Rose and donna meet

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rose and donna meet

I felt bad that Donna had missed the Doctor at Adipose Industries, so I . "Well, I do hope we get to meet him while we're here," Rose said. Remember "The Runaway Bride", when we first met Donna? She was marrying Rose keeps popping up in Donna's life as it continues to suck more and more. Sorry but I really do prefer Martha to Rose. Martha vs Rose vs Donna . After Rose's family, and well, with pretty much everyone he meets.

All those months searching for a Martian in a blue box by wading through the heaps of online garbage generated by conspiracy freaks.

Nutters, the lot of them. Well, there had been that one theory about Adipose Industries — that had turned out to have some truth to it. But by the time she had gotten herself to the scene, it had been all over except for the cleanup.

rose and donna meet

She knew in her bones that the Doctor had something to do with whatever had happened there, but he had been long gone. But this time — this time, she was ahead of the game.

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Surely he would show up to investigate the same strangeness that had drawn her, and she would be ready when he did. With this in mind, she was just drawing breath to launch into a tirade demanding access to the Atmos paperwork, when the door to the office burst open and three soldiers charged in. The men seemed somewhat surprised to find themselves outnumbering the staff, but the leader soon recovered, keeping his tone as stiff as his posture.

You will be taken to a holding area. But he hadn't yet met Donna Noble. I am an inspector with Health and Safety, and I will not be rounded up like a head of cattle. He walked back to her, snatched the badge out of her hand, and studied it for a moment. I'm not sure who you are or what you are doing here, ma'am, but you will wait in the holding area until someone can ascertain this information.

rose and donna meet

Rose shivered as she stepped out of the mobile command station. Colonel Mace eyed her tank top. And with the UNIT insignia on the sleeve, she didn't have to worry about being mistaken for an Atmos worker and rounded up by an overeager recruit. Which reminded her… "Listen, examining technological doohickeys is much more the Doctor's thing than mine.

Would you mind if I go look in on the workers instead? The domestic approach, you know. She could be quite useful there.

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Jenkins, accompany Miss Tyler to the holding area. But blue collar or white, all seemed unnaturally calm about their predicament, gazing straight ahead with a vacant expression. All except for one: Rose walked up to her. But obviously you've already noted that the personnel here are a bit…off.

I guarantee that Human Resources will hold some interesting answers. And I can find my way around an office blindfolded. I can help you. She didn't have any real authority here, but since UNIT's goodwill toward the Doctor seemed to have extended to her as well… "Jenkins, will you please escort us to the offices?

Donna glanced at the blond woman rifling through the file cabinet next to her. Her jacket marked her as UNIT personnel, but she wasn't in uniform and she seemed more willing to listen to reason than the rest of this by-the-book lot. Maybe Donna could convince her to let her go. She wanted to find the Doctor, true, but she sure didn't want to end up getting locked away in some secret government facility with the rest of these Atmos zombies.

Of course, her best chance of getting free was probably to find some useful item that would impress Blondie. She pulled out a binder marked "Sick Leave" and realized that she had just found it.

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Just like I said — if there's weird stuff going on, you'll always find it in the paperwork. He looked at Blondie. The Doctor was here! She almost demanded to be taken to him right then and there, but Blondie seemed to be on her side so far, and maybe it was better to try catching flies with honey rather than vinegar for once in her life.

So instead she kept her voice even as she explained the significance of a company this size having no sick days on record. To her credit, Blondie — Miss Tyler, Donna corrected herself — caught on quickly. I know someone who will definitely want to see this. Donna thought, suppressing a triumphant smile as she hurried after Miss Tyler. But when they arrived at their destination, she was met, not with a tall man in a blue suit, but a black woman in a uniform.

rose and donna meet

Dumbo, that's what you get for jumping to conclusions. It's not exactly an uncommon term. I thought you should hear it. I think the poor man is being subjected to quite the harangue. If I can stay on the inside, he still might show up. And so she pasted on a smile and began to explain her findings to Doctor Jones. Your review has been posted.

Sarah Jane Smith is able to resolve the situation at the hospital at the cost of her life — and the lives of her teenaged son, Luke and his friends — allowing the Judoon to return it to Earth. In the year following her father's death she is fired from her job, narrowly dodges the nuclear explosion of London, is shoved into the kitchen of a home housing dozens of people with no money and no identity, only for the United Kingdom to start shipping immigrants to "labour camps" in a desperate attempt to save their own.

Oh, and there's this time-travelling blonde stalking her The walking Italian stereotype in the form of the perpetually cheerful Mr. Wilf says America is sending aid money, so everything will be fine soon. Cut to a news report saying that 60, Americans have been converted to Adipose.

Rose goes blank and silent when Donna says the Doctor has died.

rose and donna meet

I came so far How the Doctor died in the first place — after killing all the Racnoss and without Donna to snap him out of it, he either left it too late to get away from the flood or was so despondent with Rose gone, that he just let himself drown. Martha gave her oxygen tank to her colleague. Sarah Jane and co. Gwen and Ianto died exploding the Sontaran ship. Donna jumped in front of a lorry to cause a tailback so her past self will turn left and undo all the damage.

In Spite of a Nail: It Began with a Twist of Fate: It's revealed that the only reason Donna Noble ever got embroiled in the Doctor's life at all was because one day, she turned left, not right. Good thing she did, too: It's a Wonderful Plot: This episode demonstrates that Donna was correct when she said that the Doctor needed someone to stop him.

Without her, he drowns in the Thames. To underscore this point, the point of incident takes place before Christmas. Donna's mother calling her a disappointment is a low blow. Even worse, she does it twice. With Donna and Rose the main characters of the episode, Jack immortal and Owen and Tosh already dead, that's every character that's ever had billing in all three series.

Since this all gets reversed by the end of the episode, it's also an example of the Second Law of Metafictional Thermodynamics. Killed Off for Real: UNIT confirms that the Doctor is dead and presume that whatever killed him happened too quickly for him to regenerate, and thus he's permanently dead. In this parallel universe at least; if he were dead in every universe then he would be Deader Than Dead.

Leaning on the Fourth Wall: After the line about the stars going out, Donna looks straight at the camera and says, "I'm ready. Donna asks why Rose is always wearing the same clothes; presumably Rose is doing all this time-hopping in the same day, like in " The Girl in the Fireplace ".

The Trickster's beetle screws up time, so Rose sends Donna back to make it right again. The Man Behind the Man: The fortune teller and the beetle are working for the Trickster. Once you get over the disaster and the sadness and the temporal weirdness and try to work out what the hell just happened, your eyes cross.

Missing the Good Stuff: Donna missed the crash of the Titanic, bringing the total to three London-based disasters she's somehow managed to miss. One minute, Donna and her mother are having a truly depressing conversation about their current condition, then Donna hears singing from the next room and goes to yell at them, until she sees Wilfred's been participating.

Smash Cut to the entire family singing along with their housemates, the first time they've been happy for a long time — and then they hear gunfire from outside. A Nazi by Any Other Name: The "England for the English" law, passed by the new emergency government, involves labour camps for minorities. Rose never tells Donna her name, or anyone else for that matter. She explains that if she said the wrong word it could "destabilise an entire causal nexus" I. It also helps delay the Doctor's panicked reaction when Donna tells him about her experiences.

Even before Donna goes back in time, the conversation with Rose where Donna realises that dead is dead: One minute past ten. You said I was gonna die, but It's gonna blink out of existence.

But that's not dying, 'cos a better world takes its place. And I'm still alive! I don't die, if I change things, I don't die, that's The look on Donna's face and her immediate reaction mirrors just about every fan watching the episode.

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The fortune teller's reaction to Donna casting off the Time Beetle. The Doctor from the second Donna mentions that Rose was blonde. Then it gets worse not once, but twice. The Cloister Bell rings. It only ever rings when something really bad is going to happen.

Shan Shen is basically Friendly Local Chinatown on a planet wide scale.