Meet other starseeds and lightworkers healing

meet other starseeds and lightworkers healing

What does it mean to be a starseed or lightworker, and what is the core mission? will help people understand the new world they find themselves living in, . That's why you feel smarter after you shift, release and heal – the. The Soul Matrix - A wide spectrum of ascension, energy clearing and healing resources and tools for Starseeds and Lightworkers. This website is dedicated to Energy Healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds and anyone going What is your role in shifting our 3D Timeline-Matrix into something very different? Find out how. How can I make sense of all these different energy classifications and . Robin began an intense path toward healing and began to find joy.

I have many clients who are burned out incarnate angels. All it takes is one look at their sweet angelic faces — faces that show great pain and disconnect, instead of innocence and love. She had felt like life had nothing left for her. Life had picked and pulled her apart, and she felt every bit of it.

Robin began an intense path toward healing and began to find joy and purpose in her life again. Wise Ones Wise One energy is sometimes misleading. The Wise Ones I know often have difficult lives.

meet other starseeds and lightworkers healing

They believe in a great balance to the universe, which balances joy with pain and good with bad. Wise ones include astrologers, shaman, wiccans, pagans, and other energy types that focus on energy balancing in the universe. We are to my favorite energy type — the star seed. These are my kind of people! And working with them comes so naturally. To make a star seed really easy to understand, think of it this way: For our purposes, a Star Seed on earth is a soul who has come to earth from a different system.

There are billions of systems in the collective consciousness of our universe, and I can only speak of a few. The main ones I see in my healing practice are: Agron, Typhon, Siruis, Polaris, and the Pleidian system.

meet other starseeds and lightworkers healing

There are countless others. That means they are on assignment on earth, and inhabit a human body. They are not human. In my healing practice, I have clients who come from systems that differ so greatly from earth that they encounter a powerful shock to their system when they are assigned or volunteer to serve on earth.

Every being is the same. So despite her female body, she has never been able to identify as a woman. This means that on her home system, Laura is an elemental and is deeply connected to her planet. This elemental energy remains part of her core as she travels to earth as a Star Seed. In this manner, beings can be two different types of energy. I myself am a Star Seed Incarnate Angel. While on earth, I have many of the characteristics of the Incarnate Angel, yet, I am a very old soul who has lived on many, many systems: I love doing Soul Readings or Soul Regressions and helping Star Seeds travel through light, space and time to discover the truth about their origin.

Star Seeds are on assignment on earth. There is a great awakening right now on earth, and Star Seeds play an integral part of this shift.

Some star seeds are here to collect, record and transmit data relating to the shift of earth and humanity. Other star seeds are here to actually help activate human DNA and help humanity shift into the Age of Aquarius. Many Star Seeds have dreams or memories of traveling to a meeting place or ship at night. They reconnect to their own native beings and this reconnection helps them function better on earth.

During a soul regression, a Star Seed named Valorie an amazing healer and intuitive herself — www. She was simply Light and then she was a separating Light.

She could see the growing fetus beneath her, and she could remember her resistance to incarnating into that human vessel. I was so happy and peaceful. I did not want to go. I did not want to take a form or limitation in any way. In her reading, I saw such a strong connection between Starla and sacred geometry and numerology. Starla had never heard of sacred geometry but she had been having strange dreams of shapes.

However, after that reading, she literally transformed into Neo of the Matrix. Starla now sees everything in code. She is one of the most powerful numerologists I have ever met. And she was just a star seed — awaiting activation, and once that happened, it was pure magic. I know she is on this earth to serve with her gifts, but for right now, she prefer to stay anonymous. Recently, I connected to another intuitive named Pollyanna and just like her name, this girl is innocence and magic.

My logical brain had trouble believing what I was intuiting, but I was very clearly told PollyAnna had an innate ability for telekinesis. You can connect with Pollyanna here: There are many ways this will happen. Star Seeds are healers and teachers, and they will work one on one and in groups.

Star Seeds often incarnate into biological DNA lines that must shift and heal, so often times, one or perhaps both of the star seeds earthly parents will have disease, addiction or other limiting conditions. And by age two, she had diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder, expressive and receptive language delays, severe organic ADHD, and a sensory processing disorder. One pediatrician told me that Avery would require institution level care by age 7.

Fortunately, I knew a little about energy and could work within the crystal energy phase and the elemental energy type to help Avery heal. While in some rare cases you have Pleiadians, Sirians or other ETs that have incarnated here or entered a human body to help specifically, in many cases these terms actually refer to the soul aspects that are waking up inside you, offering you guidance and understanding.

Your soul can be made up of a composite of soul aspects or pieces. The more soul aspects making up your soul, the stronger it will be. According to Pleiadian teachings, a Christed soul, which is the highest level of consciousness within our cosmos, is comprised ofsoul aspects.

So the term Christ is actually a title, and if you reach that level of enlightenment Christ will be added to your name. The idea of a Christed soul actually stems from how souls were created at the very dawn of creation, around the time of the Elohim. In our joy and rapture of separating and then joining again in tantric union, one event of tantric union sawsouls merge in spontaneous tantric union, creating the Sonship or the Christed soul. In a nutshell, you could say thatsouls collectively are God as we think of God, while anothersouls make up the Sonship.

The Sonship souls are the ones that get to incarnate on earth and other physical dimensions in creation. Each soul can further split intopieces and those pieces can further split intopieces, enabling you to have multiple incarnations across multiple dimensions and realities, at the same time.

The Holographic Field The main reason for this entire waking up of soul aspects is the holographic or morphic field. Read more about the holographic field here.

When kinesiology was first discovered a few decades back, it was really a growth surge for those of us in the spiritual and energy healing fields, because it was the first scientifically replicable energy healing technique and modality. This meant that it gained mainstream awareness and impact, mainly through sports science medicine.

InSir David Hawkins released his pivotal book, Power vs. One of the key replicable and scientifically recognized findings was the existence of the morphic or holographic field.

Sir David was not the only person to discuss these ideas though: All of them share similar concepts: In a nutshell, the morphic field is like the Internet of all knowledge, and our minds are like devices that can plug into this field and extract energy and information. Like Dorothy arriving in Oz, suddenly everything had color. As each of these higher aspects wakes up, you experience a broader range of knowledge than you previously could extract from the morphic field.

You are smarter and you also see more. Are you still with us? This is where it gets trickier… The Age of Aquarius is expanding the amount of information available in the morphic field, so some of the soul aspects that are waking up inside you now are actually allowing you to THINK certain pieces of information on earth for the first time. If it had to happen on a level that you could see, it would be like waking up one morning to find out there are five new colors and fifteen new shades or variations in every existing color.

Lightworkers… Earth Angels… Starseeds… Is There a Difference?

All the scales of understanding of information on earth are expanding in this way. Air replaced wood and metal because the enhancement of knowledge in the morphic field allowed the abstract concept of air to become tangible in the human experience.

So as each of the frontrunners of thought becomes aware has an awareness of these new thoughts, they anchor it further into the morphic field, making it even easier for others to think. Over time, as enough people incorporate new concepts, it becomes a normative level of thinking and the whole of society can accept it — and it only takes a limited few of us to kick start that process.

Kinesiology has an explanation for how this works: If you are only midway up the Human Consciousness Scale, the thoughts and energy you put out are still compensating for hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people. It grows exponentially as you rise up the scale. Over the long term, what this will mean for humanity as a whole is that the stuff we previously thought of as rare and out of reach will become much more commonplace, including psychic and intuitive abilities, healing, miracles and more.

Starseeds: Understanding Your Mission & Roles On Earth | Spirit Science

Through our combined and cumulative personal growth we will create a network and web of positive energy that adjusts the morphic field of the planet in favour of light. It really is quite beautiful: Remember, your soul aspects will be drawn from oversouls that already have a number of recursions playing out: In a sense, you may be living many lifetimes at the same moment in the energy continuum, and each vibrational shift resonates across all your lives. By healing and raising vibration now, you are also healing your past and future selves.

The most important aspect to keep in mind as you learn and adjust through the shift is your personal empowerment.

meet other starseeds and lightworkers healing

We continually have choice about what knowledge we choose to digest or discard, and we have the ability to adjust our perception of events or external stimulus in order to change our understanding. Any categories we apply to ourselves simply help us identify and enhance abilities that are inherent in us already. We are the creators of our experience.

Roles of the lightworker A lightworker does not need to be Christian. In fact many lightworkers explore multiple faiths, blending aspects into their own personal rituals and discarding what does not resonate. Most lightworkers identify as spiritual more than religious.

While the parable of Jesus provides a storyline that many can follow, the concepts presented here apply to people of any faith. You can be a savior, creator, messiah AND unifier. Today, we call that shifting, releasing and healing.

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When you get down to the nuts and bolts of healing, basically all healing can be facilitated through forgiveness, so Jesus did a massive healing session on the world by forgiving everything, and then he released the effects of the shift through his own body. So this time around there are lots of us and we each shift as much as we can.

God gives us the pain because we can shift it and then bounce back and still put good into the world. As one of the saviors, you are correct in thinking that most normal people would die if they had to survive what you have. This is also how your personal stuff matters to the global shift: Read more about being an empath here. Conscious Co-Creators In order to understand conscious co-creators, you must understand two things: As Creators we are here to create the new world of love and light so that it is ready for paradise on earth, by changing the morphic field of the planet.

By making better decisions, and by not perpetuating the pain and trauma that has carried on down so many family lines, we are creating a new experience of life on earth, both for future generations and ourselves. Up until this point, the whole of creation has been about breaking the God energy that everything is made of into smaller and smaller pieces.

Even your thoughts break that energy down into smaller pieces, because even your thoughts are made of the same God stuff. While you reject any thought you hold that part of creation away from you, and you are unable to utilize the energy of that element because it is separated from you. Of course the hardest part of this activity is our reaction to polarity and duality.

For almost every belief or opinion that you might hold, there is always someone whose ideas conflict.