Meet the fosters jesus and lexi

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

The Fosters (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and Jesus Adams Foster 53 episodes, 'The Fosters' Season 1 Episode 6 Spoilers: Jesus and Lexi's Parents . a group therapy session for foster children and meets someone with a. Lexi Rivera is a recurring character on the Freeform series, The Fosters. After school, she meets Jesus at the beach and they decide to abstain from sex for.

When Lexi gets to the beach, Jesus doesn't show up, because he thinks that what they're doing is wrong, upsetting Lexi. Later, in the girls' bathroom, Lexi is applying lipstick and Jesus walks in and kisses her. Lexi and Mariana try to convince Lena to bejewel the top of the dress, to which she agrees. When they arrive home, Mariana asks if Lexi can stay for dinner, and Lexi smiles at Jesus.

After dinner, Lexi joins Callie and Mariana in their room to put gifts in the gift bags. Lexi goes to the bathroom to see Jesus, where they kiss.

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

Lexi is increasingly uncomfortable with lying to Mariana about their relationship, suggesting that they tell her. Jesus agrees to, but wants to wait until after the party. Jesus and Lexi dancing outside. She is upset with Lexi and argues with her.

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

Lexi contemplates leaving after her fight with Mariana, but Jesus convinces her to stay. During the slideshow portion of the party, Lexi and Mariana are reminded of their friendship, and smile at each other, making up. Jesus takes Lexi outside, where they dance. The Morning After Lexi and Jesus before having unprotected sex.

Lexi and Jesus are in Lexi's bedroom, kissing. They decide to have sex because her parents weren't home, but they didn't use protection. The next morning, Lexi is afraid that she'll get pregnant. She asks Kelsey at school for the Morning After pill, but neither her or Jesus are able to get the pill. Eventually, Stef gives Lexi the pill without telling Lena.

The next day at school, Lexi apologizes to Lena and thanks her for the pill. After school, she meets Jesus at the beach and they decide to abstain from sex for now. Saturday Lexi and her parents have dinner at the Fosters' to discuss a church camp they're planning to send Jesus and Lexi to.

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However, when a drunk and angry Mariana comes home after finding out that Lexi and Jesus had sex, she tells Lexi's previously unaware parents, ruining any chance of Jesus going to the camp and causing a rift between the two families.

In a flashback in episode 9, when she first met the twins, it is shown that she has a very caring nature despite her tough appearance. At the end of episode 1x10, Stef and Lena are officially married, legally cementing their long-term union of ten years. Stef is very strong and tough, but is also very funny and loving. Callie initially doesn't feel comfortable around her due to her position as a cop, but gradually forms a close bond with her. While Stef likes to act tough around everyone, especially Lena, it is shown that she cares a great deal about her wife and family, although she won't hesitate to discipline her kids if need be.

While neither she or Stef are really the dominant one in their relationship, Lena has a more motherly nature. She is good with kids and tries often to reason with her kids more so than punish them, despite Stef's usually "quick to act" nature. She is the biracial vice principal of the charter school the kids attend. In episode 8, she and Stef get into a fight about Lena wanting to be married and never discussing it, showing that while she is more a lover than a fighter she will defend herself, but more so around Stef than anyone else.

It was Lena who decided to take Callie in after she was released from the juvenile detention center. Lena is very aware of the people around her and takes on the role of caring mother to all of the kids.

She is artificially inseminated with co-worker Timothy's sperm, desiring to have a biological child of her own, and finds out she is pregnant shortly afterwards in the season 1 finale. However, in season 2, she is diagnosed with life-threatening pre-eclampsia and, consequently, loses the baby.

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

He is the more laid-back of the twins. He had ADHDfor which he took medication.

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After a fainting spell caused by his pills in "House and Home", he decided with the suggestion of Mike to join the wrestling team to cope with negative effects of ADHD. He is close with his sister as they were both in the foster care system and he acted as her protector; however their personalities and values clash occasionally, causing many arguments.

He even went as far to take the blame for her selling his pills to have money for their birth mom, Ana, who he feels disgust and resentment towards because she chose drugs over him and his sister.

He starts dating Mariana's childhood best friend Lexi, in "Consequently" after defending her from a guy.

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

He falls out with his sister in "Quinceanera" when she finds out he's been secretly dating Lexi and feels betrayed by Jesus for doing so. They make up in "The Fall-Out". He has sex with Lexi once in "The Morning After".

Lexi Rivera

His relationship with Lexi is on hold when she moves back to Honduras because her grandmother is sick and her family cannot find a way back as they are undocumented immigrants. He eventually moves on from their relationship and falls into a love triangle between wrestling mate Emma and popular girl Hayley. He is a quiet child with somewhat more optimistic views on foster homes than Callie, though he has been moved from foster home to foster home along with his sister and been abused as well.

Once he is moved into the Fosters' home, he quickly begins to adjust to the new lifestyle and becomes more talkative and energetic. At school, he develops a close friendship with a handsome and kind-hearted boy named Connor, a growing relationship which prompts Jude to begin questioning his sexuality.

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

He deals with the emotional impact of Callie becoming close to her biological family, but realizes that she will always be with him no matter what. He later develops a romance with his best friend, Connor, and the two begin dating in the season 2 finale.

In the mid-season 3 finale the two admit they love each other for the first time after Connor considers moving to Los Angeles to live with his more accepting mother. Then a little more after that Taylor asked if Jude wanted to go to church then meets a boy named Noah then he asks Jude if he wants to try pot so they are not allowed to see each other.

Portrayed by David Lambert [2] [5] Brandon Foster season 1—present is the year-old son of Stef and her ex-husband, Mike. He is one of Callie's love interests.