Chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

Chucky and Tiffany: The Untold Story Chapter 1, a child's play fanfic | FanFiction

chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

throughout the "Child's Play" series and Tiffany finds out what has happened to human Chucky, in the story it shows how she meets Damien. Read Chapter 1 from the story Chucky Meets Annabelle by tattxx with reads . horror, Chucky Meets Annabelle. Fanfiction. Two famous dolls met in a very bloody encounter. If Chucky is a killer doll, his wife Tiffany is a super killer doll. Chucky and Tiff. A/N: This is my first Chucky and Tiffany fic. It's about how they met and may to when she found out about his death. Chapter.

I have to go to school," Tiffany said as she tried to hastily make her over to the front door, only to be stopped by her mother's voice again. The woman growled harshly. A woman spends all day slaving over a hot stove for her man, the least he can do is the dishes! I'll do them as soon as I get back home from school, mom. I promise," Tiffany answered quickly, trying desperately to leave the house. Just as Tiffany was about to open the front door, her mother stopped her again.

The young child slowly turned towards her mother, "Yes, mom? Her mother would always tell her that same, meaningless sentence every time she stepped out of their old trailer house. Tiffany didn't believe in love; hell, she was only ten years old.

The only love she was given was the unwanted love from her father. Love would never set her free from this ongoing madness. This is Tiffany Valentine. I trust you all will make her feel welcomed. Unbeknownst to her though, one of the children stuck their leg out in Tiffany's path, causing her to trip and fall to the floor; her face growing red with embarrassment as the whole room exploded with laughter. She began to frantically pick up her notebooks and papers that fell out of her arms as she quickly got up and sat down in her seat while the teacher continued to scold at the class.

His blue eyes looked into hers as he handed her one of the notebooks she had dropped. The boy shrugged, "No problem.

Tiffany giggled, "Well, it's nice to meet you Eddie and Chucky. Charles shook his head, "No, my name's Charles, not Chucky. So that's what I'm gonna call ya. Little did they know that this was only just the beginning of what was soon to become a sinister relationship. Your review has been posted. Your father met me years ago and turned me into a doll. We got married after killing a couple, and then we met glen few years later and found out he belonged to us. When we met glen he was a doll but i gave birth to him that way.

Glenda was listening very closely. How did you have me? Honey i'm gonna start you off a little early with the "talk" so basically the body i'm in right now never belonged to me. I transfered my soul into this Tiffany was silent in thought.

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Then i did the whole chant and tranfered my body in Jennifer and glen into the baby boy. Glenda heard the word "chant" Hey mom whats the chant? Tiffany didn't know how to tell her without saying it. I can't tell you sweety. If i say it bad things will happen.

chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

Fine, i'm glad we had the talk mom. No problem sweetheart now i'm going out to get us groceries i'll be back in an hour no answering the phone or the door watch T.

chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

V or go on the computer and play games. Where are you off to? I'm going to get some groceries i'll be back in an hour no answering the phone or door understood? Tiffany got her purse and went out and locked the door behind her. Back to Glenda Damnit i need a bandaid! Glenda walked into her mothers room to get a bandaid but spotted something in her mother dresser.

Glenda jumpe on her mom's messy bed with the necklace and looked at it. Oh Crap now what did i do!

chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

Oh no mommy will know i was snooping around her stuff! Glenda quickly put the necklace back where she found it and ran down stairs not even remembering about her bandaid.

I found a cool necklace in mom's room. Did you read the words aloud? All i did was read the words. Don't call me that meany! Then glen and glenda stopped fighting when they heard a loud thud in their mother's room.

Glenda stay quiet and calm Cool i finally get to meet him! Then they both heard footsteps and they both ran under the table cloth. I'm in tiff's house she sure remodeled the place. Chucky continued walking around when her hear a Shhh. He smiled evily knowing that he wasn't alone in the dark house. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and went near the noise. Tiffany moved away from the window and went inside the bathroom to take care of her wound without saying a word.

Chucky removed his shoes and decided to lounge on Tiffany's bed. His blue eyes were ablaze in fury that Tiffany had ignored him. He'd at least expected a compliment for a well done job. His soul no longer resided inside a doll.

He had finally found a human body he could call his own. It had taken him a while especially after getting his opportunity to get rid of Andy and after transferring Alice's soul into her grandmother's body. The little girl ended up suffocating to death in the end. It had brought him irrevocable pleasure in making people suffer these past two years.

Tiffany had wanted them to become a normal family, yet she ignored his human body. Perhaps, the bitch had changed her mind about wanting a normal family. He would never understand women. Tiffany walked back inside her bedroom, a gauze bandage on her neck. She glared at the man lying on her bed. She was not about to let him get away in inflicting scars on her skin and the body she had been taking care of over the last eleven years.

He loved to invade her personal space as he stood only a foot away from his good looking wife. He loved it even more when she didn't push him away. Tiffany tried to ignore the passive aggression in his voice as she took in his ivory skin and black hair tinted with strands of auburn.

His hair was pulled back in a low ponytail. His usual cold blue eyes observed her face for any hint of emotion. Her gaze was still furious, though. I doubt you've been a saint…" He whispered huskily in her ear with an edge of distrust. She did not let passion consume her as she loved how his breath fell upon her ears.

No one has ever touched this body… you already know me, I will only sleep with someone I love. She allowed her eyes to downcast and made a trail with her hand on the lean muscles in his new body, before focusing on the dagger.

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His hand cupped her face vigorously making her gaze meet his own. Tiffany watched as his mouth pressed against hers in a forceful kiss. The rough kiss slowly started being consumed by lust and passion. Tiffany pulled away before his tongue could brush against her own. She looked away from his gaze aware of the goose bumps on her skin.

She was afraid of him forcing her to do things she didn't want. Even though her conscious didn't want to make love with him, her body wanted something else, entirely. Chucky pulled away from her before he lit a cigarette and took a slow drag out of it. Tiffany stayed silent realizing that Chucky was respecting her decision.

He may not be the nicest person, but he would never force himself on a woman. From her many years of living together with Chucky in the past, she knew that he was not a rapist, like her alcoholic father had been. Her cell phone ringtone broke the silence in the room. Tiffany picked up her phone and answered when she noticed that it was Glen.

Do you think dad is nearby? He worried about his mother being alone when his father could arrive and kill her at any moment he wanted. Look everything is fine here, don't worry your dad isn't going to hurt me.

I don't want you to be alone with him. He knew that she sometimes lied to protect them from his scary father. I was just reading a book.

chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

Your father is here, but he's not in the same room. I made sure to lock the door. Don't worry sweet face, I'll be alright. Now try to get some sleep okay. Mommy loves you," Tiffany answered in a sweet voice convincing her son that everything was alright. I love you too.

Tiffany sighed in relief. He watched her nod her head. He hasn't fully gotten over what happened back then. Tiffany stared at him suspiciously before she took out some flannel shorts and a shirt to wear as pajamas. She knew her nightgowns were too indecent for her to wear around her distrustful husband.

Before she closed the door, she heard his voice. When she returned back, the lights were turned off and each went to sleep on their side of the bed. Tiffany ignored the solitude as she clutched the sheets to her body. Her eyes closed a silent tear escaping from her. Many hours later, Tiffany woke up from her frightful nightmare. She had been dreaming about her past, again.

The nightmare had been more dark and twisted than from her real life memories, though. She released a sigh, before noticing that her hand was gripping her husband's hand. She let go of his hand and turned her body to face Charles. She jumped in surprise finding him awake, his blue eyes piercing her brown eyes.