Defeat sun quan and zhou tai before they meet once a year

Romance of the Three Kingdoms : chapter15

Most playable characters when defeating the enemy officer. Fight me if you Prepare to meet your ancestors! . They are the one that struct down Zhang Liang! Lu Bu. Lu Xun so young. Zhou Tai. Fear the Tiger of Jiang Dong! Sun Jian. In his most desperate hour, Sun Quan puts his faith in Lu Xun, but Around the beginning the year, I appeared on the Sinica Podcast, When we defeated Guan Yu, Lu Xun was the one who came up with all the ideas. the two generals presently in charge — Han Dang and Zhou Tai — were shocked. By the time Lu Xun actually arrived at the front, no one was prepared to accept his authority. When Lu Xun held his first meeting in the command tent, the commanders The assembled commanders kept silent until Zhou Tai said, "At this time the Facing their demand, Lu Xun took Sun Quan's sword and cried harshly.

The troops defending Xu Province are not a cause for concern because they can be easily overcome. However, the terrain there is very accessible by land and is suitable for the deployment of cavalry forces. Even if you manage to conquer Xu Province now, Cao Cao will definitely come to claim it back later.

By then, even if we have 70, to 80, men to defend the province, we will still need to be worried. Why do we not attack Guan Yu instead? If we succeed, we will have the Yangtze River to our advantage and our prowess will increase significantly. I am often ill. Now, I request to return to Jianye under the guise of seeking medical treatment.

When Guan Yu learns that I have left Jing Province, he will definitely withdraw the backup forces and move all out towards Xiangyang. When that happens, our troops will sail along the river, travelling day and night, and swiftly attack the weakly defended territories. We can thus conquer Nan Commandery and capture Guan Yu. Guan Yu's troops increased in numbers after his victory so he lacked food supplies. He sent his men to seize grain from one of Sun Quan's depots along the Xiang River.

On the journey, they captured the watchtowers set up by Guan Yu along the river to prevent the defenders from learning of their approach. Guan Yu was totally unaware of this.

Earlier on, Guan Yu had punished Mi Fang for negligently causing some weapons to be destroyed in a fire. Although the incident was over, Mi Fang still feared Guan Yu. He also gave strict orders to his men, forbidding them from disturbing the people.

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He shed tears after that. He also ordered the treasury in the commandery office to be sealed up while they awaited Sun Quan's arrival. When the messengers returned to Guan Yu, they spread the word that their families were well. Guan Yu and his son Guan Ping were captured by Sun Quan's forces in an ambush and subsequently executed. Sun Quan laughed and said: You have achieved victory but haven't received any reward yet, so how can you leave now? He became ill again before he was enfeoffed as a marquis.

He had also asked for a simple funeral. Whenever he issued orders, he had to verbally instruct his subordinates or ask someone to help him write. Gan Ning also infuriated Sun Quan on a number of occasions when he defied his lord's orders. Fierce generals like Gan Ning are hard to come by. You should tolerate him.

In return, Gan Ning served Sun Quan faithfully until his death. They have obtained wealth and glory, yet they are willing to pick up reading and scholarly pursuits. They view material wealth lightly and value righteousness.

When he grew older, he became more knowledgeable and resourceful, and was second to Gongjinbut less capable in debate and literary arts as compared to Gongjin. When he defeated and captured Guan Yuhe did better than Lu Zijing.

Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends - Zhou Tai FAQ

Deceiving Hao Pu and capturing Guan Yu — those were his finest moments. Initially, he was rash and reckless, but eventually he managed to exercise self-restraint.

Yu Fanan officer under Wang Lang, advised his lord to avoid Sun Ce since they were weaker in terms of military strength. During his march through Wu Commandery, Sun Ce used the opportunity to rally support from his connections in the region. Sun Ce's uncle, Sun Jingresponded and joined him at Qiantang. Wang Lang's army was stationed at Guling, where Sun Ce attempted several times to force his way through but failed. Sun Ce then heeded Sun Jing's suggestion and arranged for his uncle to lead a detachment south to a river crossing at Zhadu County southwest of present-day Xiaoshan DistrictZhejiang.

That night, Sun Ce then ordered his remaining troops to light the usual number of campfires even though they had less troops, so as to create an illusion that his army's strength was still the same. While Wang Lang was taken by surprise, Sun Ce's forces quickly established a position across the river.

Initially, Wang Lang attempted to organise a retreat and regroup his troops, so he sent Zhou Xin to hold the line against Sun Ce's attack.

Sun Ce defeated and killed Zhou Xin, forcing Wang Lang to abandon his territories and escape south to Dongye by sailing along the coast. Wang Lang later surrendered to Sun Ce and spent two years in the region before returning to the Han central government in Xuchang. BySun Ce had already established a strong foothold in the Jiangdong region, so he broke ties with his former ally Yuan Shu, and planned to expand his territorial boundaries.

InYuan Shu sent a messenger to Zu Lang, a bandit leader in Danyang Commandery, promising to grant him an official post if he would oppose Sun Ce. He appointed himself as the Administrator of Danyang Commandery and moved to Jing County, where he amassed a large number of Shanyue followers. Although Sun Ce almost lost his life in an earlier battle against Zu Lang before he started his conquests, he spared Zu Lang and allowed him to serve as his subordinate.

Sun Ce freed Taishi Ci and succeeded in persuading him to be his subordinate. With his victory, Sun Ce gained control over the six counties west of Jing County and fully secured three commanderies in the Jiangdong region.

Around the time, Liu Yao had died of illness in Yuzhang Commandery, leaving behind more than 10, followers. Sun Ce sent Taishi Ci to recruit them, saying that it was purely voluntary for Liu Yao's men to join him.

When Sun Ce asked Taishi Ci how many men he wanted to bring along with him, the latter replied that he needed only ten men. Sun Ce's aides suspected that Taishi Ci would not return, but Sun Ce said that if Taishi Ci deserted him, he would have no one else to turn to. Sun Ce personally saw Taishi Ci off, held his hand and asked him when he would come back. Taishi Ci replied that he would return within 60 days. As promised, Taishi Ci did return on time and brought along with him several of Liu Yao's followers.

Sun Ce breaking relations with Yuan Shu[ edit ] See also: Despite having been in the Huai River region in present-day Anhui for years, Yuan Shu did not make any great achievements. Instead, he oppressed the people and disrupted agricultural production with his policies. Although he did not have a good record of successes in battles against rival warlords, he still insisted on becoming emperor against the advice of his followers.

But their leaders fell: Thus Sun Ce got possession of Moling. Having calmed the people, he sent his soldiers away to Jingxian, where Taishi Ci was in command. Taishi Ci had assembled two thousand recruits in addition to his own troops for the purpose of avenging his master.

Sun Ce and Zhou Yu on the other hand consulted how to capture him alive. Some distance off an ambush shall be prepared, when Taishi Ci, his men fatigued and horses spent, shall fall an easy victim.

Beside, the walls of the city were pitiably low. One night Sun Ce ordered Chen Wu to strip off his long dress, leave his arms save a dagger, clamber up the ramparts, and set fire to the city. Seeing the flames spreading, Taishi Ci made for the east gate and, as soon as he got outside, Sun Ce followed in pursuit.

The pursuit was maintained for some fifteen miles when the pursuers stopped. Taishi Ci went on as long as possible, finally halting to rest in a spot surrounded by reeds. Suddenly a tremendous shouting arose. Taishi Ci was just starting when tripping ropes arose all round, his horse was thrown and he found himself a prisoner.

Taishi Ci was taken back to camp. As soon as Sun Ce heard the news, he himself rode out to order the guards to leave the prisoner, whose bonds he loosened with his own hands. Then he took off his own embroidered robe and put it on the captive. They entered the camp together. Sun Ce laughed also and they entered his tent, where Taishi Ci was placed in the seat of honor at a banquet. Under the smart of this defeat they will turn against him, and they would be a great help to you.

I will make an agreement with you that at midday tomorrow you will return. All the generals said he would never return. None of the officers believed he would come back. But the next day they set up a bamboo rod in the gate of the camp, and just as the shadow marked noon Taishi Ci returned, bringing with him about a thousand troops.

Sun Ce was pleased, and his officers had to confess that he had rightly judged his man. Sun Ce thus marched his army to the South Land, and his enemies fled or surrendered before his force.

He had now several legions and the southeast of the Great River was his. He improved the conditions of the people and maintained order so that his adherents and supporters daily increased.

He was called Sun Ce the Bright. Gladness filled the country side. The soldiers who had followed Liu Yao were kindly treated. And thus Sun Ce won the respect and praise of everyone and became very powerful. Sun Ce then settled his mother and the remainder of the family in Que, setting his brother, Sun Quan, and Zhou Tai over the city of Xuancheng. Then he headed an expedition to the south to reduce Wujun. His armies stationed at Wucheng and Jiaxing.

Yan Yu, sword in hand, took his stand on the bridge, and this was reported to Sun Ce, who prepared to accept the challenge. I wish that you should remember your own value. Just as Han Dang reached the bridge, Jiang Qin and Chen Wu, who had dropped down the river in a small boat, passed under the bridge. Though the arrows fell in clouds on the bank, the two men rushed up and fiercely attacked Yan Yu as he stood on the bridge.

Yan Yu fled and Han Dang went in pursuit. But Yan Yu smote up to the west gate of the city into which he entered. Sun Ce laid siege to Wujun both by land and water. For three days no one came out to offer battle. Then at the head of his army, Sun Ce came to the west gate and summoned the warden. An officer of inconsiderable rank came out and stood with one hand resting on a beam while with the other he gave point to his abuse of those below.

Both sides, those on the wall and those below it, marveled and acclaimed at such marksmanship. The wounded man was taken away. He sent his brother Yan Yu out to see Sun Ce, who received him civilly, invited him into the tent, and set wine before him. How dare he put himself on a level with me? Sun Ce commanded to put the messenger to death. His head was hacked off and sent into the city to his brother. This had its effect. Yan Baihu saw resistance was hopeless, so he abandoned Wujun and fled.

Sun Ce pressed the attack. Several other southern cities were fallen. The territory was quickly subdued. Yan Baihu rushed off toward Yuhang in the east, plundering on all sides, till a band of villagers under the leadership of one Ling Cao checked his career of robbery there.

Yan Baihu then fled toward Kuaiji. Ling Cao and his son then went to meet Sun Ce, who took them into his service, and appointed them Commanders as a reward for their service, and the joint forces crossed the Great River. The White Tiger, Yan Baihu, gathered his scattered forces and took up a position at Western Ford, but Cheng Pu attacked him there and scattered the defenders, chasing them as far as Kuaiji.

Sun Ce's conquests in Jiangdong

Sun Ce as a leader is humane and upright, while the White Tiger is a savage ruffian. Rather capture him and offer his person as a peace offering to Sun Ce. Yu Fan withdrew sighing deeply.

And the Governor went to the help of the White Tiger with whom he joined forces at Shanyin. Sun Ce came up. Having got possession of Wujun, you want also my territory. I shall revenge for the Yans! Just as battle was to be joined, Taishi Ci advanced and Wang Lang came toward him waving a sword. Before they had exchanged many passes, Zhou Xin dashed out to help Wang Lang.

Thereupon Huang Gai rode out to make the sides more equal. These latter two were just engaging when the drums rolled on both sides, and a general battle began. Then an attack was made on his flank, so that he was in a hopeless position, and he and Yan Baihu and Zhou Xin, fighting desperately to cut an alley out, only just managed to reach the shelter of the city.

The drawbridges were raised, the gates closed, and preparations made to sustain a siege. Sun Ce followed right up to the walls and then divided his troops so as to attack all four gates.

Seeing that the city was being fiercely attacked, Wang Lang was for making a sortie, but Yan Baihu opposed this as hopeless against so strong a force outside. Wang Lang agreed, and the siege went on. For several days a vigorous attack was maintained, but with little success. But the bulk of their supplies is stored at Chadu, distant only some ten miles. Our best plan is to seize this place, thus attacking where the enemy is unprepared, and doing what they do not expect.

We might prepare a surprise for them. Wang Lang heard that the besiegers had gone, and he went up to the tower to reconnoiter. He saw the fires blazing, the smoke rising, and the pennons fluttering in the breeze as usual and hesitated.

Let us go out and smite them. You two lead the way, and I will follow with reserves. The road led through dense forest.