Chihiro and haku meet again fanfiction naruto

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chihiro and haku meet again fanfiction naruto

Chihiro steadily grows as she and Haku become increasingly distant and misunderstood by each other. Will they "Will I ever see you again?". Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 5 - Words: 10, And what if sometime later Tamaki and Haruhi will meet again? about the spirit world for thirteen years Haku have been finding ways to see Chihiro again . Velf is a fanfiction author that has written 4 stories for Spirited Away, and Fullmetal With her mating to Haku rapidly approaching, Chihiro has a number of new.

Spirited Away - Rated: She can manipulate molecules There's also this guy. He can manipulate minds. Bending them at his will. And then we have the villain. We call him Jeb.

chihiro and haku meet again fanfiction naruto

Being hunted isn't fun. Maximum Ride - Rated: They never met ever since. Now, Ikuto is a famous singer. The next time they meet she treats him as if there was never anything between them. Soul Eater - Rated: Trevor looks at me sceptically. Vampire Kisses - Rated: Peer Pressure by Laserfire reviews "Look, just admit that you like her.

That brings me to another problem. I'm on the second floor of the building. Looks like I'll need to leave late at night. I sighed in relief. Dinner is when they don't say anything to me. It take one minute for them to be knocked out. I have it all planned out. Sakura ate her food at a slow speed, planning to finish her food last.

In the next few minutes, everyone but Sakura was finished. We'll see you in the morning. Sakura nodded stiffly, waiting for her to leave the room. When she left the room, and went to bed. The pinkette stood up. Her bag was hiding in the cabinet. She grabbed the bag and snatched three rice balls.

While she stuck them in her bag, she arranged them to fit. Feeling no regret, she walked forward, out the door. Never again she would enter this house.

chihiro and haku meet again fanfiction naruto

It isn't dark out, yet Sakura looked around as she stood on the bridge. Hearing a train, she leaned over the edge.

chihiro and haku meet again fanfiction naruto

A voice brought her out of her trance like state. Get out of here, now! Leave before it gets dark. He grabbed her and shoved her off the bridge. You gotta get across the river. Sakura ran down the steps and into the buffet area she encountered before. The once abandoned market, was filled with shadow thingys.

While looking around, she got scared. As I ran down more and more stairs, I stepped in waist deep water. Little feet ran back up. Her bag shifted as she starred at the water. Once I fall back asleep, I'll wake up to find this is a dream. She pinched herself and sat down. The pinkette opened her eyes again and gasped in shock.

The boat that she saw in the distance finally arrived. Things that were coming out, and they looked scary. She ran in the opposite direction. The pinkette crawled up a hill and sat behind a building with her face in her knees.

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Gasping, as she felt arms wrap around her, she looked beside her and saw the boy that was at the bridge. I just wanna help you. She shook her head. Her arms went through the boy's head. This surprised her, greatly. Sakura chewed it and swallowed it. When she touched the mystery boy's hair, she found it rather soft. He crouched down and covered her from the bird. Leaning down did the job for making her less visible.

You have to get out of here. She shook her head and looked back at him, fiercely. I am not going back now. Mama and papa are gonna beat me tomorrow if I go back.

5 Reasons Why Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away Will Meet Again

As if magic, she stood up! When he stuck his arm out, the door opened merrily. While I was running, I stared back, clearly amazed. We ran though the break in a pig pen.

When we saw a bridge, he said "You need to hold your breath when we pass through the bridge.

Even the tiniest breath will break the spell. If you break the spell, they will see you. My arms clinked with his and we saw the bridge in sight. Before we stepped on, I took a deep breath. A few seconds before we stepped on, a frog jumped in front of us. I couldn't hold it any longer, so I took a breath, bringing fresh air into my lungs. He opened it and I had to crawl to go inside. After me and him went in, he closed the door.

We ran into the backyard of a house looking thing. People were running around inside and making a ruckus. Both of us hid behind a bush. I shifted nervously in my blue T-shirt, white shorts, and sky blue sneakers. I needed to take a breath. My parents were right. I do make a lot of trouble.

chihiro and haku meet again fanfiction naruto

You did really well. How does he know my name. They'll find you and they will turn you into a pig. Go down the stairs until you reach the boiler room, where they stoke the fires.

There, you'll find Kamajii, the boiler man. Makes sure he gives you a job. No matter how many times he refuses, keep asking. If you don't get a job, Yubaba will turn you into an animal.

He answered with "She's the witch that rules the bath house. When you get a job, not even Yubaba can harm you. Before he let go of me, he said "I have to go. Don't forget Sakura, I'm your friend. Good luck and whatever you do, don't make a noise " My head nodded at the last sentence. I looked at him and one though was in my head 'What are friends Since Sakura has never had a friend, she doesn't know what it is? Haku waved it off and asked "It's about my mission, right?

My legs started crawling and I went through the back door. I shut the door very quietly and looked around, cautiously. While walking forward, I went down the steps. In the middle of my walking, a step broke under my feet. Paralyzed with fear, I stopped walking. Looking around, I see that no one noticed.

This item proves that her time in the spirit world was not just a dream. But what is the significance of this hair tie? We believe it is her connection to the spirit world. Zeneba explains that the hair tie will protect her, meaning that it contains magic. The glittering at the end when Chihiro returns to the human world further reinforces the fact that the hair tie contains some kind of magic.

Also there is the possibility of Haku entering the human world, as he has done once before. How the portal opened in the first place is a mystery, but the movie gives us a suggestion that there is in fact more than one portal.

chihiro and haku meet again fanfiction naruto

Looking back to the beginning of the movie when they first enter the spirit world, Chihiro and her family enter through a tunnel beside two other tunnels. This could mean that there are in fact, other ways into the spirit world. Haku has been released from his shackles and he is no longer bound to a certain place, which means he is now a free spirit. As Haku is a river spirit, perhaps he can only move where there is water.

After all, he promised. Extra There is also a rumoured ending that was originally only released in Japan, along with the original release of the DVD before it was translated to English. Rumours suggest that the only way to view this second clip is to see it in a museum located in Japan. Apparently, it shows when Chihiro goes to her new school and finds out that a new student had just transferred, who is Haku. There is no proof that this ending does actually exist, it may have spawned from fan-fiction, plus there are some flaws behind this theory.

First off, if Haku is a spirit, how is he able to become a human in the human world?