Gossip girl do rufus and lily meet their song

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gossip girl do rufus and lily meet their song

All 5 songs featured in Gossip Girl season 3 epsiode 5: Rufus Lily and Rufus decide to move up their wedding to the next day, but will. The spawn of Lily and Rufus is here! Young actor Chris Riggi will appear in the Gossip Girl finale as Scott, the long-lost love child of Lily (Kelly. Dan was almost (accidentally) revealed as Gossip Girl in the very Lily's character, she really tried to make it work with Rufus but at the And then we realized that Jack and Georgina had never met, and so we had the opportunity to have Why did you use the final song of Sex and the City finale as your.

She had better taste than that! You don't see me coming, but here I am. I'm taking back you. For some reason, she couldn't take her eyes off of him. When the song ended, he winked at her, then turned his attention back to the crowd in general.

However, we will be touring with them for the rest of the tour, so hopefully eventually some of you will start coming out to see Lincoln Hawk as well! If you like what you heard tonight, our self-titled album is for sale with the Nine Inch Nails merchandise for ten dollars. Thank you all again! Nine Inch Nails will be on in just a few minutes! Lily shot him a half smile in return, then Rufus headed back stage and the stage lights went out, leaving the stage in darkness for the set switch.

Had Jenny seen her staring? I said, how did you like them? As in Lincoln Hawk! Lily blushed, hoping the dimly lit arena hid her blush. They're a far cry from Nine Inch Nails though. Did you like them? Is my makeup still good? They hoped it wouldn't be too long.

gossip girl do rufus and lily meet their song

Not that your parents would have ever named you after my best friend's cousin. Your father and I didn't even meet until four years ago. I never knew your mother. Everyone had been too stuffed after dinner to try out his double chocolate cake he had made.

And here he had been so excited about making his first cake from scratch. Everyone shook their heads. Please, tell us more," Scott begged. Jenny nodded, and rested her head on Scott's shoulder. Rufus nodded at her. I'll tell some of it later. Nine Inch Nails came on shortly after, and Jenny and I had a blast, dancing on our chairs and singing along. We kept getting asked to get off the chairs. We would at first, but we kept getting back on the chairs, and security finally gave up.

I think everyone ended up dancing on their chairs. They couldn't kick us all out! I took five rolls of pictures. I knew they'd never all make it into the school paper, but I didn't care. I was crazy about Trent, and Jenny was crazy about Chris. Lily grinned, and grabbed Jenny's arms in return. Jenny then nodded towards the back where the tour buses were. They found the buses, and waited not so patiently with the rest of the fans who had the same idea.

Jenny could get vicious when she wanted something bad enough. The poor girl must have sensed it, because she backed right off.

The first to come out was Lincoln Hawk. Jenny didn't even bother with them.

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Most of the teeny boppers were all over them already anyway. However, one lone member walked right over to them. Lily watched in surprised and half in horror as Rufus walked right over to her with a big smile on his face. Did you enjoy the show? Who was he to act like he knew her?

Valley Girls

Just because she was pretty and in the front row didn't mean he could get something out of her. She was no groupie. At least not for Lincoln Hawk. She had seen his type before many times.

You have a long way to go though. I mean, after all, you are just an opening act. Are you coming to any of our other shows? We have the day off tomorrow, but we're doing a show in Hartford. I only had tickets for this show. They were front row. She kept her calm. She didn't need anything from him. She wasn't going to turn to putty in his hands just because he was cute. He was probably used to girls falling at his feet, but she was not going to be a statistic. Don't tell me you don't want to see Nine Inch Nails again.

It's front row again to Nine Inch Nails! Imagine how jealous everyone will be of us! And, you'll get to see Trent again, and I'll get to see Chris! He's getting us backstage too, hello! Rufus grinned; apparently having heard anyway. It's too good of an opportunity to pass up! But My name is Lily; not Lil. I'm Lily Rhodes, and this is Jenny Franklin. Thanks for the tickets.

See you in two days. I only accepted the tickets so we can meet the band. And by the band, I don't mean Lincoln Hawk! He's kind of cute! Lily gently pushed her away.

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He's not that hot. They laughed, and waited a half hour more in case Nine Inch Nails came out, but the band never came out. With a sigh, the girls gave up and headed back to the car. I'll believe it when I see it! He'll come through," Jenny said as she pulled the car out of the lot. That Rufus has the hots for you? Then, she gave up.

She put her eyes back on the road then sang along just as loudly with Lily. You were harsh, mom! Just wait for it! He looked at Lily. I'm surprised I even bothered. You were too beautiful to give up on though. I was in denial," she said to Eric. She then turned to Rufus, and gently stroked his cheek. No one wants to see their parents making out," Serena complained. Lily smiled, and wrapped her arms around him. Keep going with the story! It's getting so good. Lily broke the kiss this time.

Lily smirked, and continued the story. I got a big reminder once I arrived home. Why are the police at your house? She must have fallen asleep, because the music was off, and they were now at her house. Sure enough, there was a cop car in the driveway, its red and blue lights flashing. Lily shook her head. Go home before you're too tired to drive. I'll call your cell later. I'll call you, I promise! Jenny took off then, and Lily found her mother and two officers sitting in the living room.

The two officers were sitting on the couch with a pad of paper and a pen. There was a tray with two mugs of coffee, creamer, and a container of sugar on the coffee table, along with two mugs filled with coffee. Cece was sitting on a chair in front of the couch, her hands wringing together. The officers looked up at her at the same time Cece did. Cece jumped out of her chair. Where on earth were you? I was worried sick when you didn't come home from school!

You called the cops? When you didn't come home from school, I expected the worst!

gossip girl do rufus and lily meet their song

You could have been kidnapped for all I know! Lily raised an eyebrow. Meanwhile, Blair feels disconcerted while dancing with Nate and ends their relationship by the end of the night.

Blair explains to Serena that after completing high school with Nate, he feels like simply a high school boyfriend. The girls reminisce about growing up together through crazy times, like sisters. Lily apologizes to Rufus and CeCe. Rufus expresses concern that Lily is too unpredictable and too much like her mother. CeCe remains indifferent, but agrees to return to Lily's home. Throughout the episode, dialogue and objects prompt Lily to recall the events of her own first arrest. Carol, an aspiring actress, had rejected the Rhode's upscale life and moved a year earlier to the San Fernando Valley.

Carol and Shep are in the midst of a dispute with Keith van der Woodsen Matt Barrthe rich, antagonistic director of Shep's music video in which Carol stars, and are headed to his party to confront him for raising his price and holding the video hostage. When Lily asks why Carol does not simply use their father's company, Carol insists she does not want anyone to know of their privileged background.

When the antagonism escalates to a fight at the party, security arrests Owen and Lily although Carol and Shep manage to escape.

From jail, Lily calls CeCe.

gossip girl do rufus and lily meet their song

CeCe calls her daughters irresponsible. Carol, who has come to pay Lily's bail, overhears Lily defend Carol's lifestyle. Inside the envelope, she finds a note S- Memories fade, a video is forever. G Attached to the note is a flash drive, which Serena puts onto her computer. Instantly a video begins playing and footage of her that she never knew was being taken with a guy begins to play.

Shocked, she hides the flash drive in the pocket of a pair of jeans in her drawer and attempts to leave the suite. On her way out, she runs into Lily; who informs her that if she invited someone to their dinner, she's expected to say. Georgina emerges from behind Lily and reminds Serena that she asked her to come. She kisses Serena's cheek and asked if she got her present.

At the loft, Jenny sees a GG blast about her losing her virginity to Asher. Dan demands to know if it's true and she answers that it's private before saying it's not true. However, she asks him not to say anything to anyone and he wonders why she would want her friends to think she's sleeping with a gay guy. She tells him that that was just a rumor but he admits he saw it; and Jenny realizes he sent the tip in. She lies that she knew about it the whole time and Dan asks why she would let him use her.

Jenny argues that she was using him too and she tells him to stop being so judgmental. However, Serena cuts the call short despite Blair insisting it's important.

She sits back down and they begin to talk about Lily's engagement to Bart. Georgina notes that they all look happy; especially because Serena has Dan and Eric has a boyfriend. Confused, Lily asks about Eric's boyfriend and Georgina explains that she saw him kissing him outside St.

Serena tells her to stop and she awkwardly says she didn't realize they weren't aware Eric wasn't dating a boy. Lily says there must be a mistake because Eric isn't gay but he says nothing to deny it. Lily tears up and Eric leaves the table, followed by Serena. At the loft, Jenny goes to leave; reminding Rufus about her choir practice but he reveals that he knows about the party.

She says she has to go since she's throwing the party but Rufus informs her that she will have to call Asher and cancel. However, she refuses to and tells him that he can't make her do anything.

He asks if she really wants to lose his respect and she says she's sorry before leaving. At The Palace, Serena comes into Eric's room in time to hear him end a phone call. She asks who he was talking to and he admits that Chuck has been a good friend to him through all this.

He also says that he wanted to tell her but didn't know how. She apologizes for Georgina and for not being there for him since she came back. He explains that he met a guy at Ostroff who was going through the same things he was; but now that guy is dating Jenny.

She hugs him, and says she will love him no matter what. He then tells her that he's going to Asher's party because there's one more person he needs to talk to. At Asher's, Blair arrives and goes in search of Asher to return his phone. Meanwhile, Serena goes to Vanessa's diner to see Dan and he says now she can meet Sarah.

Georgina emerges and Dan introduces the two. Serena asks to talk to Dan in private but Georgina tells them to stay because Vanessa was about to show them one of her movies.

She explains that she is sort of a filmmaker too and offers to show them one she made. Serena asks Dan to get her a coffee and once he's out of earshot, she orders Georgina to put her flash drive away. Georgina reminds her that this is a friendly game and if she outs her, she will show Dan the whole video; including what happened after Serena heavily petted the other guy. Vanessa and Dan arrive back at the table and Georgina says she got too shy about showing her video.

Elise runs up and tells them Blair is there just as Blair pulls Asher aside to return his phone.

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He tells her that whatever she saw isn't what it looks like and she says that the texts and photos he exchanged proved it's more than friendship. She continues that he's lucky that the guy is someone she cares about so she won't use them against him and Jenny; but at that moment, Eric and Jenny approach. Eric asks Asher who's going to tell Jenny and announces that he was the one Asher kissed that morning. Asher orders Jenny to tell everyone that they were together all morning, and she says they were.

Eric says that he's gay and so is Asher. He hurls a gay slur at Eric and Eric tells Blair to go ahead and expose them, which she does by sending everything to Gossip Girl. Meanwhile, Lily and Rufus talk about what happened to Eric that night.