Netzero and zeno meet meruem

netzero and zeno meet meruem

Zeno shoots his Dragon Head, which Meruem and Netero ride away from the . Meruem calmly wishes Welfin to meet him and to live a human life, words that. Zeno Zoldyck: At least as powerful as Netero, the head of master However once, Meruem absorbed Pouf and Youpi, I doubt anyone could. Netero's original evaluation of Pitou is that "He looks stronger than me". But when they actually met it was Netero who with practically Similarly, when the King unflinchingly walked past Netero and Zeno it gave the indeed stronger then Netero due to Über Gon having reached the same level Meruem.

However, the Royals have far higher durability and aura reserves.


We'll assume that Netero's attack converts his power for offense more effectively than Royals can for defense. But without knowing how efficient the attack is, there is no guaranteed it'll outlast the Royals' aura reserves.

netzero and zeno meet meruem

Remember in HXH you can't just get a free lunch. Netero's attack has the following properties: Ridiculously fast faster attack speed than any character. Imperceptible weakness in all moves only Meryem was able to see them, and it's safe to assume no one else can see the flaws These are pretty significant advantages, so I don't think it'd be reasonable to assume that on top of these advantages, it also does ridiculous damage relative to the aura power used.

Again, Meryem says he hopes Netero doesn't run out of energy before he found out how to beat him, so this implies Netero's move is very draining on aura power. These advantages are also completely useless on Yupi, who basically doesn't think about tactics and doesn't appear to ever try to dodge attacks.

This negates a significant part of Netero's arsenal, because there's no point for an attack that doesn't miss if the enemy wasn't even trying to dodge. In the case of Pitou, the question would be does every one of Netero's attack does a knockback, because he is clearly affected by it. If it does, then yes he'd never actually get close to him.

The Meruem x Netero fight pisses me off to no end *spoilers*

It looks like some of Netero's attack just hits the person in place the swat attack, for example. I guess you can say then Netero can just use knockback attack, but Pitou didn't seem to be bothered by the knockback, which makes me think Netero can either damage Pitou or knock him back, but not both at the same time.

netzero and zeno meet meruem

Then at some point, there's a strong possibillity that Pitou can trade hits. Netero's fists might be the fastest thing in HXH, but that doesn't mean his legs are too.

netzero and zeno meet meruem

This matchup is actually pretty meaningless because both characters have an extremely powerful 'on-death' move so you're just going to get a double KO no matter how the fight initially played out. Meryem is saying he believes this fight is equivalent to that kind of handicap. I'm not exactly an expert in Shogi, but that's a pretty significant disadvantage there. Meryem won the fight and got the info he want as expected, so it's not like this set of handicap was unrealistic.

Yes, he was impressed with how Netero fought, but again that's in a situation where Meryem has a signifcant handicap. So if Netero is stronger than the Royals, what does Meryem think of his Royals?

netzero and zeno meet meruem

Then yes, Shalark could win, simply because he could then simply have Meruem tear himself apart. I still somehow find this scenario unlikely though. As the only enhancer in the Zoldyck clan, and able to fight Netero to a standstill in the past, he's very strong. But he's also very very old now, and it's unlikely he could do it is his current state.

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When he was at his prime? Possibly, but the same could be said for Netero as well. The official power charts, and just observation in the anime as well, seem to conclude that he would not be able to beat Meruem. Zeno is strong sure, and his battle experience is very high, however, even he admitted Chrollo would take him in a serious fight.

Given these facts, it seems unlikely he could defeat Meruem in any capacity. Unknown Random Nen User: Given that the series doesn't cover ALL nen users in the world, it's possible that there is someone out there who COULD do it, even if we don't know who they are This answer is here merely for the sake of completeness.

If you are talking outside of battle?

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Then there is someone who can do this easily. She's essentially the strongest Nen user in the series, and possibly the strongest character in that world period.

netzero and zeno meet meruem

ONLY if Meruem knew of this, and could surprise her could he come out victorious.