Big rich atlanta meet diana and katie

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big rich atlanta meet diana and katie

Watch full episodes of Big Rich Atlanta and get the latest breaking news, In the premiere season, meet Atlanta's finest female country-clubbers Sabrina, Anandi, Marcia, Meagan, Katie, Diana, Sharlinda, Brie, Kahdijiha, Virgi (more). I have such a love/hate relationship with Big Rich Atlanta. Katie and her little pissant need to go away (and take she who shall not be mentioned) so Harvin wants to know what the guy who met her mama at a cougar bar knows . Big Rich Atlanta Season 1, Brie Rowe, Cori Davenport, Diana Davidson. In the premiere season, meet Atlanta's finest female country-clubbers Sabrina, Anandi, Marcia, Meagan, Katie, Diana, Sharlinda, Brie, Kahdijiha, Virginia, Harvin.

Katie responds with her standard meaningless "I'm sorry" and dead eyes creepy smile. Marcia tells Katie that she doesn't want to be around Donald if he insists on belittling her. Katie continues to make excuses for Donald's disgusting behavior. Marcia asks Katie why she didn't stand up to Donald. Katie blames a glass of wine and tells Marcia that she needs to get thicker skin, adding, "He gets crazy when he's been drinking.

You just have to be strong with him. Marcia tells Katie, the bottom line is, Donald acts out because he's jealous of your friendships. Katie says maybe so, adding, "But I like him because he is so out there and crazy and he says things that make me laugh. On her couch, Katie reminds us that she's a proper Southern lady, saying, "I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I'm just going to bite my tongue and move on.

If you have to constantly remind us and your friends of your proper Southern lady status, you're missing a piece of the puzzle. Moving on, Meyer calls an emergency family meeting following the credit card mishap.

She's like, our card denied us drinks, and Virginia is like, you have an allowance and need to budget for those drinks. Virginia puts her foot down, saying, "There is no more emergency fund. The bank of mom is closed. An unfazed Virginia assures Meyer that the bad guys would bring her and Harvin back home.

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Virginia tells Harvin and Meyer, if y'all want more money, y'all have to earn it. Meyer cries, "Why are you being so mean?!? The Designers Showcase is underway.

big rich atlanta meet diana and katie

Donald, on the other hand, bitches about how evil women brought drama into the world. And, of course, Katie stands by his side, smiling and giggling. On her couch, Maria laments, "Katie prides herself on being the perfect Southern lady, but when Donald comes around, it's like he gives her a hall pass for bad behavior. Katie finds her way to Marcia's room, then, to brag about Donald's sophisticated design. While Marcia thinks it actually looks cheap, she tells Katie that she's too much of a professional to drag Donald or his design through the mud in front of an audience.

This prompts Katie to use the stick up her ass to catapult herself onto her high horse. Now that shes more comfortable, Katie reminds Marcia that she threw a drink in Donald's face, an act that she has yet to aplogize for, and implies that any wrong doing on Donald's part is a figment of Marcia's imagination. Katie really hurt me with the things she said. Donald takes his show across to hall when that gets boring so he can insult Marcia to her face.

Sabrina, who hasn't ever experienced Drunk Donald before, cannot believe what she's hearing. Katie waves her finger in Sabrina's face and tells "girl" that she's "had it with her" when Sabrina attempts to talk to her about her behavior.

big rich atlanta meet diana and katie

Undeterred, Sabrina repeatedly tells Katie that she's being rude and disrespectful. Meyer then shows us a party favor she was able to get.

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She plans to give it to Kahdijiha as a gift! Harvin suggested Ashlee wear a swim cap and in walks Goose. Sabrina is doing a seminar to promote financial stability and single parenthood. She tells the ladies how she walked away from her former marriage with only her name. The ladies look appalled but interested. Although Katie feels that Sabrina is at times is a man hater.

Suspicious are we ladies? Ashlee introduces us to her sister Lauren. They discuss that Kahdijiha will possibly get jail time and how ugly they think she is. Ashlee lays out the victim rug really hard right now. Lauren says everyone proved themselves that night.

Could she be talking about Harvin? She says Ashlee has no true friends. You just may be correct Lauren. Anandi says she feels that her mother should leave the country club out of her business.

She says she feels like her mother helps everyone else and not her own daughter. She tells her mother what happened and Sharlinda is angry. Sharlinda said it was a do what you have to do situation.

Is Ashlee pressing charges? Of course she is! Seminar time and Sabrina is ready. Katie is there to spy because she wants to know how Sabrina got into the country club, excuse me made all her money.

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Katie is reluctant to believe her and Virginia is asleep. The Goose may have met with Grey Goose before she came. She begins to explain how women need to be independent from men. She decides to pick on Katie and goes into how she makes her money or if she has a pre-nup. She goes on to try to pry Katie apart and Virginia is mad!

Katie asks Sabrina does she think all men are waiting to leave their wives and that there are no men of character. Sabrina says yes she believes there are still men of character available. The seminar ends and she speaks with Katie and Goose because she has a bone to pick with Katie. Katie says it is good and Virginia looks so disinterested in Sabrina whereas before she was hoping to learn. Katie tells the ladies she is trying to join the Daughters of American Revolution and that she has a patriot in her family.

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Goose and Marcia want to take Katie out! Katie says she will go out with them. This should be fun! She discusses the seminar and how Katie was avoiding her.

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Sabrina says she sees signs in Katie that she had in herself before her divorce. Sabrina says if anyone should have been listening it was Katie.

Goose and Marcia take Katie to a boutique to get dressed to impress. They want Katie to loosen up. Katie does not like the items. They choose a 50 Shades of Grey style dress and it will be the one they pick for her.