in mind, it's YOUR body- he's just a visitor. If he tries to attack them, it will be HIM doing it- not you. He might possess your body, but I know he can't control your heart. Your friends are strong and clever… you need to be too, okay?

No more talk about having yourself killed. You need to maintain some control," Tomo only nodded, letting him hold her close. All was quiet in the castle. It felt nice being held by him. Apparently he finds it funny, seeing blood leak out my nostrils," he muttered. I was on to his little game," Tomo had to scowl. It was bad enough Gregory liked molesting her whenever he was in control- to tease Joshua in such a way really unnerved her! Especially since the young Qwaser held back the first night they met, overwhelmed by such thoughts… "I'd rather you touch me than him," she stated out loud.

Tomo blushed, realizing she spoke her thought aloud… but relaxed. But you… you'd never do that to me, would you? Though, he wouldn't exactly try to sneak a feel like Gregory was doing. Tomo had seen him coming close, a questionable look on her face as she didn't really understand. He wouldn't even dare try to rape her- a man who has to use force in order to have sex clearly has no game, and taking advantage of a defenseless young girl in such a way would make him the weakest man alive!

But he couldn't deny he wanted to touch her… hold her, kiss her, make love to her… If her friends never burst in on the moment, he'd have had his chance- if Tomo let him. That's why he was so flustered that night. He couldn't 'force' himself to take her soma.

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Even in his wild fantasy, he saw her as his housewife sexually greeting him after a day of work! That's the kind of relationship he always wanted. I couldn't even take your soma when you were my hostage, remember?! I-I'd pass out from blood loss before I'd get the chance! Joshua gulped, sitting there in chibi-embarrassment, a sweat-drop appearing on his temple.

After a moment of silence, Tomo smiled. I just said I'd rather have you touch me than Gregory," she told him, then blushed deeper. It's alright if you do, you have my full permission! The Adepts would kill me if they learned I did that- they… they almost killed Jita for taking your soma without asking!

sasha and mafuyu meet again in heaven

Like you said, it's MY body and it's MY choice on who can do what with it! The rest of the Adepts have no right to say who can and cannot take my soma! He had to be dreaming! She cupped his cheek, looking at him. You're not like Gregory or the other Adepts. You don't do it for self-gain or to show domination… You wanted my soma that night in order to get stronger- just so you could help your siblings.

To me, that makes you more than worthy to have it. As long as you're gentle, you can have my body. This is where the lemon comes in!

Do not read unless you are 18 or older! The Roentgenium Qwaser felt his heart race as they kissed, his hand still on Tomo's breast, automatically squeezing and groping it. Her legs found their way around his hips, both of them closer than he ever imagined. This is happening… This is happening… he repeated over and over again in his head. He shut his eyes, pushing their lips closer together; he slipped his tongue through her lips, finding she opened her mouth a little, giving her entrance.

Merciful heaven, he could taste the meal, snacks, and beverages they shared on her tongue! He kissed her deeper, his tongue gaining dominance, their lips smacking as the make-out session continued.

While their tongues were at it, he was working his hands; one arm was wrapped around Tomo's back, reaching down and groping her rear; he slipped his hand down her or rather 'his' pants, feeling the plump flesh beneath. It's as amazing as I thought it would be… It felt so smooth… he squeezed and massaged it, wanting to hold it the whole night! His other hand, meanwhile, lifted up her or, again, 'his' shirt, exposing her round, succulent breasts and he proceeded to grope them, playing with her nipple, giving it a soft pinch and making her moan deeper into his mouth.

He broke out of the kiss, moving his lips to her neck. This time he moaned, tasting her soma for the first time. He felt his hands squeeze one of her buttcheeks and other breast in ecstasy, making her back arch. After a minute, he moved on to the other side, changing positions. This time, his hand on her rear wrapped around her abdomen, caressing her used-breast. He had a different idea for his other hand, having it trail down her stomach, tucking it inside the pants and feeling her nubile area.

Ohh…" Nodding with a grin, Joshua went back to her breast. He had drunk enough soma, and was now licking the inside of her cleavage. He felt high, moaning a bit as he did. It was like he was making out with her boobs! As if feeling her up wasn't enough, her gasps of need really turned him on. He placed kisses on her chest and stomach as he moved downward, his hands carefully spreading her legs apart. Tomo gasped, having to cover her mouth to keep from moaning too loud, as she felt his tongue lick her clit.

Her ecstasy increased as she felt both his hands on her rear again, this time spreading her cheeks apart; he paused in his oral sex to suck on his finger, having her turn on her side so that he could finger her rear entrance properly, then continued to lick her clit, his tongue penetrating her virgin hole.

She tastes so good…! And her ass is so tight! He thought to himself, speeding up the motions with his mouth and finger. Tomo could barely stand it. Grabbing a pillow, she covered her face, unleashing her scream of pleasure into it! This is the most amazing feeling I've ever had! Joshua then sat up, pulling out his finger, taking in deep breaths.

Tomo took the pillow off her head, looking at him- red in the face and gasping. Tomo looked down, smiling and pointing. Joshua gave a shy nod, allowing her to cradle herself over his erection, grinding against it.

Don't do that, or I'll jizz right now! Calm down, or you might-! With a loud gasp, Tomo released herself onto his shorts. She covered her mouth, red with embarrassment.