Nami and luffy meet after 2 years

nami and luffy meet after 2 years

They should have done this again when they meet up after the two year Luffy - Pirate King, Roronoa Zoro - The Worlds Greatest Swordsman, Nami - To Create. After two years of being separated, the Straw Hats return to Sabaody Archipelago . The Fake Straw Hats eventually, though unknowingly, meet Luffy when he bumps Meanwhile, Nami is sitting at a bar which happens to be hosting the Fake. During two year time-skip she learned cooking and from the start she had taken . Luffy didn't even bat an eye after hearing about the news of Nami's wedding in .. and they probably will not meet again, it is something that may be expanded.

The said figure apologizes to him and starts to head off, but Fake Luffy calls out to him, the figure turns around to answer him and we find out it is actually the real Luffy in disguise.

A flashback is then seen when Luffy was saying his goodbyes to the Kuja Pirates. Hancock makes the suggestion of Luffy wearing a hood to conceal his identity as she knows the Marines are still looking for him even after 2 years.

nami and luffy meet after 2 years

She also gives him a over-packed sack of clothes and goodies much to Nyon's annoyance. Luffy then bids farewell to Hancock and the Kujas promising they'll meet again though Hancock takes it as another proposal. Back in the present day, Fake Luffy is threatening Luffy with his pistol and trying to get Luffy to fear him.

The rest of Fake Luffy's crew join in to intimidate Luffy with the crowd hoping he will go along with their wishes. But Luffy simply brushes them off and turns to leave.

Fake Luffy goes to shoot him but Luffy manages to dodge the bullet at point blank range then uses controlled Haki on the Fake Straw Hats causing them to faint much to the crowd's astonishment. Meanwhile, Robin has reached the Thousand Sunny, finding Franky, now with a much more robotic appearance, on board.

She comes aboard and finds that the ship has been coated and ready for underwater travel. She also finds out that the rest of the Straw Hats have arrived on the island, except for Luffy. When Robin asks about Brook's concert, Franky answers that he's been touring, rising to become a superstar since they first found him in the Florian Triangle and even doubts Brook will rejoin the crew. They report Fake Robin's whose real name is Cocoa kidnapping to the Fake Luffy, with Chopper frantically trying to get the bunch to go after them.

Fake Luffy however dismisses his kidnapped crewmate and orders the bunch to gather up their recruited pirates and track down the real Luffy, Nami and Usopp starting from Grove Chopper runs off, unable to believe they would just abandon "Robin" and goes off to try to rescue her himself. Unknown to him and the Fake Straw Hats, some Marines have been monitoring them. They report back to Grove 66, another Marine base, about this to which the Marines begin to mobilize, ordering to usher the civilians away from the Grove that would soon become a battlefield, and mentioning that reinforcements from G-1 would also arrive later on.

Among them is Sentomaruwho decides to bring along two Pacifistas and warns his troop not to underestimate the crew as they may have gotten stronger in the last two years; especially their captain, Luffy, whom he declares to be an entirely different caliber than the usual over , bounty rookies that gather at the Archipelago.

Meanwhile in Grove 42, Sanji has come across a fisherman and tries to buy some fish. But the man is panicking as he had a client that wanted to go fishing. The fisherman told him to get on the boat, but instead the man got on a pirate ship by mistake which took off underwater. When Sanji hears the description of the man, he realizes who it is and tells the fisherman not to panic as the man can take care of himself.

nami and luffy meet after 2 years

However, as he says that, a pirate ship suddenly floats back up from underwater, now cut in half. The captain of the ship scolds an individual on the mast, complaining how he ruined their dream to get to the New World. The said figure is not phased and just tells him it was their bad luck to meet him. It is then revealed that the person on the mast is none other then Zoro, who grumbles about getting on the wrong ship.

Chopper gallops through Sabaody Archipelago's Grove 35, in his reindeer form, yelling wildly for Robin the fake one that was kidnapped while also questioning the actions of the Straw Hats the fake ones. He abruptly stops as Usopp and Nami ride by on one of the Archipelago's bubble contraptions calling to him. Finally reunited on the island, they embrace as long-seen old friends.

Both Usopp and Nami comment about how big and fluffy Chopper has become as he tries to separate fake Nami from the real one before him in his mind. Catching himself, Chopper informs them of Robin's kidnapping. Revelations abound as all three ride the bubble, Chopper is brought up to speed on what's going on such as that the kidnapped Robin is a fake as the real one would not be easy to catch and that the Straw Hats he met before were also fakes.

Chopper, though, swoons at the idea of how famous he is motivating him to want to create a signature. Usopp comments that he's already created his own while Nami adds that they are famous in a bad way.

Meanwhile, Fake Zoro and Fake Sanji chase after the real Chopper, after their Captain makes the realization that it was the real "pet", but run into Luffy also the real one whose identity they are still ignorant of. Upon his last run-in and Hancock's suggestion, he finally dons the fake mustache given to him and mistakes the fakes for the real ones though they question whether he was the "kid" they were looking for.

In Grove 41, the real Zoro states his intention to fish at the beach. The real Sanji responds by yelling at him explaining they do not have time to search for a "wayward marimo" should Zoro's incredible talent for getting lost remain intact and that they, together, should head to the ship as everyone will gather there soon. Turning away from Sanji, Zoro complains to himself that 7 thinks he's so high and mighty over 1, with the numbers being a reference to the order the Straw Hats arrived on the archipelago.

Sanji, now beyond annoyed by Zoro, starts a fight. Caribou spots a Marine spy.

nami and luffy meet after 2 years

In Grove 46, a Marine is spying on the new rookies trying to join the "Straw Hats". He confirms four of them: Gashed Albion at a bounty of 92,, Lip Service Doughty at a bounty of 88, and the brothers Caribou, Wet-hair and Blood Splattered, at bounties of , and ,, respectively.

As the Marine is speaking on the den-den mushi, he further adds how unthinkable it would be for the future if this company of people were to be united as one crew with "Straw Hat Luffy's" as their Captain, when Wet-hair Caribou suddenly looms over from behind the fractured wall that the Marine was leaning against.

Episode 517

The Marine falls back on the ground in horror as the Caribou Brothers intimidate him, prompting his superiors to bring in back up upon realizing that their mole had been spotted at the other end of the Den Den Mushi line.

Frightened, the Marine reaches for his gun causing Wet-hair to stab him with a spear. Further increasing the severity of their action, Blood-splattered starts digging a grave as his older brother preaches to God on the "sins" this Marine has committed.

Tensions rise as a confrontational statement is heard "That's as far as you go, Caribou"!

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Luffy with Fake Zoro and Fake Sanji. Voices roar as the rotund fake Luffy amplifies his followers spirits, who all believe that following him will lead their pirating careers to greater heights, having achieve such notoriety in the past for instigating massive damage upon the three prominent facilities of the World Government Enies Lobby, Impel Down, and Marineford.

Some of them even root for him as a worthy candidate for the next Pirate King, and being part of his crew meant some shared glory in the future.

He appropriates them as extensions of himself, his "hands" and "legs". His orders are to find and crush the real Straw Hats that humiliated him.

nami and luffy meet after 2 years

Luffy speaks to the fakes assuming them to be the real ones yet noticing that they are more friendly than he remembers. The fakes call for their captain's attention, and the target, Luffy, stands before his eyes. Unfortunately, the Marines and his former managers have flanked him. The Marines confirm him as "Humming Brook" with a 33, bounty and a member of the Straw Hat crew.

Brook's fans become distressed at the news, while others were silently musing that Brook should be granted leniency, even if he truly was a member of the Straw Hats, since that crew of Pirates were long thought to be dead and gone. His managers explained that by honestly telling them that Brook would be retiring, it would be the end of the business exploit hence inciting them to have Brook die with them.

In fact, this incites Brook to call on his band and dancers in helping him declare that the rumors were false. Ridiculous--Tell This to the World. The Marines are held by the fans as Brook rocks the concert ready to go to the New World.

The Straw Hats reunite with Franky. Back on the Thousand Sunny, newly refurbished, Nami, Usopp and Chopper meet up with the rest of the crew. Usopp holds Chopper as he gawks at the new upgrades on Franky who now sports concealable hands within his giant ones and a hair-frizz feature. Nami is overjoyed to see the real Robin again and, to a shyer extent, the real Franky.

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Rayleigh and Shakky show up. Shakky updates the current crew on deck where the others are and the situations on the archipelago. Rayleigh heads to Nami intent on teaching her how to navigate a coated ship. Usopp, worried since Luffy has not shown up, asks about him.

Rayleigh replies with a smile on his face that Luffy has already disembarked. Edit Meanwhile, in Grove 33, one of the Marines report in that they are unable to capture Brook as the crowd has held them back and the musician had run off during the chaos.

nami and luffy meet after 2 years

We soon find that he was with the Flying Fish Riders who comment that Shakky told them to pick him up. Brook is more than grateful and excited to reunite with the Straw Hats.

Return to Sabaody Arc

In Grove 41, Franky contacts Sanji with Zoro, telling him where to meet up. When Zoro asks what going on, Sanji slowly spells it out for him causing a brief argument. However it's interrupted when they notice some noise coming from a nearby island. In Grove 46, the Fake Luffy is about to sic his pirates on the real Luffy, commenting that it'll serve as a warning to whomever crosses him while Luffy asks Fake Zoro and Fake Sanji if he Fake Luffy is a friend of theirs.

Before anything can happen, the Marines arrive and surround the pirates, ordering Fake Luffy's surrender. Fake Luffy orders Caribou and Coribou to use the Marine they wounded earlier as a shield to make an exit. Caribou however comments that it's too tall an order and kills the Marine right then and there, claiming it was punishment for lying about not calling the Marines.

Pacifistas attacking the recruits of the Impostor Straw Hat Crew. With their bargain chip gone, the Marines rush the pirates who attack in kind. The real Luffy wonders what the heck going on as his fake self quickly loses control of the situation.

If that is not bad enough, the Pacifistas arrive and begin shooting at the pirates. Doughty is caught in the blast and knocked out, surprising the pirates that an 88, bounty did not stand a chance. They soon start calling for "Luffy" to help them.

But the Fake Straw Hats and he are fleeing the scene knowing they do not stand a chance. It does them little good as they are confronted by Sentomaru and a Pacifista. The pirates believe that the Fake Luffy will easily defeat them. The Fake Luffy nervously tries to threaten the Marine captain but is quickly hammered into the ground and taken out much to his crew's surprise.

Sentomaru realizes that the Fake Luffy has tricked the pirates present and orders the Pacifista to identify him. Their ruse exposed, the rest of the Fake Straw Hats make a run for it while their now former subordinates are outraged at being deceived. The real Luffy quickly figures out what going on too, though comments that "Zoro" and "Sanji" looked like the real deal.

Sentomaru orders the arrest of every pirate there, commenting he knows the real Luffy is in the crowd and has his Pacifista aim for him. The scene shifts to Sabaody Park where Brook posters are all over the place. Brook performs his final concert of a world tour. Sanji arrives on the island, locks on to a woman with cross-haired vision, and happily runs from several doting okamas.

The Fake Straw Hats ask Nami to join them. Nami refuses their offer saying she is waiting for someone. Fake Luffy gets angry and tries to scare her by saying he is the son of Dragon. Fake Nami approaches Nami and warns her that she has a bounty on her head. Usopp enters and uses his weapon on the Fake Straw Hats. Nami recognizes Usopp and heartily welcomes him.

Usopp tells her about the new weapon Pop Green. He gets surprised over seeing Fake Sogeking and even more so for Fake Luffy. Nami uses her weapon from Weatheria to produce a thunder cloud. They casually exit the bar as lightning erupts and does unseen damage.

Fake Luffy angrily staggers out of the bar's smoking door. He commands his crew to find and kill them. Later, Robin is seen avoiding mysterious pursuers.