Ncis tony and gibbs first meet

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ncis tony and gibbs first meet

A number of unconnected one shots with very different ways in which Tony might first have met Gibbs. Probably very AU! Each chapter. Follow/Fav The First Meeting How Dinozzo got the job and how he met Abby. Once Tony left Tom and Gibbs discussed what they thought. Directed by Tony Wharmby. Episode cast overview, first billed only: McGee and Ziva go with Gibbs to the town, where they meet Gibbs's father and others;.

The boys eagerly pushed forward each trying to get their questions in. Tony smiled bright and big and waited to be properly addressed by Gibbs.

Gibbs smiled at the smaller brown haired green eyed boy and removed his NCIS cap. The boys parted like the red sea and Tony stared wide eyed at Gibbs as they were practically face to face.

ncis tony and gibbs first meet

The cap about swallowed up his head. Tony clutched the hat in his arms tight, determined to never let it go as long as he lived. He clutched the old ratty NCIS baseball cap in between his fingers and moved it slightly, staring at it.

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His father had told him to leave, that's what he told people. In reality he had left to escape his father's cruelty that no one knew about.

ncis tony and gibbs first meet

He had left his sister Sarah behind by her request and she told him to go do something with his life besides what his town had to offer. He had spent some time with Baltimore PD and had grown in that profession to even becoming the leader of his own team. Drew Bullock had since taken over and told Tony to follow his "true calling". Nice people … mostly. Came out a couple of years ago and joined NCIS. Tony smiled brightly and turned back to Gibbs.

McGee didn't rate his gut as highly as Gibbs' but he wasn't sure he'd want to be in Gibbs' slightly blood-spattered shoes at that moment. I didn't realise," said Tony.

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I promise that I'll get it checked out properly when we get back to …" "I do hope you weren't about to say civilisation," said Tony. He stared at Gibbs, "OK, I'll go get the gear. The battle with hospital bureaucrats had taken it out of him. It didn't occur to him that pain and loss of blood might be contributing to a feeling of fatigue. Tony was soon back, wheeling a cart with some instruments on it. He swept the cover off and McGee recoiled.

Don't want any more casualties. Tony held up a long, and blood stained suture needle, "Yep.

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I'd just finished stitching up Gordon Willis before I came in to you. He'd been cleaning out his septic tank and fell in. Now, as you're in such a hurry I thought I'd just use the same instruments.

No point in wasting time in sterilising them.

ncis tony and gibbs first meet

He began to thread the needle. But my hands are clean," he paused to think, scratched his head vigorously and then said, "Yeah, they're fine. I washed them before I worked on Gordon. I wouldn't want to catch anything. You're right, I'll put gloves on. I don't know, though. There are some bits of dirt in there. You sure you got time for me to clean it out? It'll take a few minutes. The rest will probably be OK. Tony reached towards the leg but then stopped, "Hey," he said, "Stupid question, but do you want an injection for the pain?

No, like I said, a stupid question. You're not going to jump when I stick the needle in, you'll be fine. Tony wasn't sure if it was against the pain or in preparation for punching his doctor. But I think I'm OK, just very slow … very, very slow.

And as you're going through the story, you find yourself going 'Wait a minute, they just explained one thing'. That was our goal, to come up with an origin story that presented all this information in as natural a way as possible — and sets up what Tony's and Gibbs' dynamic would be for the next decade".

He's listening the entire time to what Tony says. And the end of the scene depends on what he says.

I mean, DiNozzo doesn't know that. But the scene ends the way it does because of what DiNozzo says, and because of Gibbs' belief in him.

And from that, his gut instinct is that this kid is good". It's in this situation Gibbs' head slap is shown for the first time, which would be a trademark between them on NCIS. On how the head slap began back in Season 1 episode " The Curse ": Michael was doing his thing to a young Navy female petty officer on a ship, and it just seemed appropriate at the time to bring him back toward some sort of reality, which certainly the head slap did".