Martha and mary meet jesus christmas

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martha and mary meet jesus christmas

At the Home of Martha and Mary - As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to. In the Gospel account of Mary, Martha and Jesus we see an example of Last month I was at a meeting of Poor Clare nuns from the Eastern and Midwestern states. This year we decided to no longer make Christmas cards. Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary refers to an episode in the life of Jesus which appears Christ in the House of Martha and Mary – an early work by the Spanish painter Velázquez; Christ in the House of Martha and Mary – by Johannes.

Who are Mary and Martha in the Bible?

martha and mary meet jesus christmas

When most people read this story, they often imagine a harried housewife complaining about her lazy sister. Both women are engaged in different aspects of ministryor ways of following Jesus and his teachings. The story illustrates how householders should treat visiting teachers.

martha and mary meet jesus christmas

We are told that Jesus loved all three siblings John Both women figure significantly in the story: Martha confesses that Jesus is the Messiah John Here, Judas criticizes her for wasting money, but Jesus commends her.

All four Gospels contain stories of a woman who anoints Jesus; only John names her as Mary of Bethany. Who are Mary and Martha in Christian Tradition? The sisters appear in many postbiblical traditions. Early Christians often interpreted Luke Some later texts and artifacts depict the sisters at the cross and resurrection.

martha and mary meet jesus christmas

This tradition endures in the Orthodox icon of the holy myrrh -bearing women, including Mary, Martha, and Mary Magdalene. The gospels name only one Martha, but multiple Marys: Jesus replies, "Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things.

I can hear myself asking friends, "Do you want this or that? However, we can also read it as Jesus' desire to have Martha put aside the formalities of hospitality and come and listen to what He has to say. I hear an urgency in Jesus words and wonder what Jesus wanted to talk to them about.

martha and mary meet jesus christmas

It leaves me wishing that I could have been part of the conversation with Jesus, Martha and Mary. That is often the way when we visit friends; we want them to be with us immediately. We want to share news and look forward to their attentive presence. Their friendship is a special gift in our lives.


Have I shared my deepest life experiences with Him? At other times, when I am willing to sit at the feet of the Lord and listen, I become aware of changes I need to make in my own attitude and behavior. Often I need to change my hopes and desires in order to welcome God's kingdom. Our Poor Clare community life is at one of those periodic points of change.

Mary and Martha - 5 Lessons Everyone Can Learn from this Bible Story

We are aging and find that we cannot do as many activities as we did when we were younger. This year we decided to no longer make Christmas cards. In the past I have always chosen the designs and organized the printing, advertising, packaging and mailing of the cards. I rebelled against these changes; it is taking some time for me to adjust and move forward with other plans. I wanted Jesus to make us young and strong again and able to do numerous projects.

When I found myself praying, "Jesus, tell the other sisters to try harder," I felt like Martha. I did not want to see us let go of some of our activities. Then one of our sisters had a stroke, and I found myself sitting at the Lord's feet where I cried for my sister and our future. Slowly, I began to quiet down enough to listen. As I became quiet and attentive, I was able to trust God.

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A calm presence settled within me. Since we have given up some of our previous activities, we have time to be with our sister as she slowly recovers. And by caring for our sister, we understand more intimately people's need when they call us for prayers.