Chuck and sarah first meet

chuck and sarah first meet

Sarah and Chuck have shared kisses under unusual At the end of "Chuck Versus the First Kill", Beckman orders Sarah to lure Chuck to Chuck was initially happy to do so, but by the time he met with her at. Chuck begins his freshman year at Stanford University and meets Bryce Larkin, Sarah passes her CIA "Red Test" by completing her first kill: Evelyn Shaw. Sarah Lisa Bartowski (f/k/a Walker) is the alias of one of the main characters of the television Chuck stated she was 28 years old before he met her father for the first time, and later Gertrude Verbanski had a dossier on her stating she was.

She tells him that she would marry him if he were to propose. Chuck attempted to propose in " Chuck Versus the Balcony " but is repeatedly disrupted. Sarah overhears him discuss the plan with Morgan and recruits Grimes to make sure the next attempt succeeds. However just as Chuck is about to pop the question Sarah is arrested as a setup for an undercover operation. Sarah asks Chuck to elope, but Chuck disagrees, wanting to have a big "family wedding.

Chuck and Sarah marry in " Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger ". She was given false information about her past by Nicholas Quinn, and was under the impression that Chuck used the intersect for evil reasons. Casey later gives Sarah a disc of all of Sarah's video logs from when she was Chuck's handler. After watching the videos, Sarah tells Chuck that she believes his claims, but that she doesn't feel the love for him that he feels for her.

At the end of the series in " Chuck Versus the Goodbye ", Chuck tells Sarah about their story, and Sarah asks Chuck to kiss her, which he does, as the series ends. When he opens the email the Intersect 1. Later Bryce Larkin gives Chuck intersect glasses at the time Chuck believed they were sunglasses that upgrade the intersect with new Intel that was discovered after he Bryce sent Chuck the email. Then on a mission against Fulcrum Chuck has a Fulcrum test intersect downloaded onto his brain.

Later Bryce Larkin is chosen to receive the Intersect 2. The bodyguards accompanying him into the Intersect room were double agents.

When Sarah, Casey, and Chuck come to save him Bryce is shot. In no condition to obtain the Intersect Chuck does it instead by command of Bryce he downloads the Intersect then destroys the upload computer that previously stored the Intersect also on Bryce's command. When the double agents eventually break into the room with Sarah and Casey as hostages Chuck discovers that the intersect contains a program that makes the agent an ultimate Kung Fu, gun firing, ninja star throwing, ETC master!

After the brutal but short fight Chuck says, "I know Kung Fu" this later becomes an unofficial code word which means the person who says it has the Intersect in his brain. Spy life[ edit ] Chuck discovers he learned Kung Fu from the Intersect In many episodes Chuck has adopted a fantasy alias, "Charles Carmichael", who is endowed with all the characteristics he believes a super-spy should have, except he doesn't really have the physical abilities to go with the skills.

Carmichael has been referred to as where Chuck thought he would be by this time in his life had he not been expelled from Stanford: Colt was highly impressed with Chuck. His adventures as "Carmichael" are also beginning to make him a legend in the CIA community. While police and operational backup personnel have supported Casey and Sarah in various episodes, Chuck is revealed near the climax of " Chuck Versus the Ex " to have gained the contact information required to summon such teams on his own initiative.

Moments later, it is further revealed that Chuck carries a badge and credentials which give him some degree of authority over local and federal law enforcement agencies, including the police and FBI. This is demonstrated in the episode when, upon arriving at an emergency situation where an assassin released a biological weapon on a scientific conference, Chuck promptly assumed command of the operation without dispute from the senior officer on-site.

In "Chuck Versus the Beard", Chuck reveals to Ring agents Del and Neil that he has "Level 6" security clearance, though how high this places him in the CIA security hierarchy has not been expanded on, though it is high enough for Carina to become interested in Chuck. Orion reveals it is possible to remove the Intersect from Chuck's brain before his apparent suicide upon his capture by Fulcrum. It was later revealed in "Chuck Versus the Dream Job" that not only did Orion survive, but is actually Chuck's father.

When confronted by agents belonging to the Ring who had been intent on taking control of the system, he uses the knowledge received from the Intersect to quickly disable them in hand-to-hand combat.

Earlier in the episode, Ted Roark reveals that Fulcrum has specifically ordered that Chuck be killed regardless of whether they recover the Intersect.

Chuck was fired by Beckman after failing his spy training in "Chuck Versus the Pink Slip", but by the end of the episode proved his value and was reinstated on the team.

Throughout the third season Chuck continued to train with Sarah, Casey, and Shaw.

Chuck Bartowski

In " Chuck Versus the Final Exam ", Chuck completed his last tests with Casey's help and was activated as a full-fledged spy by Beckman and ordered to report to Washington, D. He quits being a spy but after finding his father's secret room it is uncertain whether he'll remain a civilian. In the premiere of season 4, it is revealed that after the success of Operation Bartowski, the President made Chuck a priority and is forced to become a spy again at the orders of Beckman.

It is revealed that Chuck comes from a long line of spies as his father told him through the electronic message. In " Chuck Versus the Couch Lock " Beckman expresses a great deal of pride in Chuck's development as an operative, after Chuck outlines a complex plan to lure Casey's old team out of hiding by using Casey himself as the bait.

At the beginning of season 5, Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and Morgan, have started a freelance spy organization known as "Carmichael Industries" using the assets formerly owned by Alexei Volkoff as start-up money.

Morgan is now the Human intersect, as he accidentally put on a pair of intersect glasses at the end of season 4, although it is removed in " Chuck Versus the Business Trip ". However, Carmichael Industries struggles, as they are outshined by Verbanski Corporation, led by Gertrude Verbanski ,and had all the money in their account frozen by Clyde Decker in " Chuck Versus the Zoom ".

Towards the middle and end of season 5, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey work alongside Verbanski and Beckman in some joint missions. Family life[ edit ] Chuck had been attempting to locate his father for Ellie's wedding but had met with limited success, as Stephen Bartowski didn't want to be found.

She successfully locates him in a trailer in a field miles east of Barstow, CA and takes Chuck to see him. After Stephen's capture by Roark he convinced Beckman to assign them the mission to rescue him. Due to his "exceptional field service", Chuck received his bachelor's degree in Engineering from Stanford, a degree he was only 12 credits short of earning when he was expelled.

Bartowski would appear in "Chuck Versus the Dream Job", no real information about their mother has been given, except that she left them at a young age and her name is Mary Elizabeth. Chuck and Ellie celebrate "Mother's Day" each year with dinner to celebrate the day they both learned to take care of each other. By the beginning of the third season, Chuck is still living with Ellie and Devon. At the end of the premier they move out leaving Chuck with the apartment to himself until Morgan agrees to move in to Ellie's disappointment.

Chuck returns to his old position at the Buy More for his cover. Chuck was ultimately unable to protect his sister from his spy life. By the end of Season Three, the Ring took advantage of Ellie to lure their father out of hiding in an attempt to capture the Governor for Shaw. Chuck accidentally revealed his spy connections when he punched out Justin in front of Ellie. The events also lead to the death of Stephen, who Shaw murdered for the sole purpose of compromising Chuck's emotions, rendering the Intersect unusable.

However Chuck was forced to begin lying to Ellie again at the beginning of Season 4 after being coerced back into the Agency by General Beckman when his rogue search for his mother coincided with Casey and Sarah's own missions to bring down Volkoff Industries.

Chuck did eventually admit to Ellie that he was searching for Mary, but kept his return to government work a secret. In "Chuck Versus the Couch Lock" Chuck spoke to his mother for the first time—presumably since she left the family some twenty years earlier—when she contacted him at the conclusion of his operation to extract information on her whereabouts from Casey's old special forces team.

Chuck was stunned and disheartened when what he had learned suggested Mary may have been working for Volkoff all along. Ellie announced to Chuck that she was pregnant in the beginning of season 4, which was a contributing factor to him not telling her of the search for their mother. Ellie's pregnancy progresses as the season goes on, and in the Season 4 mid-season finale, Chuck's niece, Clara, is born. Character development[ edit ] Zachary Levi was the first actor cast for the series, and was announced as starring in the title role on February 7, On January 16, it was announced that Scott Bakula would appear as Chuck and Ellie's father in a three-episode story alongside Chevy Chase.

Interviews with Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz have likened Chuck's development in the first two seasons to an origin story, describing Chuck as Luke Skywalker and born into his role as opposed to Peter Parker who stumbled into it. Season two especially has focused on Chuck's evolution from a regular guy to show that he has the potential to be a true hero.

The most significant is that Chuck's emotional state will have a direct impact on the functionality of his abilities, as the modifications his father made at the government's request were designed for Bryce Larkin, a trained agent capable of controlling his feelings.

Schwartz and Fedak have indicated Chuck's emotional state could lead to an unpredictable and potentially dangerous response from the Intersect to those around him, and that a substantial part of the third season will center on Chuck learning to control and focus his emotional state, and with it his control of the Intersect. He first appeared in the role in "Chuck Versus the Ring: Personality[ edit ] In relation to spy life[ edit ] Chuck's personality stands in contrast to the role into which he is thrust, a conflict which drives the series from several angles.

Chuck is portrayed as a sincerely well-meaning underachiever, so when he is caught up in a larger struggle, he has to draw on his potential and become something new to meet the threat, while trying to maintain his good nature.

Chuck, who has an aversion to violence [21] and a low tolerance for pain, [13] unwittingly enters a world of people willing to do violence to him.

He is caring and sensitive, and those around him are often placed in danger. Carina Miller, who is a selfish agent, was moved enough by Chuck's refusal to leave Sarah to fend for herself that she agreed to help when her instinct was to take off and abandon Sarah.

He is portrayed as a romantic in a situation in which he can't have a real relationship: To rise to the occasion, Chuck must rely on what strengths he has. His affable and wholesome nature makes those around him protective of him. At Stanford, Bryce protects Chuck from a life that he thinks will destroy Chuck, though this does cause Chuck some pain.

These skills have come in handy many times, [3] and his job as a member of the Nerd Herd has given him a good cover on missions. His well-developed geek interests, from music to video games to learning the Klingon language, have managed to come in handy on several missions.

Even the fear itself comes in handy: Chuck takes advantage of his keen fear of needles by inciting a torturer to threaten him with a needle, so that he faints. Both objected to Shaw sending Chuck out alone on a mission.

Chuck was eager for an opportunity to get out from under his teammates' control and not have to "stay in the car". Devon notes the ease with which Chuck is now able to lie to his sister, and he "burned" his first asset by using the relationship and turning him over to the same protective custody he himself was once faced with. At the end of the episode, Chuck began drinking to cope with his actions.

This change was further highlighted in " Chuck Versus the Fake Name ", where he is increasingly disturbed by what he is becoming and telling Ellie he doesn't know who he is anymore. In " Chuck Versus the Honeymooners ", Morgan reveals that Chuck suffers from eczema which Chuck admitted to having earlier in the series [23] and is an avid fan of DC Comics.

In " Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer ", it is revealed that Chuck is allergic to cats and Chuck admits to being allergic to all members of the polecat family Whether this is true or said to avoid spending time at Jeff's residence is unknown.

Chuck's loyalty and dependability to his best friend and his family have given him people he can always fall back on throughout the series, despite the strains introduced by his spy life as mentioned above.

Casey is impressed by Chuck's loyalty to Morgan. Chuck's good nature, humor, emotional supportiveness [39] [40] and obvious desire for a normal life have helped endear him to Sarah, who ultimately prefers Chuck to both Cole Barker [13] and Bryce Larkin, [22] both of whom are braver and better in combat than Chuck. Their relationship continues to develop despite constant setbacks. Chuck's personality is also a big factor in Lou's attraction to him. Co-worker Anna Wu Julia Ling explained to a corporate efficiency expert that the store's chain of command is "There's Chuck, then there's the rest of us.

Who makes the trains run on time? Who provides your moral compass? Who holds the team together? He did not initially respond positively to this, but cooperated one mission at a time, all the while insisting he was not a hero. His perception of himself as less than heroic despite repeatedly saving the day seems to be based on his aversion to violence, low tolerance for pain, and lack of skill in combat.

For these reasons and because several missions have dragged him through old personal anxieties, [4] [29] he was initially reluctant to participate in missions.

Chuck Bartowski - Wikipedia

By the middle of the second season, though, he began to look forward to missions and has even been disappointed when his handlers didn't have a new assignment for him. Chuck frequently expressed a desire to return to a "normal" life, based partly on his understanding that having the Intersect in his head is a barrier to a real relationship with Sarah. Once the Intersect was removed, Chuck turned down an offer to become an analyst on the new Intersect project.

In "Chuck Versus the Ring", Chuck decides to help Sarah rescue Casey who fortunately did not need to be rescued and Bryce and prevent the Intersect from falling into the wrong hands, and explains to his father that he is doing so because he loves Sarah. He strongly insists on joining the mission to the Intersect room, and argues that he is uniquely qualified to help.

When he finds Bryce dying and is suddenly faced with the choice of downloading the Intersect again or just destroying it, he reflects on the confidence that others have in him that he is both good and capable and his sense of duty to protect those close to him. He downloads the Intersect, marking a shift from being a reluctant asset to being a willing agent.

Although her investigation indicates that Chuck is wrong, she goes to his doctor and tells him that she loves Chuck and wants to help him work through whatever problems he is facing. At the end of the episode, she candidly tells Chuck that she loves him. After she obtains the truth from Morgan, she confronts Chuck and along with Casey, go through her relationship with Shaw to find any clues as to his whereabouts or plans.

She breaks into Shaw's penthouse with Chuck and recovers Shaw's Intelligence Safe after a confrontation with a Ring agent. When Chuck's father leaves, she provides Chuck with his address and takes him to Stephen's cabin, where she saves Chuck from a trap by Ring agents. At the end of the episode, Sarah gives her spy will to Chuck, saying that he's the only one she wants to have it in case something happens to her. While supposedly transporting them to a detention facility, Shaw stops the truck and tells them to uncuff themselves, planning on killing them and making it look as if they were trying to escape, at which point Morgan and Devon use Casey's highly modified Crown Victoria to blow up the truck, rescuing Team Bartowski.

In " Chuck Versus the Ring: The plan succeeds and they're able to identify and detain the Ring Elders, but Shaw manages to escape just as Sarah walks into his office to find Chuck heavily debilitated by his latest attempt at flashing without the Governor.

Sarah takes a barely conscious Chuck back to Castle when Shaw enters the Buy More and plants several bombs, threatening to blow up the store unless Chuck meets him. Sarah leaves Chuck in Castle and meets Shaw alone just as Jeff, Lester and Big Mike pull the fire alarm, emptying out the store, although Shaw is able to prevent Sarah from escaping. Chuck sees through the monitors in Castle that Shaw is holding Sarah hostage at the Buy More and manages to get up and meet him.

After their confrontation, Chuck decides not to kill Shaw and Sarah knocks him unconscious, taking the Governor from him and returning it to Chuck. Season 4[ edit ] At the beginning of the fourth season Sarah continues working for the CIA partnered with Casey, while Chuck is retired. Their mission dovetails with Chuck's own search for his mother, which she and Casey agree to aid. Most of Sarah's actions for the remainder of the season revolve around this combined mission and around the personal challenges from her past that she confronts as she and Chuck decide to commit to marriage.

chuck and sarah first meet

Under fire, Sarah denies being anything like Heather; the two come to an understanding and as a peace offering, Heather surrenders what she knows about Project Beacon and Frost Chuck's mother.

In Chuck Versus Phase Threeafter Chuck is captured, Sarah goes on a rogue mission to find him, during the course of which Casey describes her actions as those of Langston Graham's "wild card enforcer," a side of her he didn't like.

Sarah ultimately agrees with Casey's statement and says "I'm different without Chuck, and I don't like it. Sarah tells Beckman in " Chuck Versus the Balcony " that if there is anything she can do to bring back Chuck's mother to let her do so. Just as Chuck is about to propose to her, she is pulled away to establish her cover as a rogue CIA agent and goes undercover in Volkoff Industries to help Mary bring it down.

The pending wedding with Chuck presents Sarah with a number of personal hurdles owing to her childhood. In " Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible " Chuck's family starts prying the couple with questions about their wedding plans causing Sarah to panic. She suggests eloping, as she would have no one to invite to the large family wedding Chuck desired.

To help her reconnect with her friends, Chuck reunites Sarah with her old team, in " Chuck Versus the Cat Squad ", prompting the return of their nemesis Augusto Gaez and some internal grudges.

Sarah had long suspected her teammate Zondra of being a traitor working with Gaez, having found a transmitter in her boot. When it was discovered that Amy was in fact the traitor, Sarah mended her friendship with Zondra, inviting her and Carina to be her bridesmaids. Sarah also deepens friendship with Ellie, agreeing to discuss her family issues, and inviting her to be maid of honor.

In " Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil ", Sarah is at first not truly excited about making wedding plans but Ellie explains that a portion will cause her make the situation more real, alluding to her own factor in her and Devon's wedding: Sarah is doubtful, but when she tries to find the right dress, Ellie's prediction is justified.

At the end of the episode, Sarah has become a Bride-zilla, horrifying both Ellie and Chuck. Sarah reconnects with her father, "Jack Burton," in " Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner " when the wedding planner she hires with Chuck steals their savings. Jack laments it might be the only one they have. Chuck invites Jack to stick around but he says he won't make promises to Sarah he can't keep.

Instead Jack leaves Sarah her old piggy bank to which he has only added cash, never taken, to cover the costs of their wedding. She takes her revenge by targeting Sarah with the Norseman device. Sarah is barely clinging to life throughout most of " Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger ", but is saved when Chuck and Hartley retrieve the antidote for the Norseman from Vivian. She and Chuck are then finally married. When they return from their honeymoon two weeks later she and Chuck reveal to Casey and Morgan that Hartley turned over all the wealth of Volkoff Industries to them.

chuck and sarah first meet

She and Chuck used this money to purchase the Buy More and Castle, and announce they intend to go into business for themselves as independent spies. Season 5[ edit ] Sarah's devotion to the spy life wanes, subtly at first, but much more pronounced in later episodes. Her decisions become more geared towards using her emotions and believing in her friends rather than relying on distrust, suspicion and self-sufficiency. The start of this mind set began most notably in " Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips ", when she believed correctly that Morgan's drastic change in attitude was due more to a malfunctioning Intersect than a power trip, even when Chuck believed that Morgan was simply acting like an overconfident ass.

She further displays a dislike for her spy life when she asks Chuck not to get reintegrated with the CIA. This dislike proceeds further as she suggests that Carmichael Industries become an Electronic Security Company, focusing on Chuck's primary strength with computers, and minimizing the amount of gunplay they would be subjected to in " Chuck Versus Bo ". However, Nicholas Quinn's emergence and the reintroduction of the Intersect glasses leads to the team having a "last mission", which was successful, though Quinn kidnaps Chuck in exchange for the glasses.

chuck and sarah first meet

Sarah and Casey go to save him, but are ambushed by Quinn's men and heavily outnumbered. Sarah, after running out of ammunition, puts on the glasses and uploads the Intersect into her head, which allows her to save both her and Casey after she flashes on how to neutralize Quinn's men and go to rescue Chuck, but Sarah begins to suffer uncontrollable flashes shortly after.

She's kidnapped by Quinn after he realizes that she has the Intersect and forces her to flash on Intersect images, wiping her memories, including those of her relationship with Chuck. He then manipulates Sarah into believing that he's her CIA handler and that she has orders to bring him the Intersect glasses and kill Chuck.

Sarah is able to get the glasses, but Chuck had managed to switch them. Sarah then takes Ellie hostage as leverage against Chuck and Chuck agrees to give her to the glasses and Sarah threatens to kill Ellie if she senses that it's a trap. As they drive to where Chuck hid the glasses, Ellie notices that Sarah isn't wearing her seatbelt and tells her that if she had her memories back, she would want her to do whatever needed to protect Chuck and then crashes her car, which knocks Sarah out.

Chuck then tells Ellie that he knows where to take Sarah to help her get her memories back. Sarah awakens in the house she and Chuck had planned to buy and Chuck tells her that he brought her there hoping that she'd remember the house, if not him. Sarah tells him that their relationship was nothing more than a cover and he was just an assignment. Chuck tells her that he was an assignment, but then that she fell in love with him.

With tears in his eyes, he tells her about their first real, non-cover kiss was when they thought they were going to die from a bomb and how he closed his eyes and felt her grab him and then kiss him and how they tried to pretend it never happened and how one day he was so sure that she could never love a nerd like him, she came over and he asked if she loved him and that she said yes.

Chuck then tells her that when he proposed, they knew they would be together for the rest of their lives, living in this house and raising a family. Chuck then tells Sarah that he's going to give her a choice: Sarah then asks if Chuck really loves her to which he replies "With all of my heart. As she tries to grab the glasses, Chuck grabs them away for her and they get into a scuffle, with Chuck refusing to fight back.

She then kicks him down the steps and takes the glasses and then points her gun at his head. Chuck tells her that she can kill him, but that he'll never hurt her. Sarah then notices the carving of their names and remembers writing it. At that moment, Quinn arrives and takes the glasses and tells Sarah that Chuck was right about him and pulls out a gun to shoot her with. Chuck then jumps in front of the bullet and is shot in the back. Sarah tries to shoot Quinn, but he escapes.

She then kneels down next to Chuck to see if he's okay and he tells her that he's wearing a vest. Hearing the sirens, Chuck tells her that the CIA is coming for her and tells her to run and she flees. Back at her place, Sarah is quickly packing her things when Casey walks through the door. She pulls a knife, but Casey tells her that he's not there to fight. He asks what she remembers about him to which Sarah replies his reputation: Casey chuckles and says that people said the same thing about her when they first met and says that it was probably the reason they never got along.

Sarah asks if they didn't along, why he was here now and Casey pulls out an envelope out of his jacket and sets it down for her, saying that Chuck ended up making them both soft. He tells her that in the past five years, the two of them changed and they became friends.

Casey tells Sarah to take care of herself and then leaves. Sarah then opens the envelope he left and pulls out a disc of mission logs. She watches them and it's of her telling how she's started to fall in love with Chuck and even one confirming the kiss Chuck had told her about.

Sarah then shows up at Chuck's apartment just as he's about to go inside. Sarah tells him that she believes everything he said about them, but that she doesn't feel it. Chuck asks her why she's there right now and Sarah tells him that she wanted to say she was sorry for everything that happened and that she wanted to say goodbye.

She tells Chuck that she's going to go look for Quinn. The two of them say goodbye and then Sarah leaves. Sarah then started pursuing Quinn, learning that he's trying to reassemble The Key, a device that can modify the Intersect's original function.

When she fails to stop him on a plane, she returns to Chuck to ask for his help. They track Quinn to Berlin, where by coincidence, she started re-enacting the events from the pilot. However, she made the mistake of assuming that Chuck would kill Quinn, who not only allowed Quinn to escape, but accidentally shot down Casey's helicopter in the process.

Locked back in Castle, Sarah was convinced to work with the team as they tried to stop Quinn. Sarah is forced to shoot Quinn when he reaches for his gun, ruining their chances of deactivating the bomb Beckman is sitting on.

Chuck then decides that he must upload the Intersect back into his head in order to figure out how to defuse the bomb, thus eliminating the only chance of Sarah getting her memories back. He gets the Intersect, but cannot figure out to disarm the bomb once he's on the computer for it.

Sarah suggests searching for "Irene Demova" a porn virus on the Internet which Chuck does and is surprised that she knows about, pointing out it was from five years ago and the bomb is disarmed after the virus crashes it Afterwards, Sarah felt unsure of herself because her memories have still not fully returned and tells Chuck that she needs time alone to figure out who she is.

Chuck later finds her on the beach, pointing out that it was the same beach they were at after their first "date" when Sarah told him to trust her and that he's doing the same thing now, asking her to trust him. He tells Sarah that no matter where she goes, he'll always be there for her.

Sarah asks Chuck to tell her about their story, to which he does. When he has finished, Chuck suggests that they try Morgan's theory and have a "magical kiss" to see if her memories will return. Sarah tells Chuck to kiss her. They share a kiss, thus ending the series. Whether it means that Sarah's memories will come back or she will have to fall in love with Chuck all over again remains unknown.

Prior to beginning of filming the character's name was changed to Sarah Walker. Strahovski was unable to come to the US for audition so the producers allowed her to make her audition via the internet. She considers this one of her favorite parts of the role, especially the fight scene in " Chuck Versus the First Date " against Michael Clarke Duncan's towering Mr. However real attention was paid to her past in the first half of Season Two.

In June Nicole Richie was announced to be appearing in a role as a former classmate of Sarah from high school, [27] and in September Gary Cole was revealed to be playing Sarah's father in an upcoming episode.

According to dialogue quoted during interviews, Sarah's role would begin to change from protecting Chuck from the world, to protecting the world from Chuck due to the unpredictability of Intersect 2. Sarah would also have a significant effect on Chuck's development during the third season, due to the profound impact she has on his emotional state.

As described by Fedak, with the Intersect being affected by Chuck's emotions, Sarah has the potential to be both his " kryptonite " and his " spinach.